Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way Book Summary By Jennifer Lee

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Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way is an innovative book that looks at how to establish and run a successful business by capitalizing on the innate strengths of creativity, emotion and visualization located in the right side of your brain.

This practical guide provides readers with an understanding of what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and how to get there using creative techniques rather than traditional methods.

It is written for those who may not be comfortable with numbers but have an interest in building a business using their unique gifts and talents.

With straightforward examples, this book demonstrates just how powerful being creative can be when embarking on a journey toward success.

Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way

Book Name: Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way (Sustainable Success for the Creative Entrepreneur)

Author(s): Jennifer Lee

Rating: 4.3/5

Reading Time: 18 Minutes

Categories: Creativity

Author Bio

When you're looking for help in establishing your own business, Jennifer Lee is your go-to guide.

She's the author of the bestselling guidebook, The Right-Brain Business Plan, where she shares her years of knowledge as a former consultant for Fortune 500 companies.

Jennifer then founded the Lee Institute dedicated to coaching artists and creatives to reach their highest potentials.

She knows how to take your creative dreams and transform them into successful ventures that are sure to bring you success!

How To Use Both Sides Of Your Brain To Succeed In Business

 Succeed In Business

It’s important to remember that both sides of your brain play an essential role in powering up your business.

In a world where left-brain thinkers usually lead the way, you can’t expect to move forward and succeed if you don’t put creativity, intuition and empathy into the mix.

The Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way book provides insight on how to properly balance between thinking analytically and creatively in order for your business venture to reach its full potential.

You’ll learn why customers are like honeybees and you need to be a beekeeper; when it’s time for offloading administrative tasks; and why seeing products as gifts is key.

So if you’re serious about building your business, make sure not to let one side of your brain dominate – find the perfect balance between both sides by using the right tools!

Embrace Right-Brain Thinking To Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Potential

Starting a business takes more than just logical and strategic thinking, it also takes creative vision.

Entrepreneurs need to use both sides of the brain for maximum success when crafting their business model.

For example, many successful entrepreneurs have taken an artistic approach to developing their businesses.

They’ve started with an idea in their head that might not make sense on paper, but have quickly produced results through trial and error and sudden inspirations.

In the end, their model is often much different than the initial vision they had.

This demonstrates how incredibly important right-brain skills are when it comes to business success.

Intuition, non-linear thinking, creative problem solving, empathy and imagination all play essential roles in any successful business venture.

Although accounting and scheduling remain vital components of entrepreneurship, don’t neglect your right-brain strengths!

If you want to see success with your business endeavors, get comfortable using both hemispheres of your brain.

How To Bloom Your Business Idea: Unleashing Passion And Crafting A Core Message

Business Idea

If you want to build a successful business, it’s important to let your passions guide the way you attract customers.

Take Melissa Gazzaneo for example; she was inspired by her passion of helping children pursue their creativity.

She turned that passion into building a business that made bags from recycled gear and raised funds to provide art supplies to disadvantaged children around the world.

Her core message, “Repurposed for a Purpose,” expresses who she is and what she stands for in an authentic way.

This strong core message is essential when it comes to communicating with potential customers.

By getting your message across clearly and uniquely, you can easily attract the right honeybees – those who understand the value of your product.

It’s not necessary to try and draw in every honeybee in the world; focus on connecting with those whose core message resonates with yours.

That’s ultimately how you will be able to build up a successful business based on your passions.

How To Find And Engage With Your Network Of Supporters

Making connections with potential customers is the key to building a successful business.

We don’t have to wait around for people to come to us, we can reach out and find them ourselves.

Everyone in your supporter’s network has something of value they can bring your business – customers, moral support, or even spreading your message.

The best way to connect with people is through direct communication.

Think of it this way: when you’re trying to sell a product, it’s like convincing someone you love to go on a date with you!

Writing emails that elicit an emotional response from the reader will draw them in and make sure they stay interested.

Sheila Pai does this by beginning her promotion emails with “Dear Hardworking Parent, Parenting is hard, hard, HARD work.

This resonates with people and makes them feel seen and appreciated.

