Enchantment Book Summary By Guy Kawasaki

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Enchantment, a book by Guy Kawasaki, is an essential guide for anyone looking to make a lasting impression on the people around them.

The book contains valuable insights into how to change the hearts and minds of others with your words and actions and turn them into passionate advocates of your cause.

It also helps you understand how to use enchantment to build a strong fascination towards your product, business or company.

Finally, it provides useful advice on how to resist the enchanting words and actions of other people.

Enchantment Book

Book Name: Enchantment (The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions)

Author(s): Guy Kawasaki

Rating: 4.3/5

Reading Time: 25 Minutes

Categories: Marketing & Sales

Author Bio

Guy Kawasaki is renowned the world over for his incredible work as an author and business advisor.

His bestselling books include The Art of the Start and The Macintosh Way, while his experience within Apple as chief-evangelist gained him further notoriety.

He's also acted as an advisor to Motorola's business unit within Google and today works as chief-evangelist for Canva, an online graphics-design service.

Few authors can boast such a long and illustrious professional career throughout multiple tech industry giants!

Discover The Power Of Enchantment–Gain True Brand Loyalty And Win Over Consumers With Guy Kawasaki’s Tenth Book

Guy Kawasaki's

In Enchantment, Guy Kawasaki dives into the idea of how to use enchantment to win people over to your cause, how to entice them to buy your product, and how they will eventually love and trust your brand.

Today more than ever it’s hard to get people excited about something new, as competition is high and the market is saturated.

Inviting consumers inside the fold isn’t a mere sales tactic anymore – it’s an art form.

Actually enchanting someone with your passion requires more than words.

Those who try to charm you with their promises usually want nothing more than a quick buck.

True enchantment requires real intent – honesty, understanding, and faith that those who support you have good intentions.

You must learn how to reject this type of false enthusiasm if you want true friends of your cause.

In Enchantment, you will learn strategies for embracing others in your mission, tips for avoiding being enchanted by others’ agendas yourself, plus stories from people like a woman whose life changed when Filipino militants sat down for coffee with her, or another company that values clients’ investments so much that fraud need not be feared.

By learning the ropes of true enchantment from an expert such as Guy Kawasaki in this book , you can bring real power back into your promotion campaigns and watch as people start supporting you out of genuine love instead of monetary gain!

The Power Of Enchantment: How To Harness Your Inner Dream And Influence Others

It’s important to remember that enchantment is more than just manipulation – it’s about triggering actions through emotions.

Enchantment relies on the notion that individuals make decisions and take action based on the emotions they feel.

A good example of this can be seen from the story of Karin Muller, who was confronted by seventeen members of the New People’s Army (NPA).

Instead of feeling fear or intimidation, she used enchantment by welcoming them in, offering coffee and asking them to leave their guns at the door.

By focusing on their emotions rather than logic, she was able to completely transform her situation from a hostile takeover to a conversation and delight.

Steve Jobs is another example of how enchantment works.

He didn’t try to get people to buy his products so he could make money.

Instead, his vision was to create a better future where technology would help people improve their lives and have more meaningful social interactions.

His dream motivated people towards taking action – they wanted to be part of this better future he was promising!

Enchantment is not only useful for getting out difficult situations – it’s also an effective way to motivate people into taking action towards your goals without manipulating them into it.

It involves appealing to others’ emotions so they can see your cause as something worth fighting for!

How To Be Enchanted: Accepting People And Demonstrating Good Intentions

When it comes to enchantment, likeability and trustworthiness are key.

Arrogance and self-centeredness is a sure way to turn people off and keep them from trusting you.

In order for people to accept you, you have to take the first step towards acceptance by seeing their strengths and weaknesses.

Fostering a connection through mutual passions is an easy way to begin charming someone, so be sure to be open about the things that excite you!

Sharing your enthusiasm will make it contagious.

However, just being liked isn’t enough if you want true enchantment – trust must also be established.

