Clean Book Summary By Alejandro Junger and Amely Greeven

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Clean is a book that examines the toxins and pollutants in our environment, food and everyday life.

Author Bill Branson brings to light their negative impact on our health, which ranges from cancer and diseases to other more serious illnesses.

In Clean, Branson discusses how to rid your body of these pollutants through detoxification and provides the steps for doing so.

This book offers an accessible guide that illuminates just how many toxins we’re always surrounded by, as well as what we can do about them.

A must-read for anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle, Clean offers readers tips and techniques to reduce their exposure to hazardous contaminants.

Clean Book Summary

Book Name: Clean (The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself)

Author(s): Alejandro Junger and Amely Greeven

Rating: 3.7/5

Reading Time: 17 Minutes

Categories: Health & Nutrition

Author Bio

Alejandro Junger, MD is a New York Times best-selling author as well as a cardiologist clinic doctor in New York.

After completing his medical training and studying Eastern Medical in India, Doctor Junger has gained much expertise in the field of adrenal fatigue and the consequences of constant stress on mental and physical wellbeing.

He is now seen as an authority on this subject and his work is highly sought after.

Learn How To Detoxify And Heal Yourself Through The Clean Program

Heal Yourself

Cleanse your way to optimal living with the Clean Program.

This program is designed to help you remove toxins from your body and transform your lifestyle for better health.

You’ll learn how to tailor your diet to detoxify and heal from the wear and tear that accumulates daily, as well as different ways to avoid unhealthy substances and enter a deep cleansing mode.

You’ll get the tools necessary to clean up your life, such as following an ideal diet, various exercises, and understanding which cleaners are truly clean (hint: it’s not many).

Meanwhile, learning more about the Clean Program’s radical reorientation will teach you how often one should go to the toilet with a cleaner diet.

All this can help you move towards a healthier lifestyle while achieving overall optimal living.

The Toxic Reality Of Modern Life And Our Need For Detoxing

Detoxing can help restore the functions of our body that are being damaged by environmental and dietary toxins.

Our bodies are being exposed to a variety of chemicals, many of which have yet to be fully studied.

As such, our bodies haven’t had the time to develop resistance to these toxins, and it’s taking a toll on us.

Symptoms like recurring tiredness and bloating are signs that your body is under strain and could benefit from a deep-clean detox.

And while doctors may not immediately take action unless symptoms become severe, this doesn’t mean you should just ignore them.

Throughout the ages, healers have known about the power of detoxing for both physical and mental well-being.

Considering how quick modern medicine has been to turn towards medications instead of traditional practices in order to manage symptoms, it’s important for us not to forget about the potential benefits of detoxing.

Detoxing can help reduce the toxic residue in our systems as we reactivate our body’s natural healing abilities..

It Takes All Four Layers Of Our Skin To Protect Us From Toxins

More and more people are becoming aware of the fact that our bodies are exposed to hundreds of potentially toxic chemicals every day.

To really understand how they get into our bodies, it’s important to consider the four different environments or ‘skins’ we come into contact with every day.


Alejandro Junger, from his cardiology clinic in New York, identified these as our body’s natural defense – the actual skin we have; our clothes which can be heavily treated with pesticides and other chemicals; indoors, including workplaces and homes; and finally the outside world where air pollution is a leading cause of toxicity.

The first layer is the skin, which comes into contact with chemicals in personal care products like deodorants, for example those containing aluminum.

The second layer is clothingdyed and perfumed with dangerous chemical ingredients like perchloroethylene from dry cleaning.

Thirdly we have an indoor environment filled with dangerous toxins like Paint fumes, insulation materials and furniture emitting toxic compounds including PVC plastic off-gassing which have been shown to have serious physical health implications.

Lastly we have the outdside environment containing air pollution and radiation generated by mobile phones and computers among other sources of electricity.

It’s clear that global toxicity is made up of four layers that we must do everything possible to protect ourselves from.

The Key To Long Life Expectancy Is Eating Natural, Whole Foods In A Mindful Manner

Mindful Manner

Processed foods have become a big part of modern diets, but they are more harmful than nutritious.

They contain unhealthy oils and fats that damage our bodies and often contain traces of toxic additives such as X-rays, fluoride and phthalates, which can cause serious health issues including thyroid and kidney disease and even cancer.

Luckily, there is a healthier way to eat.

Look for local, seasonal produce without the use of added chemicals.

Look at areas with higher life expectancies – these people usually follow dietary rituals with food being prepared slowly and thoroughly enjoyed at the table to provide maximum benefits from them.

Eating raw fruits and vegetables can greatly improve one’s health and wellbeing by providing much needed nutrition in their diet.

So take the time to find a healthier way to eat, it is worth it in the long run!

