Every Job Is a Sales Job Book Summary By Cindy McGovern

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Every Job Is a Sales Job (2019) is an insightful guide to success for professionals of any industry.

Author Alden Mills captures the importance of incorporating sales strategies into every aspect of your career, and outlines how understanding the dynamics of selling can give you an edge in today’s competitive job market.

The book starts by exemplifying why creators, thinkers, and doers must maintain an open mindset to sales if they want to gain an upper hand in their respective field.

It goes on to discuss ways in which taking proactive approaches such as networking and marketing yourself can help you uncover potential opportunities to advance your career.

In addition, it touches upon techniques that will assist you in staying organized while making a sale and teach you how to close difficulties with ease.

Overall, Every Job is A Sales Job provides helpful advice regarding the integral value of having a strong sales acumen for professional growth and success!

Every Job Is a Sales Job Book

Book Name: Every Job Is a Sales Job (How to Use the Art of Selling to Win at Work)

Author(s): Cindy McGovern

Rating: 4.3/5

Reading Time: 18 Minutes

Categories: Career & Success

Author Bio

Every Job Is a Sales Job was written by Dr.

Cindy McGovern, a renowned speaker, sales consultant, and the founder of Orange Leaf Consulting.

She has extensive experience in helping businesses and individuals reach new heights with their product and service offerings through her sales training services.

Her expertise goes beyond just knowledge of the theoretical concepts of sales; she also provides unparalleled insight into understanding how to practice these principles consistently in order to achieve success.

There's no doubt that her guidance will help you make your own mark in the sales world!

How To Sell Yourself, Your Company And Your Ideas: Unlocking The Secrets Of The Five-Step Sales Method

Sales Method

It’s time to unleash your inner salesperson.

The Every Job Is a Sales Job book summary reveals how you can progress in every area of your life with the help of an effective selling method.


Cindy McGovern taught us her five-step process that makes every interaction into a transaction and shows why children make the best salespeople.

With these simple tips and tricks, you’ll be able to sell yourself, your company, and your ideas easily.

You’ll learn what to do at networking events, how to turn no into yes when asking for something you want, and the secrets of successful negotiations.

With this knowledge, you can overcome any hesitation and get what you deserve or need without worrying about hearing the word no.

The time has come for you to embrace your inner salesperson and realize that great rewards come with taking risks – don’t just accept second best!

Unlock the potential within yourself and start getting what you want today.

Unlock Your Inner Salesperson With These 5 Easy Steps

Cindy McGovern’s book “Every Job Is a Sales Job” reveals the truth that selling isn’t something that only professionals do but is actually already part of our everyday lives.

We often hear about sales in terms of selling products, however, selling isn’t just limited to that.

It can mean selling an idea or a way of doing something, and even selling yourself.

Take Cindy herself for example – before becoming a sales consultant she was a university professor; and while she was at it, she had to convince her students to come to class and meet their deadlines with assignments.

That’s still a form of selling, without no intention of making money from it.

Later when she wanted to leave academia and work in sales, she had to persuade her potential employers to give her the job – proving once again that sales doesn’t always have to involve buying and selling things too.

We can also look at it another way by studying children when they’re trying to get their own way – whether it be convincing their parents to buy them candy or getting them a puppy for Christmas.

In doing so they are also practicing skills related to persuasion and negotiation which are common aspects of the sales profession.

But many adults feel inhibited from using these skills due to our perception that ‘persuading people’ or ‘asking for favors’ is inappropriate or impolite behavior.

Doing so means we miss out on opportunities throughout our lives because we don’t take full advantage of our own capabilities as sellers!

The Power Of Planning: Why You Need A Plan To Make The Most Of Sales Opportunities

Having a plan when selling is crucial for success.

When selling yourself and your ideas, having a plan is essential if you want to stand any chance of achieving the result you’re looking for.

Without a plan, it can be easy to feel lost and overwhelmed by the sales process, and your words don’t come out right or make sense.

Essentially, having a plan in place equips you with the knowledge and skills that will help you achieve your desired outcome.

You might find yourself asking what do I want? Who can help me? How can I make progress towards my goal? Acknowledging these questions ahead of time helps to craft an effective sales strategy that will significantly boost your success rate.

