Crush It! Book Summary By Gary Vaynerchuk

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is an inspiring book written by author Gary Vaynerchuk.

It offers readers a blueprint and guide for turning their passion into a successful business.

Through his own story and experiences, Gary shows how you can live your passion and make a living off of what you love to do.

This motivational book provides readers with tips and strategies on how to succeed in the digital age with tools available to today's entrepreneurs.

With actionable advice, coupled with real-world examples that are easy to follow and apply, CRUSH IT!

will help readers leverage their skill set and turn their dream into reality.

Crush It

Book Name: Crush It! (Why Now is the Time to Cash in on Your Passion)

Author(s): Gary Vaynerchuk

Rating: 4/5

Reading Time: 16 Minutes

Categories: Career & Success

Author Bio

Gary Vaynerchuk is an incredibly successful author, entrepreneur, and founder of Wine Library TV.

He is the author of multiple highly-successful books, such as Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook and The Thank You Economy.

His online video blogging site has provided onlookers from all over with essential knowledge on everything related to wines.

He is also a notable public speaker and marketing expert who always brings intense enthusiasm and thought-provoking insight on topics such as social media marketing, content creation, personal branding, business strategy and more.

If you are looking for information on leveraging modern technology to its fullest potential in order to grow your business or brand, be sure to check out Gary Vaynerchuk's "Crush It!" book!

How To Turn Your Passion Into A Profession: Learn The Secrets Of Captivating And Engaging An Audience Without Compromising Yourself

Passion Into A Profession

Do you have a passion that you dream of turning into a profession, but don’t know how to go about it? If so, the Crush It!

book is here to help.

This text lays out all the steps needed to transform your hobby into a flourishing business – so you can get paid for something you love doing!

The book starts off by showing readers how to identify their passions and develop content around them in order to create an authentic brand.

From there, Crush It!

will show readers the secrets behind finding and captivating an audience by immersing yourself in a supportive community.

Moreover, reading this book will help understand why it’s essential to take some risks when growing your business – instead of trying to play it safe.

The reader will also be warned against bad habits such as cutting corners – which can lead to destruction and not progress.

Ultimately – you’ll leave with an understanding of how to effectively start turning your passion into your life’s main focus.

Crushing It: How To Profit From Doing What You Love

The key to success in creating a business is following your passion and working hard.

You have to identify the thing that lights you up inside, turn it into a career, and put in the hours necessary for success.

Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart are testament to this – both of them identified their passions, made them the focus of their lives, and then worked relentlessly towards achieving their dreams.

So if you want to create your own business, first you have to find what it is that amazes you; something you’d invest every second of your time in pursuing.

That could be anything from cooking to board game playing – whatever gets you excited and keeps you motivated.

Once that’s figured out, live your passion by using it as your career path: take the effort and resources available to you and use them productively towards turning your passion into a profitable job.

Finally, never forget family: they’re often the ones who will lift us up when things get tough.

Loving and supporting each other will help us stay on our path towards making our goals a reality.

This way what once was an impossible dream may become a reality for many people with enough dedication and long hours of hard work – this is essential for succeeding in any new endeavor so don’t forget to always bring the energy with full enthusiasm!

Create An Authentic Brand And Show Off Your Passion With Excellent Customer Service

If you want to monetize your passion, it’s essential that you turn yourself into a brand.

Your brand should be an extension of who you are and reflect your passions and personality so the world can recognize what sets you apart from others.

This is exactly what the author of the book, Crush It!, did with his passion for wine.

Instead of trying to conform to people’s expectations about how a “wine expert” should act and speak on his YouTube channel he brought his authentic self to the forefront: spoke in plain English, shared his own opinion without fear of backlash, and let his abrasive personality fuel the success of Wine Library TV.

Creating a unique brand isn’t enough though; once established, it has to be maintained too.

To do so you must display excellent customer service, which might include hours spent on providing support for questions, comments or criticism from fans or blog viewers.

People want someone they can trust and if you invest your time in them they will in turn reward it by coming back and building up your brand even more.

How Social Media Transformed Passion Into Profit – The Power Of Taking Control Of Your Brand

Social Media

Social media is the perfect platform for helping to spread the word about you and your brand.

It’s fast, easy and allows you to connect with potential customers, fans and like-minded people who share your passion.

Take the author of “Crush it!” for example; His Wine Library TV was a hit due to his active presence on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.

He used these platforms to interact with his followers and generate interest in his business.

His engaging posts led more people to discover his brand which ultimately attracted traditional wine businesses, thus amplifying his reach even further.

This wasn’t all though – he also made use of YouTube videos that allowed viewers to comment, ask questions and get to know him better – ultimately resulting in increased engagement with his brand, which opened up various opportunities including book deals and media appearances.

Moreover, using social media means that you have complete control over your brand too!