The Dangers Of Toxic Buildup And How To Identify Them

Environmental and dietary toxins not only have negative impacts on our health – they also cause physical changes.

According to the Ayurvedic tradition of medicine in India, long-term exposure to toxins can lead to a buildup of amma which results in puffiness, visible pores, dark circles under the eyes and small depressions like orange skin.

Pinching your face can tell you if the toxin buildup is there or not; if it doesn’t snap right back into place when you tug on the skin, this indicates that a detox is in order.

Toxin buildup also leads to chronic constipation, one of the biggest health complaints in Western medicine.

Our diets contain difficult-to-digest foods such as wheat and dairy that clog up our digestive systems and prevent toxins from leaving our bodies.

In contrast, those living in healthy communities are able to maintain taut skin throughout their lives because of their healthy diet and lifestyle that allows for regular bowel movements after every meal.

It is clear that environmental and dietary toxins must be avoided as much as possible in order to keep your body in its optimal condition both inside and out!

Unlock Your Body’S Natural Healing Potential With The Clean Program

If you want to see the best results from the Clean Program and its 21 day program, you must prepare your mind and environment before you even start the process.

To begin, it’s important to remove any toxins from where you live, work or play.

It’s also important to ensure that your schedule is planned out correctly; aim for a 12 hour period of no meals, as this will allow your body time and energy to go into detoxification mode.

Before you begin each day, take a few moments for yourself in order to mentally prepare for what’s ahead.

Finally, make sure that your kitchen is set up with all of the necessary tools that are absolutely essential – these include an excellent water filtration system, a high-speed blender and a powerful juicer!

This way, when it comes time to making juices and drinking freshly made smoothies, they will taste fantastic and be nutritious.

It Takes Discipline And Supplementation To Succeed In The Clean Program


During the Clean Program, it’s important to stick with approved recipes and supplementation.

This program requires you to put a lot of thought into how and what you are consuming in order to get the maximum benefits.

You’ll need to eat one solid meal and two liquid meals (like shakes, juices, or soups) each day, all made from Clean Program recipes.

The solid meal is to be consumed at lunchtime; the liquids will cover breakfast and dinner respectively.

These special ingredients will provide your body with nutrients that are easily absorbable and can even help change your metabolism – leaving you feeling less hungry!

If at any time during your program you find yourself tempted to snack between meals or reach for unhealthy comfort foods, take a moment and ask yourself if it is true hunger or something else causing the craving.

If it is real hunger, go for raw fresh food options such as veggies, nuts or green smoothies instead of simple carbohydrates like rice cakes.

On top of this, supplementation is also encouraged by adding daily supplements like fiber, probiotics and antimicrobials – each filled with their own unique health benefits too.

Fiber-based supplements featuring flax seeds or psyllium husks can bind toxins in your intestines before they get reabsorbed while probiotic supplements contain helpful intestinal bacteria that introduce millions of organisms per dose into your system.

Last but not least are antimicrobial choices such as oregano oil or garlic – both designed to kill bad bacteria that may otherwise disrupt the function of your digestive system.

So don’t forget: during the Clean Program consume only approved recipes and supplementation for optimum results!

Maximize Your Detox With Complementary Activities During The Clean Program

The Clean Program has a variety of special activities and exercises you can do to help maximize your body’s detoxification process.

One such activity is colonic hydrotherapy, which is when a specially trained therapist pumps low-pressure streams of water into the large intestine to help remove waste.

Another activity is using saunas, specifically infrared ones because they involve powerful heat waves that activate fat molecules deep under the skin’s surface so that more toxins are released.

Breathwork can also be beneficial, as it helps your body get rid of carbon dioxide and reduce acidity in the blood.

Additionally, exercising regularly during the Clean Program can enhance all these methods – though take care not to overdo it, especially during the first week or if feeling weak.

Great exercises for promoting regular bowel movements and getting a healthy sweat going include jumping, skipping and trampoline workouts as these promote better lymph circulation which carries toxins through our lymph nodes for filtering.

By engaging in these practical activities with caution, you have a lot more control to access health benefits from this program!

Wrap Up

The Clean Program book is a must-read for anyone looking to detox their body and mind in order to fight off various ailments like obesity, depression, constipation and heart disease.

It provides actionable advice on how you can go about achieving this goal.

One of the main points highlighted by the author is the importance of avoiding chemical cosmetics and other products that contain unsafe chemicals.

Put simply, if something contains nasty, unsafe chemicals, don’t put it on your body!

The Clean Program is an excellent guide for helping individuals on their journey to living a healthier lifestyle.

Not only does it provide valuable advice about what to avoid when it comes to harming our bodies but also informs us about what steps we need to take in order to lead a healthier life.

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