Disney U Book Summary By Doug Lipp

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Disney U (2013) is an essential read for those looking to understand the philosophy behind Disney’s remarkable achievements.

The book covers a number of strategies that explain how Walt and his successors were able to create such a beloved brand which remains successful even after so many years.

Within this book, you'll learn how Disney cares for its staff, providing them with the training they need to deliver high quality customer service.

Furthermore, readers will develop an understanding of how they can apply these same principles to their own businesses, creating a setting where guests or customers are truly delighted by their experience.

Disney U Book

Book Name: Disney U (How Disney University Develops the World's Most Engaged, Loyal, and Customer-Centric Employees)

Author(s): Doug Lipp

Rating: 4.2/5

Reading Time: 11 Minutes

Categories: Management & Leadership

Author Bio

Doug Lipp is the author of Disney U.

He has spent a career devoted to helping people understand how to leverage creativity, and how it brings success.

He was an integral part in creating the first international version of Disney University in Tokyo Disneyland.

In addition to this, Doug was a mentor in Walt Disney World's corporate headquarters and had the opportunity to work closely with Van France, who was the founder of Disney University.

With his decades of experience and passion for helping others learn about Disney's unique way of doing things, Doug is the perfect person to guide us through understanding and applying their principles.

Discover How Disney Manages To Remain At The Heart Of Western Culture For Over Half A Century Through Disney University

Disney University

The magic behind the Disney company lies in how it has managed to stay at the heart of popular culture for generations.

Much of this is due to their exceptional training methods at Disney University, which ensures all staff know how to treat customers like royalty.

In these sections you’ll find out why Disney managers held important meetings in Cinderella’s Castle and uncover the art and science of great customer service.

You’ll see why some rules differ from one park to another, such as being able to buy alcohol in Disneyland Paris but not in Tokyo.

Ultimately, by learning about Disney University, you can discover the magical qualities that have kept them at the top for so many years – from making sure VIPs have an utterly unforgettable experience through to keeping up with changing regulations across different parks around the world.

The Key To Keeping Employees Happy And Productive: Promote Company Values And Stay Aware Of Their Needs

Creating a successful business requires more than just physical goods or incentives for employees.

You need to share the company’s values with them, too.

This is something that Disney does extremely well at their Disney University, where staff or “cast members” are taught about the company’s philosophy and driven by an understanding of its values.

This is because when employees know your company’s values, they will be more invested in its progress and stakeholders – not only their own material needs.

Additionally, it is important to keep your employees motivated and happy through staying in close contact with them, as well as addressing any problems right away.

For example, Van France – founder of the Disney University – discovered during his walks through the institution that their old orientation program was failing due to advancement.

Therefore, he developed new orientation program catered towards the needs of both trainees and the organization.

It’s clear that a company’s values should help keep staff motivated, hardworking and ultimately happy if they are to achieve success.

Combining Science And Art To Build A Successful Business

It’s clear that building a successful business requires both art and science.

On the “scientific” side, businesses must have strong infrastructure and well-engineered products – like Disney’s excellent parks and exciting features.

But the final success of any organization also depends on its “artistic” side.

That’s where support staff enter the equation.

It takes skillful, experienced people to make customers or guests feel special, and to create an atmosphere of excitement.

Disney puts a lot of effort into it by equipping their staff with interpersonal as well as technical skills.

Since children are often visiting in hopes of meeting their favorite film characters, cast members need extensive training before they can become Snow White or Donald Duck!

They also need to be comfortable with large audiences and know how to interact with people of all ages.

Technical talent is essential too – for example, those playing main characters need to be able to move like living film characters so visitors feel as if they are taking part in a fairy tale!

In short, Disney teaches us that successful businesses require a mixture of both art and science- something every business person should bear in mind!

Find The Balance Between Change And Tradition For Lasting Success


Strong companies know that in order to succeed, they must keep one foot in the past and one in the future.

This means understanding the importance of innovation for business growth but also the invaluable knowledge gained from looking back at a company’s history.

Disney is a great example of how this works.

The company was able to keep Walt Disney’s spirit alive by organizing a program for newly hired cast members to learn about the company’s origin and what made it so special.

At the same time, Disney also stayed on top of its game with regards to animation and technology developments as seen in its parks.

This balance between tradition and progress has been crucial for Disney’s success.

Finally, feedback is critical if you want your business to thrive!

Whether it be gathering feedback from your employees or customers, it is essential that you get continuous information on how you are doing – and then make changes accordingly.

And this is precisely what Disney did when their executives noticed a flaw in their traditions programs: they tweaked their program based on the feedback they received and saw an increase in engagement from their new recruits as a result.

Thus, strong companies understand that both an awareness of their roots and an eye toward the future are key components for success; not to mention being willing to receive ongoing feedback!

The Power Of Language: How To Use Unique Words To Make A Business Stand Out In Any Culture

If you want to make your customers and employees feel truly valued, speak the language of success and adapt yourself to different cultures.

It’s a trick used by Disney – they use their own special names for various parts of the company, such as using ‘cast members’ instead of employees and ‘guests’ instead of customers.

These small changes can make a big difference in how people perceive and interact with your company.

Disney also understands that what works in one country might not work in another – this is why they’ve tailored their terminology to suit different branches across the globe.

For example, Tokyo Disneyland has no alcohol sold anywhere on its premises due to US regulations; Japanese people responded well to this as it showed appreciation for their culture.

However, when Disney opened a park in France, wine was allowed due to French culture – showing respect for the differences between these countries.

By speaking the language of success and adapting yourself to different cultures, you can ensure that your company resonates with people around the world – no matter where it operates!

In Business, Working Through Tough Times And Fostering Fun Are The Keys To Success

 Keys To Success

A good business is one that never gives up and strives to keep its employees happy.

This was exactly the approach Disney took when Roy Disney, a leader and inspiration to the company’s cast members, suddenly passed away in 1971.

Understandably, everyone was demoralized, struggling to focus on their work or even put smiles on their faces.

But instead of throwing in the towel, the managers stepped up and held emergency meetings in Cinderella’s castle tower to brainstorm solutions.

Ideas were shared among the team of how they could reinvigorate their company and staff such as providing better training and working with HR departments.

Of course, they all pulled through and emerged from this difficult period as a much stronger company than before.

Disney’s motto “Work hard, play hard” reflects his fundamental belief that while it’s important to focus on money and profit, there should be an equal emphasis on encouraging team spirit within your organisation by allowing your people to enjoy themselves.

This way morale stays strong and businesses always remain positive despite any challenging periods they encounter.

Wrap Up

Ultimately, Disney U is a great reminder that the character and strength of the company lies in its people.

At Disney, they not only give their employees a good salary, but also make them feel like part of the Disney family by sharing their values and inspiring them to be part of something greater.

They manage to hold onto traditions, as well as pursue new ideas, no matter how difficult times get.

Even organizations with fewer resources can replicate some of these successful strategies.

Finally, remember to have fun; Van France’s words are particularly fitting here: “The business we’re in if we can’t have fun, how could we expect the public to have fun?”.

Not only will your employees feel better, but also have an improved productivity

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