Elevate Book Summary By Robert Glazer

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Elevate (2019) is Robert Glazer's call to arms for anyone looking to take charge of their personal and professional life.

This manifesto celebrates individual excellence -- the four core competencies he believes will help you elevate your performance and make an impact are the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional components.

Through actionable advice on boosting each area of your life, this book seeks to provide you with practical strategies for achieving more in every aspect of life.

Armed with these insights, you will find yourself soaring above the competition as you take your career, relationships, and goals to new heights.

Elevate Book Summary

Book Name: Elevate (Push Beyond Your Limits and Unlock Success in Yourself and Others)

Author(s): Robert Glazer

Rating: 4.4/5

Reading Time: 15 Minutes

Categories: Career & Success

Author Bio

Robert Glazer is a renowned entrepreneur and New York Times best-selling author.

He's the founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners, which is a global performance marketing agency.

His book, Performance Partnerships (2017), has become an international best seller.

On top of that, he makes regular contributions to Forbes, Inc., Thrive Global, and Entrepreneur.

He even has his own podcast called Elevate, which provides helpful advice and conversations on various topics related to business, life goals and more.

How To Become A High-Achiever: The 4 Essential Capacities Of Success

Capacities Of Success

Elevate by Robert Rogers offers a four-step plan to unlocking your hidden potential.

It starts with recognizing the four key capacities – spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional – that when used together can help you achieve any goal.

The book provides strategies for gaining clarity on your mission in life, such as why mornings are the best time to start building new routines and how taking care of your physical health will benefit your mental health.

It teaches readers how to develop mental resilience and workplace accountability to help them take on any challenge and successfully manage their relationships.

Finally, Elevate guides you through building out meaningful habits that last, creating short-term goals that will lead you to long-term success.

With this approach, you’re able to unlock the full potential of your body, mind, soul and life in one comprehensive package!

Gaining Capacity Takes Dedication And Patience To Achieve Big Goals

If you’re looking to self-improve and achieve greater success, building capacity is the key.

Building capacity involves continually learning new skills that allow you to grow and progress.

It’s not just about doing more things, but doing the right kinds of things.

The four main areas of building capacity are spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional.

All four should be balanced in order to maximize your efforts.

If one area is neglected or put on the backburner, it can cause your overall progress to be limited or inefficient.

To develop these capacities successfully it’s important to adopt a long-term approach and take small steps every day that contribute to reaching your goal.

This means being consistent both in terms of effort and attitude; while each journey is different depending on the individual goals, achieving them requires dedication and hard work even when there are challenges along the way.

Building capacity is essential for those striving for personal growth, higher achievement and self-improvement – once you understand how this works in theory and practice, you’ll be well on your way to achieving great things!

Finding Your Core Values And Purpose For Lasting Success

Building capacity involves more than just blindly investing time and energy – it means finding out who you are and what you want.

This powerful insight can act as a compass to guide your decisions, ensuring that you use your resources mindfully and make calculated moves towards achieving your goals.

To do this, the author recommends taking some time to reflect on what aspects of life make you feel happy and energized, as well as what gets you down.

The next step is to take these insights and compare them with those of other people – your friends, family, colleagues or mentors.

Ask them how they view things; this will help bring clarity to your own thoughts.

From there, look for common traits amongst all answers to narrow it down to four or five core values that define who you are.

This is then used in combination with an understanding of yourself and serves as the foundation of your core purpose- the ultimate mission in life; whether ‘Finding a better way’ like the author or something entirely different- that’s up to you!

The last step is then aligning actions according to this newly formed understanding by making sure energies go into places that matter the most.

Doing so ensures true success- spiritually and beyond.

Harnessing A Growth Mindset And Daily Routines To Unlock Your Intellectual Capacity

Growth Mindset

Building your intellectual capacity starts with a growth mindset, which is the attitude that our mental capacities are not fixed and can be developed over time.

This means understanding that it’s never too late to learn new skills, and that mistakes and failures are simply part of the process.

Once you adopt this attitudes, you need to find mentors to keep learning and growing.

Top performers in any field understand the importance of having good mentors who challenge them, point out mistakes and push them towards excellence.

It can be hard to have an objective perspective on yourself, so having a coach or mentor who provides objective feedback can be invaluable in helping you reach your potential.

Finally, useful routines are key to setting yourself up for success.

Routines help make productive habits regular, allowing you to achieve long-term goals such as mastering a language or writing a book.

The best time for this is often in the mornings; starting each day by waking up just 15 minutes early and using this time for quiet focus is a great way to begin building productive habits into your daily routine.

With cumulative effects like these, small adjustments can make all the difference when it comes to achieving life-altering changes.

Maximizing Your Physical And Mental Capacity: Tips For Eating Right, Slowing Down Stress, And Embracing Competition

If you want to build your physical capacity, it all starts with what you eat.

Too often we turn to processed and junk food which can cause us more harm than good, leading to obesity-related diseases taking over developed countries in epidemic proportions.

However, it’s not always easy to know what’s right for our bodies in choosing between different diets and nutrition plans.

But instead of getting caught up on the details of keto vs paleo or low carb vs slow carb, writer Michael Pollan has proposed a simple suggestion when deciding what to put on our plates: “Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t have recognized as food.”

We also need to manage our stress levels by taking regular short breaks throughout the day for deep breaths or meditation.

Additionally, ensure you’re getting enough sleep every night; 6-8 hours are essential for peak performance and wellbeing.

Finally, don’t be afraid of competition!

It doesn’t mean crushing others and winning by any means possible – rather it’s about challenging yourself and going the extra mile.

Whether intellectual or physical in nature, let competition push you beyond any creative limits so that you become stronger than ever before.

Building Emotional Capacity Begins By Pushing Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Surrounding Yourself With The Right People

Comfort Zone

If you’re looking to build your emotional capacity, the best way to do it is by stepping outside of your comfort zone and seeking relationships that elevate you.

It may be uncomfortable at first but taking on new challenges and embracing criticism can help you push yourself to make improvements in your life.

That’s why surrounding yourself with the right people – those who share your values, energize you and inspire you – can be so beneficial.

At the same time, it’s important to distance yourself from people who drain your energy or otherwise undermine your efforts.

To maximize your emotional growth, avoid energy vampires whenever possible and instead focus on relationships that push you out of your comfort zone and help bring out the best version of yourself.

Wrap Up

Elevate: How Great Leaders Boost Performance and Achieve More is a book that outlines the key to achieving more in life.

The book states that the path to success lies in focusing on four core areas: your spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional capacities.

To capitalize on this insight, it’s important to start by clarifying what exactly you want in life.

Once that’s clear, then you can begin honing the skills and abilities required to get there.

One actionable advice from the book is to protect your mornings from technology by keeping them tech-free for a full hour.

This will help ensure you make the most of those precious minutes, instead of spending them browsing Facebook or answering emails.

For those interested in getting their own copy of this amazing book, there’s even a discount available for Sectionist readers – just use code 10sectionIST at geni.us/ELEVATE!

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