The key message here is: Having a plan to sell will greatly increase your chances of making the sale.

So don’t dive into the sales process unprepared – take the time to create a well thought-out strategy for success!

What You Should Know To Make The Most Out Of Networking Events

Networking Events

It is true that socializing and sales go hand in hand.

No matter what industry you are in, the ability to form relationships and build trust with potential customers is an essential part of being successful in any sales role.

Natures Nutrition‘s “Every Job Is a Sales Job” book provides invaluable advice on how to make the most of networking events and other opportunities to establish a connection with potential buyers.

The key message from the book is to seek out these opportunities; going along to company picnics, client lunches or even just chatting to strangers at the cinema can give you valuable contacts who could become buyers.

Once there, it is important to both have fun and watch what you say- politics, sex, and religious topics should be avoided but speaking about work or family vacations will open up conversation.

The Power Of Listening: How To Use Active Listening To Establish Trust And Maximize Your Sales

If you want to convince someone to buy what you’re selling then it all comes down one simple thing: trust.

Trust is key if you want to make a successful sale because when someone trusts you, they’re more likely to believe that you have their best interests at heart and won’t sell them something they don’t want or need.

So how do you gain trust? Firstly, you need to practice active listening skills.

This means paying attention with your full attention and making sure the other person feels listened too.

You can show that you understand their point of view and circumstances by carefully tuning into what they’re saying and responding accordingly in a meaningful way.

Secondly make sure that you pick the right time to make your sales pitch.

If the timing isn’t convenient for them then it could be counterproductive; not only will they be less likely to even consider what your offering but it could also leave them feeling resentful for wasting their time.

So, have the courage to pause – wait for the right time since this is better for everyone.

The Power Of Asking: Don’T Be Afraid To Make Requests And Pursue What You Deserve

Getting what you want doesn’t come easily; you have to ask for it.

Just take a look at the example of Samuel, who was a brilliant graphic designer.

Despite his commitment and skill, he received significantly less pay than his coworkers simply because he never asked for fair compensation.

Instead, he hoped that his boss would one day notice his talent and give him what he deserved.

But sales don’t work like that!

Most employers rarely offer more money or benefits than you already have, so if you want something, you’ll need to ask for it.

Now, some people dread hearing the answer no, but studies have shown that most people feel uncomfortable refusing someone’s request in the first place!

So chances are when you do ask for something, you may be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

Before going ahead and asking for what you want, take some time to consider if there is too much at stake if your request isn’t met.

In other words, calculate what the worst-case scenario would be like if the answer is no.

Once that’s figured out, then you should start thinking about how exactly to go about asking for what it is that you really want and how to handle yourself tactfully should your request denied.

The takeaway here is – to get what it is that you are seeking after, then make sure that someone knows about it beforehand as sometimes all it takes is simply asking for what you want!

The Takeaway: Strengthen Your Relationships For Future Sales Opportunities Through Gratitude And Reciprocity


No matter what you’re selling, one of the key components to success is to develop long-term relationships with the people you’re selling to.

Building strong relationships will help create trust, and trust is essential for making regular sales.

That’s why this five-step method by Every Job Is a Sales Job recommends taking the time to thank people who have granted you what you wanted.

You can do this by mailing them a handwritten card, or even sending flowers to their office.

Whether it’s on or offline, showing gratitude goes a long way in developing good relationships.

You can also nurture your sales relationships by offering to do someone a favor in return.

For instance, if someone has helped you by referring people to your business, then offer to refer your own clients back to theirs.

This kind of reciprocity helps build trust and ongoing relationships while also helping out with mutual operations and marketing efforts!

Wrap Up

The bottom line of Every Job Is a Sales Job by Jeffery Fox is quite clear: take the initiative and be prepared for rejections.

That’s because in any job or venture, you’re likely to come across some form of negotiation or persuasion.

As such, you need to have the skills, courage and confidence to pursue what you want with conviction, yet remain professional and friendly even when faced with rejection.

Jeffery Fox provides actionable advice that helps readers hone their sales skills and use them in a variety of situations.

He emphasizes the importance of having a plan in place, asking the right questions and understanding why an individual may be resistant to your ideas before badgering them.

And no matter how many nos you hear along the way, always remain polite – rudeness won’t get you far!

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