No longer do you need to go through advertising agencies who want control over what they share about you – instead with social media you can personally reach out to your customer base, controlling the narrative and responding directly with tailored messages catered towards their needs.

Conveying Passion Through Effective Storytelling

When it comes to sharing your brand with the world, you must match your content and platform with your passion.

You need to determine what kind of medium best conveys your message, whether that’s a video or audio blog, pictures with captions on Flickr or a traditional blog on Tumblr.

One great example is Howard Stern who turned his passion for stories into an incredibly lucrative business.

His radio show is full of amusing and shocking tales about his life that can easily be related to by his listeners.

He used radio to effectively reach out to his audience and make them connect with his brand too!

Likewise, Car Talk is another example where the hosts’ personable nature and knowledge of cars make their show appealing even to those who don’t necessarily care about cars.

This goes to show just how effective matching your brand with the right kind of content on the right online platform can be.

Stand Out And Be Authentic To Turn Your Passion Into Your Brand


The key to turning your passion into a successful brand is to be authentic.

You need to remain true to yourself no matter what, even if it means losing some viewers who don’t like your style.

The author of Crush It!

offers an example of how being true to himself—even if his introductions are loud and offensive—has won him more fans than he would otherwise have had.

Authenticity comes with dedication: you need to put in long hours and have the patience for building momentum in order for your brand to be seen as something genuine and sincere.

Trying to cut corners and rush it all isn’t going lead you anywhere either; success doesn’t happen overnight, so make sure that you’re putting in the effort required to create something unique that reflects your personality.

The bottom line is this: it takes hard work, energy and patience to transform your love into a successful brand but it is worth it!

If you can stay authentic, there’s no telling how far you’ll go with your passion project!

Grow Your Fans And Customers By Joining A Community

When it comes to achieving success with your authentic brand, gaining the support of a community is absolutely key.

If you want to connect with potential fans and customers who share your passion, you need to put in the legwork and become part of a community that engages in conversations and debate around your area of interest.

The author of Crush It!

did exactly this.

He read up on all the things that other wine lovers were talking about, scoured blogs and videos for 8 hours a day, and even personally introduced himself to members of the wine community by posting comments and joining discussions.

This allowed him to get an idea of what those people wanted from him and his business – essential information that he then used to build rapport with them.

Then, once he had become part of the community, he kept its support by responding to their concerns and questions as well as appreciating opposing opinions.

By doing so, he was able to create an engaged following which ultimately led him on his path towards “crushing it” in his respective sector.

How To Turn Your Online Brand Into Cash: Leveraging Conferences, Investing In Advertising, And More

Investing In Advertising

Once you’ve created a popular online brand with a good following, you’ll want to monetize it.

To do this, you need to get the attention of investors and advertisers so they can recognize the potential in your business.

One way to accomplish this is by attending conferences related to your subject area – these are great places to find both people who have an interest in what you do, as well as people who may be willing to invest or advertise with you.

Even better, delivering a talk at such an event will really show off your passion and help advertise your brand!

Another approach is to research which companies might be interested in advertising or investing in what you’re doing.

After pinpointing these companies, reach out and explain why partnering with you could be more cost-effective than print media platforms.

This tactic is especially useful for those whose brands focus on their online presence since online advertising is continuously gaining momentum.

By taking these steps and building up your followers, your brand may even become popular enough for book deals and television appearances!

Be A Reactive Business To Ensure Your Brand’S Future Success

If you really want to ensure the long-term success of your brand, you must adopt a reactionary business model.

To do this, you need to be attentive and observant of the changes in your business environment and react quickly and effectively.

For instance, when YouTube first began to become popular, very few saw its potential as a business tool.

But Gary Vaynerchuk recognised the enormous potential of this platform early on and quickly launched his Wine Library TV Channel on YouTube.

By doing so, he was able to take advantage of a new opportunity before anyone else could and make it profitable for himself.

You also need to respond to changes in the way different communities perceive your brand or product.

For example, during the late 1990s Cristal champagne became extremely popular with one segment of society – hip-hop artists.

However, Cristal distanced itself from this fan base by declaring that they weren’t interested in them as customers which ultimately lead to them losing loyal customers..

In summary, if you want your brand or product to last longer than ephemerally, then you have to be alert and responsive to changes within your environment.

Reacting quickly and effectively can help you seize new opportunities while also helping you mitigate losses – something we all should strive for!

Wrap Up

The final summary of Crush It!

is that it takes dedication and a strong focus on your passion to turn your hobby into a business.

Whether that be through creating an authentic brand, engaging with users on social media or intelligently reacting to changes in the environment, taking these steps will attract the attention and funds of potential investors and customers.

As a takeaway, it’s important to reach out to your community; post videos and tell stories on social media that they can relate to, engage them in conversations, then you’ll find success and people will spread the word about your business.

By following this advice from Gary Vaynerchuk’s book Crush It!, you can take the steps towards turning your hobby into something more.

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