Crushing it! Book Summary By Gary Vaynerchuk

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Crushing It!

(2018) is a book about why having a strong personal brand is the key to success in business.

In it, the author draws on his own experiences and from readers alike to illustrate why having a strong presence across multiple digital-media channels is the ideal path for achieving success.

He discusses examples from his 2009 bestseller, Crush It!, as well as using examples from modern technology to explain how having an online presence that truly stands out can pay off.

This comprehensive guide also provides readers with practical advice about finding their own voice, creating their own platforms, engaging customers, and monetizing their efforts.

By taking this approach, readers will be able to effectively build a successful brand that will benefit them long-term.

Crushing it

Book Name: Crushing it! (How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence – and How You Can, too.)

Author(s): Gary Vaynerchuk

Rating: 4.3/5

Reading Time: 25 Minutes

Categories: Entrepreneurship

Author Bio

Gary Vaynerchuk is an innovative and well-known entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and author who has developed a recognizable brand for himself that revolves around his expertise of both digital and social media.

He began his career helping to expand the family wine business which he eventually transformed into launching VaynerMedia, a digital and social media agency.

He has numerous books published, with the most popular being Crush It!

and The Thank You Economy.

As soon as you hear Gary's name you know that there’s something big in store!

How Social Media Is Breaking Down The Barriers To Success


Don’t let recent changes fool you; success is still achievable and it’s up to you to find your own route.

The barriers that once stood in front of people have practically been dissolved thanks to the internet, broadcasting and social media – every industry has its gatekeepers who are starting to disappear.

Now, podcasts are streamed by millions daily, YouTubers, Instagrammers and all sorts of creatives are being discovered online all the time, and entrepreneurs around the world can reach their potential customers directly.

But what does it mean for those wanting to make their mark? It means that building a personal brand through social media could be the route to success for anyone; regardless if you’re a frustrated accountant or an aspiring fashionista.

Through this book you’ll learn not only how one particular father-son duo achieved fame but also why altruism beats self-interest when you’re trying to become an entrepreneur, as well as why Snapchat can be great training ground for marketers.

Find your own unique journey towards success and don’t give up!

The Power Of Creating A Strong Personal Brand: How To Build An Audience And Make Money In The Digital Age

The truth is, these days it’s easier than ever to monetize a personal brand.

With only 1,000 followers, someone on Instagram can earn $5,000 per year from just two posts a week.

And if you’re posting more than that? You’re opening yourself up to even bigger opportunities.

Take Gary Vaynerchuk as an example.

By embracing the power of his personal brand and talking directly to customers via video blogs, tastings and replies to Facebook messages and Twitter DMs – he transformed a family-run wine business from being worth $4 million to $60 million!

All of this was achieved through building a one-on-one relationship between him and his customer base which is what made them come to like him, trust him and buy from him.

Ultimately, investing in your online personal brand is now one of the clearest paths to entrepreneurial success.

Through platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – you have access to billions of potential worldwide customers who could become engaged with your product or service all within the comfort of their own home!

How To Build A Personal Brand On Social Media To Lead A More Successful Life

Crushing it!

offers a vivid picture of how people can utilize personal branding to achieve both personal and financial success.

Through the stories of wine retailer, fashionista mom and art teacher, we can see just how powerful a strong personal brand can be.

The first example is that of the wine retailer who was able to use his personal brand to successfully market his products.

He was able to tap into the power of social media and leverage it to communicate with new markets and grow sales.

Similarly, Brittany Xavier used her growing presence online to build an online brand that eventually led her to charge brands for posts on her social media accounts.

Meanwhile, Louie Blaka was able to effectively monetize his local painting classes by leveraging Instagram and word-of-mouth marketing – all this while still keeping his day job as an art teacher.

These cases make it clear that building a personal brand truly opens up multiple routes of success; you could use your brand as a means to start a lucrative business or simply earning some extra cash from selling a hobby project on the side.

