Dear Girls Book Summary By Ali Wong

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Dear Girls is a book that captures the authentic and humorous stories of a mother's life; and even more so, her purposeful messages on how to deal with adversity while living and embracing every moment of life.

In Dear Girls, Ali Wong offers relatable advice regarding love, failure, family - and even difficult subjects like aging - all wrapped in heartfelt letters written to her two daughters.

This book prides itself on its down-to-earth humor and witty narrations of all the ups and downs experienced by the author, making it an all-too real account of the many joys (and pitfalls) that come with living life to the fullest!

Dear Girls Book

Book Name: Dear Girls (Intimate Tales, Untold Secrets, and Advice for Living Your Best Life)

Author(s): Ali Wong

Rating: 3.9/5

Reading Time: 21 Minutes

Categories: Book Summaries

Author Bio

Alexandra “Ali” Wong is the author of the New York Times bestselling book Dear Girls, an intimate collection of letters to her two daughters.

Ali is an actress, stand-up comedian, and writer who got her start on Netflix specials Baby Cobra (2016) and Hard Knock Wife (2018), in addition to co-creating the 2019 film Always Be My Maybe alongside Randall Park.

She currently stars in ABC's hit show American Housewife.

From being a San Francisco native to a beloved mom, she brings her full being into Dear Girls - weaving together secrets on love and sex, heartbreak and success - imparting words any daughter would be lucky to receive from their mother.

A Reflection On Life, Career And Parenting Advice: Why Embracing Imperfections Is Essential According To Ali Wong’s Dear Girls

Parenting Advice

In her book, Dear Girls, Ali Wong offers wise advice about how to truly accept yourself.

She believes that if we are more comfortable with our own bodies, personality quirks and other eccentricities, it can help us on the path to the life and career we want.

Wong goes beyond just encouraging self-acceptance; she stresses the importance of getting comfortable with imperfection.

In today’s society, many of us feel pressure to be perfect in everything we do — but perfection isn’t attainable or necessary.

Learning to embrace your unique traits can free you from doubts and insecurities so you can focus on what truly matters.

This doesn’t mean that you should stop trying to improve yourself; instead, it means accepting your flaws and celebrating your personal strengths.

It allows you to have a realistic view of who you are and take active steps towards achieving personal growth while still enjoying life’s journey.

Accepting Life’S Unexpected Obstacles Can Lead To Strength And Growth

Ali Wong’s life story serves as a testament to the importance of experiencing both professional and personal ups and downs in order to self-develop.

Growing up in San Francisco, Ali was a rebellious teen with dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian.

She achieved this goal by attending college at UCLA and eventually moving across the country to New York City in 2008, where she honed her craft in front of an audience.

Fast forward to the present day and Ali not only realized her dream goal but also met the love of her life, had two daughters, and studied abroad.

However, just like everyone else’s lives, hers hasn’t been without its challenges.

In fact, she has had to grapple with dysfunction between couples even necessitating couple’s therapy for maintain harmony between them!

But through all these potentially devastating moments of tragedy (which could easily have derailed her dreams) Ali embraced resilience within herself using experience from ups and downs as tools for self-development and innerstrength.

Now when she looks back on her journey she wants to share what she’s learnt with her daughters.

This is that even through tough times we should seize every opportunity possible because it may help us realize our ambitions – while also helping develop important life skills such as resilience determination which undoubtedly lead to personal growth.

Feeling Confident And Connected Through Travel: How Going Abroad Changed Ali’S Life

Sometimes the most valuable thing in life is simply to leave your comfort zone and go out into the world and see what else is out there.

That’s exactly what Ali did when she had the opportunity to study at the University of Hawai’i for two months during her sophomore year at UCLA.

On her trip, Ali was able to make new friends, discover new culture, explore different food, and moreover, be inspired by the power of one woman’s words.

Inspired by the way this speaker spoke with strength and authority but still carried a ‘goddess-queen energy’, Ali was not just more confident on her own journey but still takes leaps in life even now.

When she moved on to Vietnam for her junior year of college, Ali met Hai – someone who looked like a male version of herself whom she felt drawn to – only to realize there would never be any romantic reciprocation from him.

But rather than feeling ashamed or embarrassed, Ali remembered how empowered she felt in Hawai’i and realized that does not need others’ approval nor had any reason to change anything about herself just because it wasn’t appreciated by Hai.

The Power Of Overcoming Limitations: How Ali Wong Defied Stereotypes To Become An Acclaimed Comedian

Ali Wong

Having experienced all kinds of racism and sexism throughout her career as a comedian, Ali Wong encourages others to remember that the opinions of others should not define you when it comes to your race and gender.

Despite these unfair expectations, she reminds us that we have the power to decide how we allow society’s views on us to affect us.

In order to be taken seriously in her early years as a comedian, Ali began by avoiding any indication of femininity such as wearing loose cargo pants and skater shirts with her hair tied up in two buns.

Even then, there were instances where white male comedians would patronizingly assert that she had achieved success only because of her minority status; however, Ali found that the best thing to do was remind herself of her own capabilities regardless of external perceptions.

When asked about breaking into Hollywood as an Asian American woman today, Ali emphasizes that it has nothing to do with race or gender but rather is dependent on motivation and passion for the field alongside a will to succeed.

Ali’S Hard Work And Hustle Showed What Goes Into Creating A Career We’Re Proud Of

When it comes to success, it’s never easy.

