Do Over Book Summary By Jon Acuff

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Do Over (2015) is an inspiring book about taking risks and pushing boundaries, offering busy professionals and entrepreneurs the tools they need to break away from a dead-end job in order to pursue their dreams.

Through its in-depth sections, it guides readers through building up their own Career Savings Account that provides the practical advice needed for those considering a drastic career change.

Do Over shows how to turn every obstacle into a stepping stone and make difficult decisions as smoothly as possible, so that you can reinvent yourself and seize new opportunities.

Whether you're making a jump-start or just looking for self-improvement, this book is the perfect guide for anyone wanting to make a positive move towards success.

Do Over Book

Book Name: Do Over (Rescue Monday, Reinvent Your Work, and Never Get Stuck)

Author(s): Jon Acuff

Rating: 3.6/5

Reading Time: 11 Minutes

Categories: Career & Success

Author Bio

Jon Acuff is an author, speaker and podcaster who has been inspiring and motivating audiences for years.

He made a life-changing decision in 2010 to join the Dave Ramsey team and become a full-time writer.

Since then, Jon has written books like Gazelles, Baby Steps And 37 Other Things Dave Ramsey Taught Me About Debt and Stuff Christians Like.

Most notably, he has also contributed to, as well as having spoken around the nation at conferences and seminars.

His book Do Over serves as a roadmap of how to refresh your perspective in order to achieve success in life.

How To Overcome Job Disengagement And Find Career Fulfillment

Job Disengagement

Do Over Book will show you how you can realize your dream job and launch yourself into a career that is fulfilling and engaging.

You’ll learn how to overcome the fear of change, why some of your most valuable skills may be invisible to others, and how a Career Savings Account can help you make the switch.

You’ll also learn the importance of starting from the bottom as it can often take you to the highest points in life.

So don’t just settle for unhappiness at your current job – discover how Do Over Book can guide you towards achieving your dream career!

Start A Career Savings Account To Help Make Life Changes Easier

A career do-over is always possible and you don’t need to be afraid!

Even if it feels like life has brought you to a dead end, there’s often potential for a change that can be equally – if not more – beneficial.

You just need to have the courage to take the plunge and make the switch.

Take it from the author, who made the choice to go freelance and immediately had the freedom for a much different way of life.

By embracing change, he suddenly had access to numerous creative opportunities that he would have otherwise not been able to explore.

But before taking such drastic steps, it’s good practice to build up your Career Savings Account or CSA first.

It’s essentially your set of abilities like strong relationships, character building, learning new skills and improving your hustle which will help get through any transition period smoothly.

Once your CSA is equipped with these tools, then you can look into making positive changes in your career without fear of failure – after all, a Do Over can lead you into something greater!

Building Relationships Is Key To Weathering Career Bumps

If you want to be prepared for any career bumps, it is important to surround yourself with a supportive network of people who can help you face the challenge.

Begin by taking stock of the relationships you currently have, including coworkers, friends and acquaintances.

It is important to classify these relationships as either friends or foes – people who support your goals or those that hamper them.

Friends provide support and motivation when it comes to tough decisions and career choices.

Meanwhile advocates offer insight, advice and wisdom from their own experience.

Create a mutually beneficial relationship with your friends and advocates – stay in touch even if you part ways, give back whenever they need some help or going through tough transition periods on their own journey.

This way, they will be there for you when you face a career bump of your own.

Breaking Through Your Career Ceiling Can Start With Developing Your Existing And New Skills

Career Ceiling

Do you feel like there’s something missing from your career? Are you stuck at a job that doesn’t make use of your full potential? If so, it might be time to break through your career ceiling with new skills.

The key is to identify the skills you already possess and how you can use them to make change.

Even skills that don’t seem obvious on paper, such as party-planning or organizing dinner parties, can showcase your organizational talents which can prove to be an invaluable strength.

It’s also important to identify any new skills which would benefit you in achieving a better career.

Don’t wait to learn those new abilities, as doing so will give your resume a boost and very likely lead you on exciting new adventures.

Just ask Alex Atala, a Brazilian immigrant who came to Europe with almost nothing to his name on his CV and eventually started his own restaurant – one of the S.

Pellegrino list’s top 50 restaurants!

Investing in these new skills clearly paid off for Atala and it could do the same for you too!

Develop Your Character To Make The Leap From Job To Entrepreneur

If you want to make a big change by starting a new enterprise, the most important step is to invest in your character.

A strong character gives you the ability to develop better relationships and leave a positive impression.

Keep in mind that negative impressions are far worse than no impression.

To ensure success, it’s important to focus on building up positive traits such as generosity, empathy and presence.

Generosity helps build trust and loyalty, while empathy helps you understand the needs of others and react appropriately.

It’s also important to have presence–to be mindful and give people your full attention when they’re talking.

These qualities will help you hit the ground running when making a career jump.

Put away your devices and look people in the eye while they are speaking.

Practice active listening so that you can fully comprehend what they’re saying and show them respect by not cutting them off or getting distracted.

These small changes can go a long way in making sure that your new venture starts off on the right foot!

How To Combine Grit And Hustle For Career Success

Career Success

If you’re looking for a surefire way to secure a career opportunity, then you need hustle.

It’s not enough to simply have grit and perseverance – you also need to be willing to embrace new opportunities when they come your way.

You need to open yourself up to change and growth, and be willing to flex your skills and abilities in order to take advantage of an unexpected opportunity.

For example, if you found yourself unexpectedly in line for a dream job at the moment, then having the willingness and ability to pivot your current skillset while maintaining your positive attitude would go much further than blindly clinging desperately onto preconceived notions of what it takes.

After all, gone are the days where success only came through traditional pathways – the internet has opened up completely new avenues that require some degree of flexibility.

Moreover, don’t forget that your level of hustle won’t always remain constant throughout this journey; seasonality is important here as well.

Some moments will require significantly more effort than others – such as those times when you find yourself preparing for a job interview or cramming for an exam.

As long as you recognize these changes in seasons and adjust accordingly, your hustle won’t let you down!

Wrap Up

The book Do Over by Jon Acuff is an inspirational read for those feeling stuck in their career and looking for new opportunities.

The key takeaway from the book can be summed up with the acronym SHINS: find Supportive networks, Hustle for new opportunities, Invest in your character, and acquire New Skillsets.

In conclusion, Acuff’s advice provides simple yet effective methods to break through any sort of bumps or ceilings that might stand before you.

Whether you’re having trouble getting noticed at work or simply don’t know how to proceed after a career setback; connecting with supportive people, dedicating yourself to self-improvement and increasing your skillset are all tools that will help you move forward with confidence.

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