Confessions of an Advertising Man Book Summary By David Ogilvy

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Confessions of an Advertising Man is a classic book that offers priceless advice and techniques on how to effectively create successful advertising campaigns and agencies.

Written by one of the titans of the Mad Men era, this book provides a wealth of knowledge for those aspiring to be successful managers in any business.

Covering topics such as copywriting, strategy, consumer behaviour and more, Confessions of an Advertising Man gives readers all the insight they need to take theiradvertising ambitions to new heights.

It's essential reading if you're looking for guidance on how to achieve success in your career.

Confessions of an Advertising Man

Book Name: Confessions of an Advertising Man (Advice and techniques for building advertising empires from the era of Mad Men)

Author(s): David Ogilvy

Rating: 4.6/5

Reading Time: 16 Minutes

Categories: Communication Skills

Author Bio

David Ogilvy is a true industry leader and creative genius.

He's well known for his accomplishments in advertising, and is often referred to as "the Father of Advertising".

After dropping out of Oxford, he worked as a chef in Paris and then a door-to-door salesman in Scotland before eventually taking a job as a researcher at Dr.

Gallup’s Audience Research Institute.

He quickly made his mark on the industry and was able to create one of the most successful agencies in the world today; Ogilvy & Mather has 450 offices around the world!

David Ogilvy is an inspiring figure who not only carved out his own success, but continues to be revered as one of the greatest minds in marketing.

How To Choose Clients And Cultivate Long-Term Relationships In Advertising Agencies

Advertising Agencies

When it comes to the business of advertising, building solid relationships with the right clients is key.

But in order to do so, it’s important to be selective in who you choose to partner with.

Instead of blindly taking on any and all offers that come your way, take the time to really consider how beneficial a certain client will be before signing up.

First of all, make sure that you’re comfortable working with them.

Do your research and find out why they left their former agency if possible — could it be an issue on their end? Also assess what kind of relationship the two parties are hoping for — do you both want this partnership to be long-term or short-term? It’s important to evaluate whether or not a client will bring in enough profit for you agency given the time and resources that go into working with them since most agencies have an average profit margin of 0.5%.

Additionally, avoid companies that tend to switch agencies frequently and also those selling brand new or dying products as these can either present too many risks or simply cannot be helped by any advertising respectively.

Finally, never accept an account that is much bigger than what your agency can presently handle.

Choose your clients wisely and nurture those relationships you consider worthwhile!

The Key To Building A Successful Advertising Business: Establish Lasting, Invaluable Relationships With Your Clients

If you want to build a successful advertising business from the ground up, it’s important to make sure you are providing your clients with lasting value.

This means taking the time to really get to know your clients and their industry so that you become an invaluable asset to them.

When going after accounts, try not to take it too seriously; think of it as a sport.

However, when dealing with existing customers, always keep your best and brightest people on their accounts.

Showing them that you are invested in them and doing everything possible to create results can often be the difference between keeping your agency alive or having them all leave at once.

Also, always aim high with your long-term goals – this was certainly true for David Ogilvy who managed to bring blue chip companies like Shell & Campbell Soup into his portfolio within days of starting his own agency!

Finally, don’t rest on your laurels when meeting new clients – try and form connections throughout their organization at every level and put yourself in a position where one person changing won’t be enough to overturn years and years of successful partnerships.

The Value Of Honesty In Advertising: Achieving Business Success Through Integrity

If you’re in the advertising industry, you know that honesty is the real key to success.

Dishonesty may seem like it’s an easy way to make a quick buck, but chances are your customers won’t be returning for repeat business and your reputation could get tarnished in no time.

That’s why it’s so important to only advertise products that you are truly proud of.

If you don’t believe the product is good, you shouldn’t advertise it!

Furthermore, be sure to provide enough information about the product so people aren’t left in the dark; this will not only increase your sales but also ensure that your advertising is accepted socially.

You shouldn’t just be honest with potential customers but also with clients as well.

Never accept an account unless you honestly believe that your agency can do a better job than the previous one, and always be honest about any weaknesses of yours or your agency.

It’ll build trust between yourself and the client and solidify relationships.

Create An Ideal Atmosphere Through Thoughtful Hiring Practices


Building a good working atmosphere for your advertising agency begins with hiring the right people.

With the right team in place, you can create an environment where creativity will thrive and successful ads can be developed.

When looking to hire, always opt for individuals who have demonstrated their capabilities and have brains as well as guts.

Make sure they enjoy what they are doing, are highly skilled at their craft and treat one another with honor and respect.

Keep an eye out for great ads, then track down and contact the writer of those pieces to congratulate them – you may just get an applicant from that contact!

Any sign of incompetence should be immediately rooted out in order to maintain the motivational momentum in your company – nepotism or any kind of political maneuvering amongst employees should also not be tolerated.

Be especially aware of any quarrelsome account execs who may create conflict and rejection with clients, as this can really damage your reputation.

Furthermore, don’t forget about tapping into a younger audience for new perspective – fresh ideas from young talent will help keep your adverts contemporary.

With this advice in mind, you’ll be sure to build a strong team of hardworking creatives who are filled with brains and integrity – the perfect formula to create a great working atmosphere!

Lead By Example: The Secret Of Successful Leadership According To Ogilvy

David Ogilvy’s “Confessions of an Advertising Man” provides valuable insight into inspiring devotion and enthusiasm in your team.

