Curate This! Book Summary By Steven Rosenbaum

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Curate This!

(2014) is a must-read for anyone interested in content curation and its potential power.

It reveals the various possibilities content curation offers, from discovering new avenues to grow your audience, to understanding why humans make better curators than computers.

Inside, you'll learn different tips and tricks to integrating content into your existing platforms and expanding your reach.

This book offers helpful advice designed to get you on the path of success quickly and effectively.

Curate This

Book Name: Curate This! (The Hands-On How-To Guide to Content Curation)

Author(s): Steven Rosenbaum

Rating: 3.8/5

Reading Time: 12 Minutes

Categories: Communication Skills

Author Bio

Steven Rosenbaum is a true pioneer in the content curation industry.

As an entrepreneur, author, and speaker on media channels worldwide, he has earned himself a tremendous amount of respect for his insights into this ever-evolving field.

He is known for founding MTV News Unfiltered and for his book, 'Curation Nation', which was published in 2011.

His talks have been featured on some of the most renowned platforms like TED Talks and the BBC.

His unique approach to curation in a world that is now created by consumers speaks volumes of how valuable his expertise is.

How To Become A Successful Curator: The Art Of Sifting, Selecting, And Preparing Content For An Audience

Successful Curator

If you want to become the go-to source for great content, Curate This!

is the book that you need.

It will provide you with everything you need to know on how to select the most engaging and relevant bits of content from around the world and showcase them in a way that will keep your audience coming back for more.

You’ll learn exactly how popular sites like BuzzFeed manage to attract 150 million visitors each month, as well as techniques to make sure your superb texts and prizeworthy new photos don’t get lost in a black hole.

Plus, this book will emphasize why it’s important for curators to listen so that their voices can be heard loud and clear.

Whether for art galleries, internet publications or even books – if you follow Curate This!’s guidance, the whole world will be looking out for your opinion.

The Power Of Human Curators To Help Us Cut Through The Endless Noise Of The Internet

When it comes to content curation, a machine can only do so much.

As Google chairman Eric Smith noted in 2010, five exabytes of information were created on the internet in the three years leading up to his statement.

What’s more, the same amount of new data is generated every two days!

To wade through this sea of facts and figures and find what we’re looking for requires more than algorithms alone.

Techmeme and Mediagazer are websites that use machines to scoop up content from around the web, displaying it according to its popularity.

But readers need more than just headlines that are popular online – they search for topics that are truly newsworthy.

That’s why Techmeme and Mediagazer’s founder Gabriel Rivera noted that humans are essential for doing this type of job properly, as machines simply cannot sift through all the available information and select relevant content.

For successful curation, we need a human touch – machines simply aren’t sophisticated enough yet!

Five Abilities You Need To Become A Successful Content Curator – From Creating Content To Sharing It Respectfully

If you want to succeed as a content curator, it takes more than just rearranging other people’s content.

You have to be able to create great content, work in a timely manner, be proactive in getting your content recognized, and engage with the online community.

That’s why the Huffington Post has their own team of both curators and creators!

You need to stay consistent with how often you post new or curated material; letting your audience know what kind of content and when to expect it will help keep them coming back for more.

And don’t just post on social media sporadically; use different platforms and make short posts with links back to your long-form content so that readers get exposed to what else you have to offer.

Finally, make sure that you always give credit where credit is due.

Sharing other people’s work without citing them is not only bad form but also a violation of copyright laws.

Show some gratitude by including sources where possible and build relationships with those creators whose works you appreciate the most.

A successful example of this can be seen in BuzzFeed who did an exceptional job at managing their content curation activities.

The Keys To Buzzfeed’s Success: Content Curation, Social Media Reach, And Magnetic Listicles

Buzzfeed's Success

BuzzFeed is the perfect example of content curation done right.

Through a combination of using Facebook and Twitter as a “front-page” for their content, and employing people to turn viral content into something more readable, shareable and memorable, BuzzFeed has drawn 150 million visitors each month!

They don’t just rely on algorithms to harvest trending topics from sources like Time and AOL but have creative individuals who can turn that content into something captivating.

This means articles are continually shared and attract more and more hits.

Their catchy headlines and list articles or “listicles” are actively shared across social media platforms, which has made them one of the most successful examples of content curation today.

A Guide To The Different Content Curation Strategies Available Today

The curation of content is now a huge part of content creation and sharing.

There are many ways to curate and the two main approaches are aggregation and distillation.

Aggregation is about gathering content about a certain topic and combining it in one easily accessible location.

Distillation, on the other hand, is focused on boiling down large amounts of information into the most relevant content for a given topic.

Another example of how you can curate content is through video platforms like YouTube.

YouTube lets users create channels where videos on specific topics are collected in playlists as well as creating its own playlists and channels filled with preselected, high-quality content.

No matter what kind of content you’re creating, there’s always something that can be done to improve your curation techniques.

Whether it’s aggregating or distilling existing material or creating new video playlists – with all these available options, everyone can take advantage of the wonderful world of curated content!

How To Reach Your Audience Through Effective Content Curation

Effective Content Curation

One of the primary objectives when creating or curating content is to make sure that it doesn’t get filtered out.

In a world where information comes at us from all sides, people are becoming increasingly selective and discerning about what content they read and consume.

To avoid getting filtered out, it is necessary to provide content that your audience will appreciate and value.

To do this, you must first understand who your audience is and what type of content they’re looking for.

Listen to their feedback, give them opportunities to provide input, and reward them for completing surveys about their experience with your site.

Once you have an understanding of what kind of content your audience will enjoy, focus on crafting something that stands out from the noise.

Aim for quality instead of quantity; fewer but higher-quality pieces of content will give readers something worthwhile to hold onto.

Finally, create tailored pieces that offer solutions or answers to specific problems or questions — this way you’ll know that readers are not merely throwing away a generic piece in favor of one more suited to their interests.

Wrap Up

The main point of Curate This!

is that curation is key to successful content marketing – it’s about selecting, organizing and presenting content for your audience in a way that reflects your brand in the best light.

Having a human touch to ensure quality is essential when curating content.

Furthermore, using video to give your brand an extra dynamic presence can be a great idea – just be sure to watch out for any material that may cause reputational damage if shared too widely.

All these tips will help you make sure your audiences keep coming back for more of your curated content!

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