Showing others your knowledge and expertise will help them support your credibility, as will demonstrating that trust is a two way street by offering something in return that builds your relationship.

To Create An Enchanting Product, Follow The Blueprint Of Dicee: Deep, Intelligent, Complete, Empowering And Elegant


If you want your product or service to capture the hearts of people and truly enchant them, then it needs to be something remarkable.

It needs to be something that they can’t resist.

In order to achieve this, your product or service must contain the five qualities of DICEE; Deep, Intelligent, Complete, Empowering and Elegant.

To create a deep product with lasting value, think not only of the immediate needs of your customers but also all the potential future needs, such as Google which developed an email service in addition to their initial search engine platform.

In order for your product or service to intelligent and efficient, think about how to make it solve problems in unique and unexpected ways – like Ford’s MyKey feature which sets speed limits for teenage drivers.

Creating a complete product means providing customer satisfaction throughout its life-cycle – for example Lexus’ excellent after-sale service .

Empowering products are ones that make us smarter and stronger than before having them.

Even computers or favorite search engines often feel like a part of ourselves For true elegance in design combine user-friendliness with simplicity – like Apple’s single button iPod which is simple yet provides users with an impeccable experience.

Adhering to these principles will give you a blueprint for creating a truly enchanting product or service.

How To Launch Your Product With Charisma: Inject Yourself Into The Story, Offer A Hands-On Trial, And Reach Out To Everyone

Launching a product is all about two things: story and testing.

You need to present your product in a way that grabs attention, and you must also provide people with a hands-on trial of the product to instill faith and loyalty in them.

Annette Simmons said it best when she said, “People don’t want information — they are up to their eyeballs in information.

They want faith — faith in you, your goals, your success, in the story you tell.”

By injecting yourself into your product launch, you’ll give it a more personal touch which will make it resonate more strongly with its audience.

When giving out demos or trials of your products, make sure they’re easy to use without much training or expertise required; make sure they don’t have to wait for anything unnecessary such as filling out forms or waiting for passwords/approvals.

Make sure it’s inexpensive for them – typically people are unlikely to pay for trials – and also ensure there are concrete improvements that customers can see immediately upon usage.

Finally, include a no-cost/no-questions return policy so people can reverse their decision any time if necessary.

The Power Of Social Proof And Scarcity: How To Use Both Strategies To Enchant Your Audience

People tend to be averse to change.

They would rather maintain the status quo than take any risks.

This is due to their fear of making mistakes and being uncertain as to what path they should take.

So if you’re trying to get people to embrace your cause, it’s going to be an uphill battle as you’ll have to appeal to their psyches in order to win them over.

One way is through providing social proof – by showing them that others have already taken the same path before them and proved it successful, they will feel more encouraged to do the same thing.

For example, Colleen Szot was able to increase sales of products simply by changing the script ,which gave potential customers a sense that this product was doing well and thus safe for them too.

Another means is through emphasizing scarcity of your product – making your product special or limited creates hype around it and urges people who are interested in it from being hesitant about taking action straight away.

An example of this can be seen with Google’s Gmail email service where Invites were authorized only through invitation, causing people even buying Invites on eBay!

How To Turn Your Customers Into Unpaid Advocates For Your Cause: Create A Meaningful Ecosystem And Reward System


If you want to entice customers to internalize your brand, you need to create a space that fosters loyalty.

To do this, the first step is to ensure that the people who join your ecosystem receive actual value from it and not just benefit you.

Next, you should find someone who will champion your cause and act as an evangelist as they build and support the community.

Your ecosystem should also be open enough to allow people to make meaningful contributions and welcome criticism and discussion regarding your brand or product.

Transparency is key here – be honest about successes and failures so your community knows they can trust you.

You can then reward members with something like Maker’s Mark does – putting their name on a barrel of whisky or giving them the opportunity to buy a bottle from the batch.

Finally, use technology to help reach more people, engaging them with meaningful interactions so that they remain enchanted with your brand.