In her book Dear Girls, Ali Wong talks about her journey towards creating a career she was proud of: one that required hard work and hustle from the very beginning.

Ali was an actress and stand-up comedian, and she was stretching herself very thin: working long hours for little pay, performing multiple sets in dingy bars in various cities, and facing the constant stress of sexual harassment from her colleagues.

But even through all this hardship, Ali held on to the belief that if you care enough about something you have to be willing to dedicate yourself to whatever it takes to make you truly great at it – no matter how long or rocky the road is.

Through her own experience, Ali learned that being bad at something at first is nothing to be ashamed of.

To master any craft takes time and experience; you need to experiment, innovate and always strive for improvement until you hit home with your audience or clients.

She connected this journey back to her personal history – crafting material from her experiences – which got her through some of the most difficult times while also helping her hone in on a unique comedic style that resonated with people.

This shows just how big a role dedication plays in achieving success in any field; without it there can be no growth or progression – just frustrated dreams and disappointment.

If you want what you’re doing to be worthy of pride then know: The path to success is a steep climb – but so worth it when you reach the top!

Ali Discovers The Power Of Family Wisdom To Help Get Through Life’S Obstacles

As Ali experienced, reminding yourself of where and who you come from can be a source of wisdom and fortitude.

She had relatives immigrants to the United States – her mother from Vietnam, and her grandfather from China.

Reflecting on their inspirational journeys has helped her find strength to face obstacles in her own life.

Take for example when she moved to New York City and was forced to share a cramped apartment with six other people.

Whenever the going got tough, she thought of her grandpa’s experiences – at only 8 years old he’d moved to California all by himself, working as a live-in cook yet not being provided even with a bed or given any money.

This enabled him to narrate his own experiences that acted as motivation for Ali to stay focused, work hard, save up for better times ahead and also become accustomed to criticism.

These kind of stories act like lessons that inculcate in us very important values and personal attributes which we pass down generations and shapes ultimately how we carry our lives forward.

Accepting Others For Their Flaws And Embracing Relationships Takes Hard Work


Relationships are about more than just love and attraction, they’re also about accepting and supporting each other’s quirks, flaws, and aspirations.

This point is one that Ali experienced firsthand when she began dating Justin, who accepted her even after her risqué comedy routine at Gotham Comedy Club.

When the couple got married and had a family of their own, they had to learn how to balance each other’s career ambitions – something that was made easier by Justin’s supportive nature.

For example, even though Ali had to stay away for six weeks for filming Always Be My Maybe, Justin volunteered to look after their children in addition to visiting them every weekend in Vancouver.

Not many men would be willing to do this!

From examples like these, it’s clear that successful relationships require both partners to accept and support each other in all areas of life – no matter how demanding or challenging it may be.

Realizing Life Never Goes As Planned: How Ali Learned To Adapt To Unexpected Curveballs

When Ali set out to become a stay-at-home mom, she had all these plans and visions of what life would be like.

She imagined baking and leisurely trips to the spa based on what she saw in the highlight reels of celebrities’ Instagram.

But life has a way of not working out quite as we plan.

Instead of enjoying lovely Michael Kors bathrobes, Ali found herself dealing with t-shirts featuring modified armpits for easy breastfeeding, and chafe marks in unexpected places.

The reality is that life isn’t always at it looks on social media.

No matter how hard we plan for something, there’s always going to be curveballs thrown our way that can change everything.

Take Ali’s marriage to Justin for example – when their soon-to-be in-laws suggested a prenuptial agreement, Ali was ready to fight against it thinking it was an insult to her character.

But after doing some soul searching she realized that having financial independence from her partner was important to her and signing the prenup turned out ot be one of the best decisions ever made!

This teaches us that life isn’t a highlight reel – things won’t always turn out as we envisioned them and instead of feeling let down you should think through difficult situations as they arise and open yourself up to different outcomes other than the originally planned one!

The Challenges And Rewards Of Parenthood: Learning To Appreciate The Difficulties Of Raising Children

Difficulties Of Raising Children

There’s no denying it: parenting is no picnic.

It’s certainly not what some of us may have imagined when we were excitedly awaiting the arrival of our little ones.

We all know about the 3 a.m.

wake-up calls, diaper changes and breaks down in tears, as well as picking up children from soccer games or dealing with angry teachers.

But these challenges barely scratch the surface; parenthood is an unfailing repetition of chores and somehow finding time to shop for clothes and school supplies that never ends.

Things don’t always go according to plan either, and Ali experienced this when she found out just how hard it can be to stick to the whole-foods diet she had promised herself before becoming a mom.

And then there are times that might even get embarrassing like when Ali had her milk dribbling down her dress while baby Nikkiana was busy spiting food onto her!

Definitely not your average family outing!

But at the same time, being a parent gives you one of the most unique opportunities in life – giving our children good values, making sure they feel safe and loved, watching them grow up into humans we take pride in – That’s something worth all the homework trips to stores one could ever take.

Wrap Up

The final summary of Ali Wong’s book Dear Girls is simple: be true to yourself.

While life provides unpredictable hardships and successes, acceptance is the key to ultimate contentment.

No matter what comes your way, embrace your unique traits and motivations, and use them to achieve your goals.

And remember – there is no one else like you in the world!

Confidence in who you are will help you become the best version of yourself.

So stay positive and trust that you have all the power within yourself to overcome any challenge and live a full life on your own terms.

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