Ogilvy learned from the head chef of a top Parisian hotel, Monsier Pitard, that you must demand excellence and lead by example.

Just as Pitard inspected every dish prepared in his kitchen before it left, similarly Ogilvy suggests inspecting every campaign crafted by the agency before it is sent out.

This conveys to the staff that you take their work seriously and care deeply about it.

Furthermore, he advises using compliments sparingly so that when employees do receive a word of praise or recognition, they will be even more dedicated and hardworking.

In addition, leading by example is another way to bestow respect upon your staff.

Displaying your own level of mastery to them will highlight the importance of their work and create admiration for you as a leader.

When working alongside them on short-term projects or tasks, everyone can come away with an appreciation for how hard each individual works for the company’s success.

Finally, setting an outcome oriented yet collaborative atmosphere showcases both dedication to quality outcomes but also team effort to get there; showing that no one member has sole ownership over any project proves intellectually stimulating for everyone’s growth as well as emotionally rewarding for pushing forward together into new successes each time.

Making Ads That Sell Products: Monitor Department Stores And Mail-Order Companies, Promote Benefits, And Use Powerful Words

As an advertiser, your goal should be to sell products, not just to entertain people with puns or clever headlines.

To know what works, keep an eye on mail-order companies and department stores who can track their sales based on each individual advertisement.

To maximize your chances of success, highlight the benefits consumers can get from using your product – like Helena Rubinstein did with their “How women over 35 can look younger” headline.

You can also use persuasive words like “new” and “free” in your headlines to grab attention.

Additionally, emotional words such as “love”, “baby” and ”darling” may evoke a powerful response.

Grab Attention In The Ad Marketplace With Intrigue, Facts And Research-Backed Strategies

Ad Marketplace

It is vital that advertisers take advantage of facts, intrigue and research in order to capture people’s attention.

Every day, consumers are hit with billions of dollars worth of advertising – to stand out from the crowd and truly make an impression, you need to ensure your creative voices are unique and captivating.

Facts offer a simple yet effective way of attracting readers.

Ogilvy famously used KLM Royal Dutch Airlines‘ wide-reaching safety precautions as a way to capture attention – even though other competitors likely follow the same policies, Ogivly was the only one that drew attention to them!

Visual appeal is also key when developing advertisements – images should be captivating and leave viewers asking “What is happening here?” An empty chair with a cello leaning against it begs the question “Where is the musician?”, intriguing potential readersto happily dive further in.

Create Long-Term, Tested Advertising Campaigns For Optimal Results

When it comes to advertising, don’t settle for mediocrity.

Aim to create the most successful campaigns in history and generate long-term success.

Companies like Sherwin Cody School of English and Campbell Soup have done this successfully for many years, by being consistent and constantly reinforcing a desired brand image.

To ensure that your campaigns are as effective as possible, you should pre-test them before sending them out into the public.

Experiment with different images, headlines and campaign styles to see which will be the most successful.

Don’t forget about the benefits that you’re promising to customers – test each one carefully to make sure it will lead to sales.

You may find that a seemingly minor change can make a huge difference!

Overall, creating ambitious campaigns is important but you should also take the time to test them thoroughly before launching them.

How To Get The Best From Your Advertising Agency: Set High Standards And Avoid Complex Red Tape

Advertising Agency

The best way for a client to ensure that their advertising efforts are successful is to find a great agency, and then make sure they do everything they can to help create the best ads possible.

To do this, make sure you spend enough time researching different agencies and talking to past clients so that you make the right decision for your needs.

Once you’ve selected an agency, don’t haggle or try to cut corners on spending; it will only hurt your chances of making effective advertising in the long run.

You should also avoid overly complex bureaucracy when approving proposed ads – having too many masters can get in the way of creating great ads.

Additionally, avoid using threats against your agency – fearful people cannot produce great advertising.

If you aren’t happy with your advertisng efforts, first try figuring out if the issue really lies with the agency before being candid with them – this helps clarify any needs that can be met by putting more effort into the account.

Finally, set high standards and make it clear that you expect nothing but excellence – this will ensure that your campaigns never suffer from mediocrity.

The Key To A Successful Career In Advertising: Hard Work, Expertise And Taking Advantage Of Opportunities

When you’re just starting out in an advertising agency, your goals should be to strive to become the most knowledgeable and well-informed person on whatever assignment or task you have been given.

Take time to read up on trade journals, marketing plans and other materials related to your client’s industry, as this knowledge will prove invaluable for your long term career prospects.

Rather than just working as a general account executive, consider specializing in an area such as copywriting, research or a particular type of media.

This specialization will make it easier for you to stand out from the crowd and impress those around you.

Most of the work at an advertising agency can be quite routine; however every so often there are golden opportunities that come along which can help propel you even further along in your career.

Seize these moments when they occur and make the most of them – put in the hard yards and show what you’re made of.

Wrap Up

The main takeaway from Confessions of an Advertising Man is that success in the advertising business relies on cultivating lasting relationships with clients, emphasizing honesty and integrity, hiring talented workers, and creating campaigns focused on selling products.

To ensure that your ad campaigns are successful, make sure to research thoroughly, test rigorously and take advantage of any golden opportunities that come along.

For young people looking to make it in the advertising industry, the advice is this: work hard, become a specialist and seize any great opportunities you encounter.

By following these rules, even young people can advance quickly in their careers.

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