Connected CRM Book Summary By David S. Williams

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Connected CRM (2014) is an insightful book that sheds light on the modern methods of using data to serve customers in a digital age.

It delves into topics such as cloud-based services, personalization, and big data analytics - all relevant concepts for businesses in today's technology-gone-wild world.

This book will help you understand how to better utilize customer information and bridge the gap between business and customer relationships.

A must-have read for any aspiring digital entrepreneur!

Connected CRM Book

Book Name: Connected CRM (Implementing a Data-Driven, Customer-Centric Business Strategy)

Author(s): David S. Williams

Rating: 4.1/5

Reading Time: 12 Minutes

Categories: Marketing & Sales

Author Bio

David Williams is the author of "Connected CRM," an invaluable book for those interested in customer relationship marketing and marketing technology.

Williams is the CEO of Merkle, a performance marketing agency, and an expert when it comes to database marketing and analytics.

He's constantly giving keynote speeches at industry events and contributing with articles and white papers about topics that relate to his expertise.

It's safe to say that his knowledge on the subject makes him a great asset in the field!

The Benefits Of Connected Crm: Leveraging Technology To Improve Customer Relationships

Customer Relationships

Connected CRM is a method for engaging customers and making them the center of your business strategy.

Customer centricity should be the core of your business model, as this will ensure that you are consistently delivering beyond customer expectations.

To make customer centricity the heart of your business, you must first understand how different channels for customer contact can address different customer needs.

For example, if you’re trying to market a new product – like the iPhone 6s – you need to make sure that your ad resonates with the target audience.

Having a comprehensive understanding of their wants and needs allows you create an ad focused on engaging customers in meaningful ways.

In addition, it’s important that all parts of a company are involved in creating a focus group that will give better customer insight.

This type of collaboration ensures that each group accounts for the customers’ opinions when making important decisions about your company’s future.

By putting customers at the center of your mission, you can lead with confidence and enjoy long-term success!

Modern Marketers Must Go Beyond Simply Promoting Their Product, In Order To Reconnect With Customers Who Are Often Isolated From Them

In the digital age, marketers need to find ways to stand out and engage customers rather than just showing them ads.

With so much competition online, it is not enough to merely advertise your product.

Your message needs to grab attention and evoke a reaction.

These days, people are bombarded with ads – so in order to make an impression, you have to do something different.

The iPhone 6 ad campaign is a classic example; by using people’s own photos, the company managed to create a connection with its customers that was far more engaging than traditional ads.

Platform marketing can also be used to drive customer engagement.

For example, if someone buys a cookbook from your platform, you can use their data in order to send them food-related messages that are tailored specifically for them.

Furthermore, personalisation has become increasingly important in recent years.

It isn’t enough just address someone by name – companies should group customers into segments based on similar behaviors and then send them personalized messages at a rate that feels appropriate for the consumer.

Ultimately, engaging customers in the digital age requires careful thought and savvy marketing techniques – but when done right, it can be extremely effective at driving conversions!

Using Connected Crm To Balance Return-On-Investment With Long-Term Behavioral Changes In Customers

Connected CRM or cCRM is all about seamlessly fusing business strategy and customer-centricity.

It seeks to address customers’ values while simultaneously helping to build a great business.

This can be done through creating analytical campaigns which balance return-on-investment with long-term motivations that encourage customers to behave differently.

These campaigns can focus on building the brand by either polishing its image, or by generating direct sales.

By taking both aspects into consideration, cCRM aims to create a balanced approach that will ultimately boost profits while also giving customers what they really want from the company in terms of values and offerings.

Additionally, cCRM allows enterprises to consider the lifetime of a customer when investing marketing resources.

Through understanding their Customer Lifetime Value (the estimated profit over the customer’s expected lifetime), businesses can make sure that they are not overinvesing in the wrong customers.

Ultimately, Connected CRM allows solutions for smart marketing, making sure every dollar spent counts towards increasing profits and giving customers what they really need from an enterprise.

Understand Your Customers Better Through The Use Of Showcases


Using showcases to visualize your customers’ experience is one of the best ways to truly understand what they want and need.

With a showcase, you will be able to provide your company with authentic customer feedback as opposed to just guessing what their experience should be.

These showcases can take many forms, such as customer experience workshops or visual displays that illustrate the product’s capabilities.

Different people within your company bring varying expertise to the table when developing the showcase – creative talents design unique visuals, engineers focus on efficient processes, and business leaders analyze how it affects the overall product performance.

Capturing data from your showcase is also essential.

Focus on real-life scenarios in order to get an accurate visualization of how customers are actually using your product or service.

This could include taking photographs of situations that mimic reality and recording hands-on experiences for further analysis.

You should even monitor negative customer experiences – this gives you a better idea of which areas need improvement so you can make changes accordingly.

How Companies Can Communicate Better With Customers By Using A Decentralized And Customer-Centered Approach

If businesses want to be successful, they need to tailor their strategies to meet their customers’ needs.

That means taking a decentralized customer strategy and shaping your brand from the customer’s point of view.

By decentralizing customer strategies, companies can better engage with customers based on which channel they’re using.

For instance, emails and phone calls should be more formal while Facebook may be a more casual method of communication.

All these channels should address different aspects of the customer’s needs in order to make sure that everyone’s needs are being met.

Additionally, if businesses want to gain deeper insight into their customers’ decisions, it is important for them to shape brand attributes, benefits, emotions and personal values from the customer’s perspective.

For example – if a customer what’s a pleasant atmosphere with good store layout then linking those needs to an emotion like “solving my problems” as well as “recognition” is key in order for that customer feel serviced and remain loyal to the brand offerings.

Your Insight Platform: A Key Tool For Capturing And Making Sense Of Heaps Of Data

Heaps Of Data

In Connected CRM (cCRM), an insight platform is recommended as a way to make data meaningful.

It defines distinct customer categories based on their activities and connects strategy, technology, data, and analytics.

This allows cCRM companies to maximize resources while minimizing expense.

It also tells them the direction needed for direct-mail campaigns as well as digital ones.

An insight platform can also be used to identify your customers – what characteristics they have, such as keywords used or how many friends or followers they have.

Then you can sort customers into different categories and create content based on their preferences – for example, if most of your customers are “sharers”, then creating short YouTube videos might be a good idea.

Finally, an insight platform also includes a dynamic business analytics tool like SAS (Statistical Analysis Software) which was originally created by North Carolina State University back in 1966-76 which integrates data to give meaningful insights.

Business analytics are crucial for handling loads of data that come with growth of any corporation.

Wrap Up

The key takeaway from this book Connected CRM is that customer experience must come first in order for businesses to be successful.

The advice given is to pick your top five favorite products and evaluate the customer experience you had with them.

By doing this, you will be able to ascertain what makes a great customer experience and use it to create your own products or services.

Doing this either by yourself or in a group can help generate even more ideas on how best to provide a truly fantastic customer experience.

Connected CRM has the potential to make any business much more successful, not just financially but through better relationships with customers as well.

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