Whatever your goals may be, developing your own personal presence online can help you get there!

Hard Work

When it comes to building successful social-media content, there are seven principles that really matter.

First, authenticity is key; don’t disrespect your audience by pretending to be something you’re not.

People can always tell when someone’s faking it, so make sure your content is the real deal.

Second, passion is a must – if you want to survive and succeed in the world of social media marketing, you need to have a lot of drive and enthusiasm for what you’re doing.

You also need patience – as any successful entrepreneur will tell you, building something new takes time – accept that and give it the time it needs!

Thirdly, hard work is essential.

No one’s going to do the work for you – if you want to make a success of this venture, then you’ll have to put in the hours yourself!

Keeping up with new trends and platforms is also important; don’t get left behind!

Finally, your intent matters: forget about money-driven goals and focus on providing service and value instead.

Make an effort to help others; altruistic values can lead people back to your content consistently over time.

Don’T Let Doubts Stop You From Documenting Your Journey To Success On Social Media

When it comes to building your personal brand, don’t worry about having to create unique and creative content.

Instead, focus on documenting your journey.

Rich Roll was an overweight, unhappy 39-year-old lawyer who decided to get into running and embracing veganism.

He used YouTube to document his training for the Ultraman World Championships with five-minute videos which got thousands of views.

That snowballed him into a book deal, podcast success and speaking engagements with major companies like Goldman Sachs.

Vaynerchuk employed a videographer that filmed every aspect of his life — even those moments he wanted kept private were not off limits for his videographer.

This is an opportunity that many entrepreneurs could take advantage of as well – why not use Snapchat or Instagram stories or Facebook Live? Document moving in to a new apartment or trying out a new recipe – these little snippets can catch attention from an audience who will want to follow you along this journey!

Chances are you may even be able to earn some money from it through brand endorsements, advertising and affiliate marketing.

You never know what opportunities might arise when you commit yourself to documenting your successful journey!

How Snapchat Can Teach Marketers The Power Of Authenticity

Snapchat is the perfect platform for being truly authentic.

Unlike platforms such as Instagram, which can be so heavily edited and curated to seem unreal, Snapchat gives users a peek into someone’s real life.

You can’t just post a good picture—you have to show some personality to get people interested in what you have to say.

This is why DJ Khaled’s snapchat of his lost-in-the-dark jet ski journey blew up overnight; it was unvarnished authenticity that really resonated with people.

He was just himself, even if the content sometimes seemed a bit goofy.

For marketers, this means that Snapchat provides an opportunity to be more human in their branding and marketing efforts—offering something more than just an image or soundbite—but also presents a challenge of having to offer real value in order to go big on Snapchat since there are no hashtags or way of sharing easily with other networks.

In order to succeed, users must give something extra–showing their personality while adding true value at the same time.

Overall, what makes Snapchat such an awesome platform is the fact that its unpolished reality provides a great training ground for building your brand while also giving your audience a unique look into your life and thoughts.

Gaining Fame And Fortune On Twitter: How It’S Done


Twitter is an excellent platform if you want to get noticed by a specific target audience.

With Twitter, you have more chances to spark word of mouth because no one posts 50 times a day on Instagram; in contrast, tweeting hundreds of times isn’t out of the question.

Plus, the retweet function is an incredible way to amplify your message quickly.

If you make something worth sharing on Twitter–such as a video mashup of Drake’s work–it has the potential to be retweeted and seen by influencers who can spread your content far and wide.

You can also use Twitter to build your profile for a specific target audience.

Take sports as an example: search for what topics are trending in that industry, and start tweeting relevant comments or videos with the appropriate hashtags so that anyone searching for that topic will see your tweets.

Join conversations and reply to influential accounts and see if they’ll look at the content you’ve been creating.

You aren’t likely to experience immediate success, but stay patient and consistent with this over time; eventually, it could lead to greater opportunities such as jobs or guest contributions from sport-related blogs!