How To Use Push Technology To Engage And Enchant Customers

Using push technology to reach out and deliver short but valuable information is one of the most important steps in creating an effective product or service.

This direct communication should be timely – you want to engage your potential customer as soon as possible – as well as engaging many people.

You shouldn’t limit yourself to just a few influential individuals, but rather, reach out to as many people as possible.

In addition, it is important to stay engaged with your customers by providing them with fresh content on a regular basis that is varied and engaging.

Providing value right away without trying to sell something will also help build trust with potential consumers.

Finally, when delivering email messages or presentations try to stay concise.

Use no more than six sentences per email, and try to follow the 10:20:30 rule for presentations – ten minutes, twenty slides, no font smaller than thirty point size.

Make Your Pull Technologies Truly Enchanting With Good Content, Useful Pages And Aesthetic Design

When it comes to attracting customers, one of the best ways is to use pull technology.

This means creating websites, blogs and Facebook fan pages that potential customers can come across and explore on their own.

The best way to maximize your pull technology’s enchanting power is by providing good content tailored to your target market.

Content that provides intrinsic value like educational material, inspiration, entertainment and enlightenment will draw people in.

Additionally, be sure to include FAQ and About pages so viewers can find exactly what they are looking for without having to search for it.

Also try to make sure that user interface of your site is kept simple and uncluttered.

A great resource for this is a Facebook fan page since it’s fast, easy, inexpensive and has a massive user base that could potentially be interested in your cause!

By using these strategies you can provide customers with essential information about your cause, allowing them to make an informed decision about whether or not they want to support you.

Creating An Enchanting Work Environment Through Mastery, Autonomy And Purpose

Work Environment

Money is important, yes, but if you really want to enchantment your employees there are different ways of doing that.

Firstly, give them mastery by providing new skills not just to increase productivity but also make them proud of their work.

It’s also essential that management trust their employees and give them some autonomy to enable their creativity and keep them happy.

Most importantly though, provide them with a purpose for what they’re doing – something that is intrinsically valuable for the employee that they actually enjoy.

Celebrating success is another major way of creating an enchanting environment.

Acknowledging the accomplishments of individuals and teams can motivate employees and unify everyone around common goals.

It will also focus attention on the tasks at hand and it communicates the organisation’s values to its staff members.

At the end of the day, money does play a role in motivation, but intrinsic motivation and celebrations are often key factors in achieving enchantment among employees – leading ultimately to better satisfaction and bigger successes.

How To Guard Yourself Against Being Charmed And Misled By Others

Being taken advantage of by a dubious enchanter is no fun.

You can defend yourself against these types of people by taking the time to ask the right questions.

This can be done in a variety of ways, such as being aware of situations that may be too tempting and avoiding situations that could lead to rash decision making (such as shopping in outlet malls or attending auctions).

Taking the time to slow down and use a checklist whenever you encounter a tempting situation can help make sure your decisions are not unfounded.

It’s also important to take moments where you can consider not only the price, but all other costs such as installation, support, maintenance, upgrades, etc., associated with the decision.

Taking some time to assess your decision by asking yourself questions such as “What will be the impact of this decision a year from now?” and “Would I still make this decision if everyone knew about it?” can help ensure your decision is rational.

It’s important to remember that while taking your time before making decisions is important, there’s no need to stress over small and harmless choices.

Take the time for the important decisions and enjoy life for everything else!

Wrap Up

Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki is an essential read for any entrepreneur looking to get the masses to follow their cause.

The key takeaway from this book is that in today’s world, the best way to rally people around your cause is through enchantment; telling a captivating story, getting potential customers emotionally invested in your product, and engaging with prospects on a personal level.

The actionable advice Kawasaki offers readers is to cast a wide net when trying to capture attention and convert them into enthusiasts.

Don’t just focus on influential people – anyone can make a difference today given the amount of access to communication available.

This goes to show that even “nobodies” are now capable of becoming “somebodies.” Enchantment provides entrepreneurs with insight into overtaking their competitors and taking their business or ideas to the next level!

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