Design Your Future Book Summary By Dominick Quartuccio

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Design Your Future (2017) is a must-have book for achieving success.

It provides actionable insights and practical tools to start taking control of your life today and create the future you want.

With its clear direction on how to become your best self, it's an invaluable guide to realizing your dreams.

The book covers many different topics, including personal responsibility, goal setting and focus, strengths and values, planning and decision making, strategic communication skills, mental toughness and resilience, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and much more!

With these tips and strategies mixed in with inspiring stories from successful people of all ages.

Design Your Future (2017) will help readers learn key principles to realize their full potential.

Design Your Future Book

Book Name: Design Your Future (Three Simple Steps to Stop Drifting and Start Living)

Author(s): Dominick Quartuccio

Rating: 4.3/5

Reading Time: 22 Minutes

Categories: Career & Success

Author Bio

Dominick Quartuccio is an inspirational speaker and mentor who encourages business owners and entrepreneurs to reach their full potential.

His work focuses on helping individuals design their own lives, in order to create a future they can be proud of.

He has years of experience in the corporate industry and has used this to combine real-world know-how with creative ways of reaching peak performance.

He uses his book, Design Your Future, as an opportunity to spread his message about how we can all use mindful strategies today for tomorrow’s success.

How To Break Out Of Your Rut And Live Life To Its Fullest

Live Life

The key to getting the most out of life is to learn how to live it to the fullest.

And Dominick Quartuccio knows just how to do it.

According to him, you need to develop a can-do mindset, and become proactive in designing the future you want.

That means pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and breaking out of old habits and patterns that may be holding you back.

One way to do this is by meditating: Taking some time away from all that noise around us, clearing our minds and taking control of our lives.

Another key is focusing on one goal at a time – so don’t overwhelm yourself with too many tasks or ideas at the same time.

Take the first step today – start living your life to the fullest!

Sure, change can be painful but with dedication, passion, and perseverance you have what it takes to make things happen for yourself – You can design your own future!

Breaking Out Of The Trap Of Predictability: Why Limiting Beliefs Keep Us Stuck And How To Find Happiness Again

Many people who are successful and ambitious find themselves slipping into a predictable daily routine that they can’t seem to escape, leaving them deeply dissatisfied.

This is often because they have limited beliefs preventing them from making the change that could get them out of the trap of predictability.

Thes beliefs might include statements such as “I should get a reliable, safe job” or “I should put other people’s needs above my own”.

The problem with these statements is that they may not be conducive to true satisfaction.

Furthermore, many people attempt to overcome their dissatisfactions by doing more of what is making them miserable in the first place — this seldom works out in the end.

To avoid the trap of predictability, it’s important to rid yourself of limiting ideas and instead make courageous changes for your future.

Those changes could range from getting a new job you’re passionate about, traveling more or even taking time off work and pursuing something new altogether!

Reassess your situation and change your life.

In other words: design your future!

Breaking Free From The Shackles Of A Predicament: Three Steps To Transform Your Life

Fear is only natural – we’re all scared of what might happen if we dare to take a step away from the comfortable, secure world that keeps us within its stone walls.

Unfortunately, this fear stops far too many people from taking decisive action to improve their lives; when confronted with change or risk, our default reaction is often to stay where we are and play it safe.

The truth is, though, that staying in bad circumstances can be worse than taking a chance on something new.

With pressing economic and health concerns, it pays to always keep your options open — and if you’re willing to make an effort, these risks pay off!

But how do you start improving your life? It all comes down to understanding the three steps of Awakening, Disrupting and Designing your future.

Becoming aware of your habits and patterns will help you identify what makes you unhappy so you can break out of negative cycles.

Then you need to experiment with disruption–an example would be dropping an unhealthy eating habit so that you can get in touch with why it’s happening in the first place.

Finally, once everything has become clear through disrupting and awakening, designing is about creating positive routines that help you live the life you’ve always wanted.

Fear can’t stop us if we make up our minds — by utilizing these three simple steps anyone can move forward towards their dreams.

Connecting With Our Future Selves Can Help Make Positive Changes In The Present

Positive Changes

Connecting with your future self can be a powerful tool when you want to make positive changes in your life.

Doing so helps tap into the fear that often holds us back from change, allowing us to see the bigger picture and understand why it’s important to make these changes now.

Hershfield’s research illustrated this beautifully by showing how the brain reacts differently when we think about our future selves compared to our present state – like picturing a complete stranger.

Chris’ story further illustrates this concept: by taking the time to visualize his future self, he realized that making changes now would ultimately be less painful than sticking with his current path of unhappiness.

In other words, connecting with his future self gave him the motivation he needed to take action and make those much-needed changes.

So if you’re looking for the answer to why you should start making positive changes in your life, look no further than “Design Your Future” book summary – it clearly highlights just how important it is to connect with your future self!

Meditation: Unlocking The Power To Transform Your Life

Taking the time for regular meditation can be hard work, but it is the key to unlocking your full potential.

Through meditation, we can break free from our habitual thinking, and learn to observe our thoughts objectively rather than immediately reacting to them.

