Digital Marketing Strategy Book Summary By Simon Kingsnorth

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Digital Marketing Strategy (2016) offers readers a comprehensive guide to effective marketing in today's digital world.

Inside, readers will uncover the latest tactics and techniques for mastering content marketing, social media, and SEO as well as an overview of key developments in this rapidly-evolving field.

This book offers insights and advice from top experts that can help make your digital strategy more successful than ever before.

Digital Marketing Strategy Book

Book Name: Digital Marketing Strategy (An Integrated Approach to Online Marketing)

Author(s): Simon Kingsnorth

Rating: 4.1/5

Reading Time: 20 Minutes

Categories: Marketing & Sales

Author Bio

Simon Kingsnorth is an internationally renowned digital marketing authority.

He's a sought after speaker, consultant, and author.

What’s more, he also serves as the CEO of Simon Kingsnorth Consulting.

He has expert knowledge in SEO, paid search and social media - which can be seen in his book The Digital Marketing Handbooks which enables readers to gain further insights into these topics.

With years of experience in digital marketing - Simon Kingsnorth truly leads by example.

Get Ready For Digital Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide To Navigating The World Of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

If you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve and learn how to effectively market in the digital age, then reading this book summary is a great place to start.

It offers a comprehensive overview of all the different nuances that go into digital marketing and provides individual strategies for success.

You’ll uncover case studies from Dutch airlines who have angered thousands of customers to companies like Hertz who were able to boost their revenue with content marketing.

Additionally, it can help educate marketers on how personalization in marketing has both its pros and cons.

All these topics provide insight on how to best utilize digital marketing efforts and succeed in this always-evolving atmosphere.

The Power Of Social Media In Creating Meaningful Customer Relationships

Social media has transformed the way businesses interact with their customers.

Instead of relying solely on marketing techniques to reach potential customers, now businesses can build a more meaningful connection with them through social media.

This new type of relationship is invaluable, as it not only gives businesses an opportunity to build loyalty and trust with their customers, but also learn from them in a mutually beneficial way.

KLM, for example, learned this lesson the hard way when they tweeted about Mexico’s elimination from the World Cup and faced backlash from the fans.

But by publicly responding to all queries and complaints (no matter how negative) as well as reducing its average social media response time to 22 minutes, KLM was able to turn its reputation around.

This proved that it’s important for businesses to understand the importance of developing the right social media personality – one that resonates with your brand identity and strives to create a caring customer-focused environment.

The Power Of Carefully Choosing Keywords For Seo Success

Choosing the right keywords for your digital marketing strategy is a crucial step that can make or break your success.

It’s important to consider carefully which words will come up in search queries from potential customers, as high visibility is key to garnering sales.

When selecting keywords, you should start with an audience persona in mind – who do you want to attract and what terms would they use? Aim for a niche rather than being overly ambitious by thinking of regional or specialist keywords.

This helps narrow down the parameters and increases the chances of success.

For example, if you’re targeting time-pressed working mothers, aiming for words like ‘now’ and ‘fast’ would be sensible, whereas if you are targeting budget-conscious students then terms like ‘cheap’ and ‘sale’ would be fitting.

All in all, choosing the right words is extremely important when it comes to creating effective digital marketing strategies.

Consider your keywords very carefully – this simple yet key action could cause major ripples in your online performance.

Google Algorithms: How Site Hierarchy, Content Quality, And Mobile Optimization Can Improve Your Seo

Google Algorithms

Making sure your website ranks highly in Google is essential for any digital marketing strategy: after all, if people can’t find you, then they can’t buy from you.

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), site hierarchy, site content and mobile optimization are key players.

For starters, let’s look at hierarchy – ensuring that your website is structured logically is paramount when it comes to SEO.

During this process of hierarchy, think about visualizing your site as a flow chart – broader pages will give way to more specific ones as users navigate through the website.

Additionally, make sure that URLs are easy for Google to read and include actual words that correspond to the content of the page.

It’s also important not to duplicate content elsewhere on the web; Google will penalize you for doing so!

Instead, focus on providing genuinely informative content and watch as traffic surges due to being linked elsewhere online.

Furthermore, ensuring mobile-friendliness will enhance chances of ranking even further; optimize your website for mobile browsing and reap those rewards!

Paid search is a great way for businesses to increase visibility and get more website traffic through search engine-based promotion.

It’s attractive because you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, and it’s relatively easy to set up a campaign.

With paid search campaigns, you can use all the same techniques that are associated with SEO, such as building personas for your customers or being strategic in the choice of keywords.

However, cost-per-click on popular keywords such as “online casino” can be quite high, so it pays to be mindful of your budget when making decisions about which campaigns to run.

Additionally, another factor that Google takes into account when setting prominence is the quality score – this looks at factors such as how often users click on an ad and how relevant it is.

This means that even if someone else has a higher budget than you, having an undeniably good ad may help you rise above them in the rankings!

To make sure your campaigns are successful and costing what they should, you need to keep an eye on analytics and metrics so you know which ones work best for you–this helps ensure that paid search works for both publicity and profitability!

The Pros And Cons Of Behavioral Personalization: Unlocking The Power Of Data While Protecting User Privacy

User Privacy

When we talk about personalization, the chances are that the first thing that comes to mind is Facebook’s secret psychological experiment back in 2014.

Through their curation of users’ news feeds, they were able to influence their emotional states.

However, while this experiment showed that personalization has its power, it was also a massive failure in terms of reputation and trust as an overwhelming majority of people lost faith in the social media site scandal.

But just because something went wrong with one instance doesn’t mean it always has to be problematic.

Personalization can certainly have positive applications when done right.

Lately, digital marketing has seen a boost in the form of behavioral personalization where ads are tailored to individuals based on their actions or engagements – so now you actually get ads relevant your interests instead of irrelevant spam!

As useful as it is however, there is still an inevitable downside which must be addressed – data privacy and security.

As technology collects more information about us than ever before, many people feel uneasy about how companies use and store private data – this will become even more relevant as upcoming regulations enforce stricter rules on how user data is collected and handled by these companies.

Personalization may be powerful but it definitely carries potential problems.

How Hertz Used Content Marketing To Beat The Competition And Boost Revenue

When it comes to digital marketing strategies, content is an incredibly important component.

It can be anything from blog posts, videos, reports and podcasts – everything falls under the broad heading of content.

Content is media designed to draw in potential customers in a more engaging and softer manner than traditional advertising.

The key takeaway here is that content marketing has the potential to be game-changing for any company.

And as we saw with Hertz Car Rental’s example, this holds true.

When they noticed that their competitors had been gaining ground due to better localized search results, they decided to take action.

Hertz created over 11,000 pages of both functional and engaging content which allowed them to reach out to those localized niches where they were lacking; the result? Exceptional revenue growth and lengthy improvements in their rankings for localised search phrases.

Content marketing should not be overlooked when it comes to pushing your business forward and attracting more customers.

It certainly did wonders for Hertz Car Rental!

Wrap Up

The Digital Marketing Strategy Book provides key insights and actionable advice for those looking to enter the digital marketing world.

The critical piece of advice is to use the right kind of approach that includes being able to converse with customers on social media, creating valuable and engaging media, and carefully researching keywords.

In order to be success in the field of digital marketing, content must also remain relevant to a company’s goal and mission.

It is important not to get carried away and produce unrelated content as it will take away from your company’s brand identity.

By following this advice, digital marketers can reap the rewards that come with having a successful online presence.

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