Creative Superpowers Book Summary By Laura Jordan Bambach, Mark Earls, Daniele Fiandaca and Scott Morrison

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Creative Superpowers (2018) is a must-have book for all creatives.

Chock-full of useful tips and timely insights, it's the go-to guide for hacking creativity.

It was written by a team of high-achievers with extensive experience in the creative field, giving readers an insightful look into best practices and how to get started on their own creative journey.

This matchbox filled with inspiration even goes so far as to include secrets from top industry pros on how they stay creative and motivated.

Packed with invaluable advice both practical and theoretical, this handbook will help you take your creativity to the next level.

Creative Superpowers Book

Book Name: Creative Superpowers (Equip Yourself for the Age of Creativity)

Author(s): Laura Jordan Bambach, Mark Earls, Daniele Fiandaca and Scott Morrison

Rating: 4.5/5

Reading Time: 20 Minutes

Categories: Creativity

Author Bio

Laura Jordan Bambach is a woman that is quite the digital design pioneer and is making waves in the fields of both creative and feminist organizations.

She's not some fly by night, but instead has incredible credibility from co-founding the British feminist organization SheSays and being featured on TED Talks.

Stemming from experience rather than buzzwords, she speaks wisdom through her most recent book, Creative Superpowers, which touches on ways to become better designers, find creativity amongst others, and living an impactful life.

Unlocking Creativity: The Power Of Making Unexpected Connections

Unlocking Creativity

Want to unlock your creative potential? Well, it’s time to pick up a hacker’s guide on creativity.

Innovation is the key to success in our fast-paced world, and that means there’s a huge premium on learning how to think creatively.

Fortunately, you don’t have to start from scratch; this guide shows you how to make surprising connections between existing ideas and discover unexpected solutions.

It’ll help you overcome one of the biggest misconceptions about creativity: that it’s all about originality.

Actually, with the right approach, even the simplest ideas can be creative if they add value.

So if you’re ready to master innovative thinking and harness those superpowers, don’t miss out on this Hacker‘s Guide to Unlocking Creative Potential!

You’ll learn why knowledge isn’t important but having the ability to pick up new skills quickly is crucial; explore how a 1930s advertising agency invented the cheeseburger; find out why Steve Jobs‘ desk was so messy (and why yours should be too!), and more!

Learn Through Listening, Teamwork And Instinct: The Keys To Creative Thinking

When searching for creative solutions, the key isn’t necessarily to cram your head full of facts, but rather to learn how to collaborate with those around you.

Listening carefully and taking note of things that resonate with you should be your priority, as well as trusting in your own creative intuitions.

Sometimes the most innovative ideas come from outside the sector because they are not tied down by rules and regulations, allowing them to think differently.

That’s why it is important to find someone to brainstorm with who can open up their expertise and offer new perspectives.

Finding someone who can help you achieve success will only increase the likelihood that something great will materialize.

The sandbox model of creativity helps exemplify this concept: children interacting together in the same environment, mixing knowledge and offering different prospects that each one individually would never have thought possible.

This illustrates just how effective collaborating with others can be when it comes to sparking invention.

Letting Go And Getting Relaxed Are Keys To Unlock Your Creative Potential

Boosting creativity doesn’t have to be complicated.

Just make sure that you’re both ditching old ideas and getting enough rest and relaxation.

When it comes to ideas, don’t get too attached to something just because you conceived it- if it’s not working, don’t be afraid to ditch it for something better.

And remember, for those creative impulses to feel their most powerful and immediate, give yourself the rest and relaxation necessary for them to flourish.

The Japanese company Docomo was an example of this idea in action when they created the full-length version of their Xylophone in the Forest ad with a ball rolling down its 44 meters-long wooden xylophone structure over a hillside.

The artists originally proposed a much more intricate idea- one involving a Rube Goldberg-type machine -but realized that simplifying the concept made the ad even more powerful.

This is why resting and relaxing can have a direct impact on your ability to think creatively.

When you sleep, your brain isn’t completely shut off, but rather is reorganizing memories, fulfilling dreams, and contemplating how best to problem solve as you rest.

While these moments may come when you least expect it, this doesn’t mean that setting aside time for relaxation isn’t important.

That’s exactly what allows those creative impulses to shine through!

Core Values Of Creativity – Being Honest, Loving And Respecting Your Work

Being Honest

If you want to keep creating amazing things, it’s important to stay true to your creative values and always be honest when you have to make a decision.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t still be diplomatic when needed, but it does mean that you shouldn’t be afraid to voice your true opinion even if it means going against the grain.

At the same time, this honesty should always be combined with love and respect for both yourself and others.

This is especially important in a world where money often trumps creativity, as it ensures that human creativity isn’t wasted on uninspiring or profit-driven projects.

This is why successful creatives such as Steve Jobs, the Rolling Stones, or Steven Spielberg are revered for their work – because even if the end goal is money, there is usually an underlying passion and respect in their artistry which resonates with people.

If you want your work to stand out from the crowd, never forget to combine brutal honesty with the values of love and respect in all of your projects!