This allows us to gain more insight into ourselves and our true desires, instead of continuing on autopilot with the same routine day after day.

This journey takes practice and perseverance but it is worth it in the end.

The author of Design Your Future experienced this firsthand – he realized his dream career was achievable during a meditative session, but the old fears got in his way.

After continued practice, those fears became less powerful and he found himself drawn toward his true passion instead of staying put in a mundane job that did not fulfill him.

The best part is that you can do this too!

Meditating regularly can help you gain clarity on your life path and open up new possibilities that you never knew existed before.

So take some time out of each day for self-reflection and trust that by meditating effectively, you’re paving the way for a brighter future.

How To Create More Meaningful Habits By Disrupting The Unhealthy Ones

Developing healthy habits and being selective in your social circle can lead to a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

That’s why it’s important to challenge yourself to break away from compulsive behavior and reflect on how you’re spending your time, both with yourself and with others.

Start by taking a break from the habits that don’t bring you joy.

Consider going 100 days without drinking alcohol or abstaining from watching television or movies for three months.

If you are addicted to using your smartphone, try declaring your home a cell phone-free zone for two weeks.

This will make you better able to determine what is truly rewarding about these activities and what might be better replaced by something else.

Next, think about who you choose to spend time with in social situations.

It can be tempting to make lots of new connections, but realistically this isn’t sustainable or as emotionally beneficial as fewer, more meaningful relationships that lift you up and provide support when needed.

So consider curating a smaller group of friends that inspire you or are deeply meaningful, while gracefully saying goodbye to acquaintances who don’t really have anything of substance to offer.

The Benefits Of Taking One Step At A Time To Achieve Your Goals

Achieve Your Goals

High achievers often have an ambitious array of goals, but little time and energy to pursue them all.

It’s important to remember that focusing on one goal at a time provides the best chance for making real progress.

After all, it’s much easier to take on a commitment than it is to sustain it.

This concept is especially important for relationships–spontaneity and riding with the flow can keep things going in the early days, but maintaining the relationship over time requires hard work (and lots of it).

The same applies with any ambitions you might have.

If your focus is split among multiple projects at once, chances are you’ll become frustrated by your lack of progress and give up before you get there.

The solution? Start with more achievable goals that don’t require as much effort or dedication, then build upon them as you make progress and create momentum.

Focusing on one goal at a time also helps build motivation; if staying healthy is what you’re after, it’s important to set goals that will really drive you–like increasing your sex life or being able to fit into those jeans that no longer zip up!

By honing in on one target instead of letting yourself get scattered across too many different ones, you’ll be much more likely to fulfill your ambitions.

Gaining Momentum: Scorecards And Rituals To Help Achieve Your Goals

If you want to take control of your life and design your future, there are a couple of tools that could help you get started today.

Scorecards and daily rituals are great for visualizing progress and providing structure.

Scorecards are essentially lists of targets you want to achieve within a fixed timeframe.

Keeping track of achievements this way acts as motivation and helps to remind you how well you’re doing even when minor lapses occur.

The author employed this system himself, listing three goals he wanted to reach over ninety days: no TV, skipping dessert, and getting eight hours of sleep every night.

To make the most out of your days, creating meaningful morning and evening rituals also comes highly recommended by the author.

When waking up in the morning, take time to do something that benefits mind or body; while at night put away any distraction – like screens – and meditate for a few minutes so that bedtime is truly restful.

No matter what direction you’re planning on taking in life, scorecards and daily rituals are great tools to help reach individual goals for a better tomorrow.

Embrace The Power Of Small Steps To Achieve Big Goals

Big Goals

Achieving success is all about having an unwavering focus on the goal and taking things one step at a time.

This is something that Facebook employees, high achievers, and go-getters alike understand.

For example, when wanting to achieve a goal such as meditating for 30 minutes twice a day, it can be daunting and sometimes seem impossible to reach.

However, by making small changes such as starting with 20 minutes meditation once a day will allow you to still make steady progress towards your goal while allowing some leeway if you are struggling to find the time.

In order to succeed in any venture, whether it be writing a book or something else entirely, it pays to take it slow and keep your eyes kept firmly on the prize ahead.

Breaking down big goals into smaller achievable tasks will keep momentum going and ensure that each day brings you closer to success.

Doing so may mean that it takes longer than initially expected but even the smallest tasks add up in the end and eventually produce results!

Wrap Up

Design Your Future is all about inspiring readers to reach their highest potential and achieve outstanding results.

The key message of this book is that it’s easy to get stuck in a mundane, predictable routine so the advice given here is to face down your fears, embrace change, and pursue opportunities.

The book provides plenty of tools such as crafting routines, keeping scorecards and meditating that can help you achieve your goals.

The final summary of Design Your Future is straightforward: don’t give up once you start something you’re passionate about!

No matter how tired or frustrated you are, reconnect with that initial motivation and enthusiasm for what you do.

By finishing whatever project you started, you will gain a surge in happiness from seeing the end result which will fuel you through future projects.

This could be the key message that readers take away from this book- to act courageously towards pursuing their dreams!

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