Don’T Let Fear Stop You From Pursuing Your Dreams On Youtube

YouTube is a platform of opportunity.

If you want to get on the path to creating wealth and living your best life, YouTube is the place to begin.

It’s an amazing tool for showcasing your talent and knowledge, whatever it may be.

No matter how niche you think your interests are, there’s an audience for it on YouTube.

Just look at the garage sale videos with 400,000 views!

With little more than some thought and effort, Dan Markham achieved massive success on YouTube when he used it as a platform for his son’s school project.

After they opened up a baseball to see what’s inside, they soon found another 550 million viewers enjoying their other “what’s inside?” videos!

From working with Nike to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – pretty impressive right?

So don’t hold back – take this opportunity and start making videos on YouTube today!

Who knows where your ideas may lead you? Your mom will surely watch (and hopefully even share), but with great content – that’ll spread beyond her.

The best way to get started is just start doing!

Facebook Is Still The Greatest Platform For Creative Innovation: A Look At Facebook Live & Brittney Castro

Facebook is still the single most important channel when it comes to combining clever distribution with innovation.

Despite criticisms of Facebook by some, it can’t be denied that two billion monthly active users don’t lie.

For businesses, the advantage of using Facebook lies in the flexibility it offers for content and distribution.

It supports articles, videos and photos posted simultaneously, giving those distributing content a variety of options.

Plus, its targeting capabilities are second to none, allowing you to target very specific demographics and interests that you want to target with your posts.

But even more impressive than its content options is Facebook Live – a feature that enables you and followers to broadcast in real time as well as take questions and get instant reactions.

This can be an incredibly powerful tool if used properly by experienced video producers and marketers alike.

How Instagram Offers Simple Ways To Do Business Development

Business Development

In today’s online world, Instagram is more important than ever.

It offers a unique mix of curated, perfect content alongside spontaneous and ephemeral posts that stay on the platform for only a day.

With this combination, users are able to post stunning shots that last forever, as well as everyday photos and videos with fun captions for something lighthearted and quick.

It also offers great discoverability – users can search using hashtags to find what they’re interested in or use the platform to reach out to local stylish people and invite them into their store or event.

In short, it’s an incredibly powerful tool that can be used to boost business development when used properly.

This is just one example of how successful Instagram can be – but many others exist!

So don’t underestimate the potential power of this social media platform – it will make you Shout Out Loud!

A New Platform Is Opening Up For Audio Content: Get Creative And Make It Yours

Spoken-word media is the hottest trend in digital media right now, and if you want to stay ahead of the curve, you need to get on board quickly.

John Lee Dumas was a fan of podcasts and wanted to start something for entrepreneurs that would inspire and educate others.

He believed he could do something unique: providing daily content in the form of spoken-word media.

By producing Entrepreneurs On Fire, he gained a presence quickly, with over 100,000 downloads within months.

Now he’s an entrepreneur himself because of it – he’s built up his brand and is earning millions from his podcast and branded products.

The next big platform in spoken-word media is quick audio updates via digital assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant.

We are already producing our own one-minute flash briefings which can be delivered directly to your device first thing in the morning!

So if you don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity to promote yourself or your business, then now is the time to join forces with this newly developing trend before it’s too late.

There are still a few leading influencers in this market so why not be one? Think outside the box, make some interesting content, and you’ve just got yourself a loyal audience!

So get out there and crush it!

Wrap Up

The final message of Gary Vaynerchuk’s book “Crushing It!” is clear: it pays to take risks and build a business around something you love.

He encourages readers to step out of their comfort zone and embrace technologies like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms to document their journey and foster collaborations.

One key piece of actionable advice from the book is that when reaching out to influencers for advice or collaboration opportunities, be sure to offer something meaningful in return – exposure just isn’t enough.

If you can offer something else like custom graphic design filters or free slices of pizza, then your chances of success will be much higher!

Readers who take these steps and persevere will soon find themselves crushing it in the world of entrepreneurship.

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