The Power Of Doing Nothing: How Switching Off Can Help Boost Creativity And Inspiration

Creativity is not something that can be forced by self-conscious creative activity.

It is not an action you can consciously take, but instead thrives on unplanned, random events and connections, or as some might call it – serendipity.

Take Steve Jobs’ example for instance.

After dropping out of college he took a calligraphy course that eventually led to the unique typefaces and fonts used in Apple products today.

Furthermore, he would often be found in department stores looking at kitchenware which inspired the sleek design of the company’s laptops and phones.

This just goes to show that creativity cannot be obtained through conscious acts of creation or work, but rather through allowing your mind to relax and make subconcscious connections that wouldn’t otherwise have been made with traditional thinking.

Building relationships between seemingly unrelated topics or items has been proven to spark inspiring and revolutionary new ideas!

Unlocking Your Creative Potential: Get Bored, Create A Mess And Unlock Your Hidden Powers

Do you ever feel like your creativity is stuck in a rut? If so, don’t worry!

There are plenty of proven methods that can help you unlock your creative potential.

The first technique is to get bored.

Boring yourself may sound counterintuitive, but it’s actually a great way of stimulating your creative instincts.

The brain craves stimulation, so when it doesn’t have much to work with, it uses the opportunity to explore new ideas and solutions.

Studies done at the University of Central Lancashire in the UK even showed that subjects given dull tasks came up with more creative ways of completing tasks than those who were simply focused on the task at hand.

Another hack for boosting creativity is to make a mess in your workspace.

Now, this does not mean tossing garbage around – rather, place items like posters and artwork around that trigger ideas as soon as you look at them.

Studies conducted by New York Times and Northwestern University found that people coming up with more creative projects when working in cluttered spaces, likely due to the stimulus from these objects challenging the brain to come up with something new and innovative.

Embrace The Art Of Walking As A Source Of Creative Inspiration

Art Of Walking

Sometimes, to get your creative juices flowing, all you need to do is take a stroll.

That’s what some of the greatest minds have done for centuries.

Philosophers like Nietzsche and Rousseau developed many of their great ideas while out walking, as did the French poet Charles Baudelaire and his friends – they were known as flâneurs or “idle strollers.”

Creative thinkers throughout history have promoted the power of taking a walk in order to spark creativity and inspiration.

Immanuel Kant was famous for his long daily walks and made many profound insights while out on his own.

So if you’re feeling stuck in a rut, why not take a walk!

Get yourself in the right state of mind by really looking at your surroundings – pay attention to the sights, sounds and smells around you.

You never know what inspirational details you may discover along the way that can help answer nagging questions or provide that spark of new ideas!

And once you’ve had your break-through, share it with someone else – discussing inspirations sparked during your walk can help bring clarity and affirmation to your thoughts.

The Secret To Success In The Digital Age Is Being A Quick Learner

In today’s world, there is an increasing emphasis on the ability to be a quick learner and pick up new skills.

It used to be that knowledge was what defined you, but not anymore – with access to information at our fingertips, this is becoming less valuable.

This idea has been backed up by multiple studies conducted by University of Oxford and Columbia University – they showed that young people were much better at picking up new skills than older people.

This isn’t surprising when you think about it; consider the difference between trying to teach an elderly person how to use a computer, versus a toddler intuitively using an iPhone!

It is essential for us to keep up in the constantly changing world of technology – and young people have an advantage here because it is easier for them to learn quickly from their environment.

Whether it’s learning the newest software or discovering something unknown in your field, the best way to stay ahead of the game is by sharpening your skill set for whatever challenge comes next.

Overall, Picking up new skills quickly is much more important than acquiring knowledge as it gives you a competitive edge that can lead to success in almost any field.

Discovering Creative Inspiration In The Everyday World

Creative originality isn’t the only way to generate something of value.

In fact, it’s really not necessary at all.

Creativity is a social and cultural process that combines ideas from the world around us to produce something original – but with a twist!

As Adam Morgan showed in an interview with Milk Magazine, all it takes to achieve something creative is to look at two things in combination and come up with something new.

That way of thinking can be seen in inventors such as George de Mestral, who invented Velcro after noticing that cocklebur plants stuck to the fur of animals he encountered on walks.

In short, creativity doesn’t necessarily have to be about creating something from nothing; it’s about adding your own twist to already-existing ideas.

This means it’s important to trust your instincts and create conditions where inspiration can strike – whether that’s by taking a walk or making messes in your workspace!

Ultimately, this approach leads to ingenuity which adds real value to the ideas that already exist out there.

Wrap Up

The Creative Superpowers book provides a great summary of how creativity is essential in the modern world and helps readers access their creative potential.

It reasons that creativity doesn’t have to be difficult, and that even something as mundane as being bored can provide great pathways for unlocking one’s creative side.

Additionally, it encourages people to take note of particular moments when inspiration strikes, pay attention to what they were doing when this happened, and take advantage of these cues as shortcuts to unlocking their own creativity.

All in all, this book provides helpful tips on jumpstarting an individual’s creativity!

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