It’s important not just to talk but also talk the right way at the right time: tease the upcoming program launch with something special and unique, give Q&As that cover all their important questions, issue invitations for events and provide online sign- up forms now that they’re ready take action.

And afterward don’t forget to encourage engagement by sending out reminder emails – this will keep your offer always fresh in their minds and attract late comers as well.

By tailoring your communication directly to your customers and addressing them specifically at any stage of the process you’ll increase your chances for success greatly.

Giving The Gift Of Joy: Empathizing And Anticipating Your Customer’S Needs For Optimal Results

Gift Of Joy

If you want to effectively run a successful business, the key is to switch from selling to serving.

One way to do that is by crafting your product like the gift it truly is.

For example, when offering a handmade leather bag, include a unique accessory or even better – provide a free subscription to your online leatherworking courses!

The concept of treating customers as if they are being offered a gift comes from the author’s experience with her former college friend and her shared passion for giving just the right present.

The goal should be empathizing with customers in order to anticipate their wishes and needs – this will ensure that when it comes time for customers to purchase something from you, they’ll think not just of what will benefit them most but also how much fun the entire process has been.

Kerri Richardson experienced an awkward feeling when it came time to make money off her work before making the switch from selling to sharing.

She could suddenly see moments of success where someone achieved their dream as opportunities provided by her own training sessions – life became more customer-oriented rather than revenue-focused.

So //When building your business, always remember these two words: share and serve – by creating something that feels like a gift customized just for them, your customers will thank you forever!//

The Benefits Of Thinking Creatively In Business: Replace Time For Money With Passive Income Streams

When it comes to building a successful business, creativity goes a long way.

Most entrepreneurs have passions driving their businesses, but they also need to make money.

You may be in the service-oriented business, where time is swapped for money.

There are the usual paths to making a profit – attracting new customers, selling more to existing customers or raising your prices.

But these models eventually hit a financial ceiling and there’s only so much you can do to increase income.

That’s when it’s important to get creative and start looking at other ways of diversifying your income streams.

For example, if you’re offering individual coaching sessions with payment afterwards, you can expand that by creating group sessions.

This way you can still make money from what you do while also managing your time better and even lowering costs in order to attract more customers.

Don’T Struggle Alone: Get Help And Tap Into Collaborations To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

If your dream business is taking longer to achieve than you’d hoped, it could be because you’re trying to take care of too much yourself.

It’s important to remember that nobody expects you to bare the entire weight of your business on your own.

If you need help or support in order to stay focused on that which matters most, don’t be afraid to ask for it!

Take a moment and do an honest assessment of where the time consuming but necessary tasks are coming from.

If there’s work that really isn’t your strength, or tasks that are easy and uninspiring, or even if it just drives you crazy – consider outsourcing them instead.

For example, Beth was overwhelmed with everything she had on her plate and needed administrative help fast.

She decided to hire an assistant and focus on the stuff she loved and enjoys; writing novels.

Life coach Tiffany Han thought outside the box; she put together a team of 12 artists who worked together to create an attractive product package while minimizing total marketing workloads due to their larger network.

The moral: Focus on those tasks you truly enjoy doing, and trust those around you who have different skillsets; they might just team up with you in making something amazing while keeping your workload light as a feather!

Planning Ahead To Stay On Track And Reach Your Goals

Reach Your Goals

Staying on track with your business goals doesn’t have to be boring or tedious.

An easy way to plan for the long-term is by using a wall calendar and some colorful markers.

This way, you can map out deadlines, income expectations, and other key tasks and milestones related to starting or launching new products or services.

Writer and web designer Mari Pfeiffer has also found success in using mind maps as documentation of her business processes.

By setting up the main task at the center of the map, branches explore what processes it requires, who needs to be involved, plus any questions that might come up during this process.

By tracking and documenting each step of your work cycle thoughtfully, it can help you tap into valuable insights once you train your eye to notice patterns.

These patterns can reveal recurring tasks which require less effort each successive time they are executed which can ultimately save time in future projects.

Life Is Unpredictable: Learn To Appreciate The Beauty Of Random Events And Find Joy In Everyday Moments With These Three Self-Care Strategies

When it comes to achieving success with your business, there is no simple formula for guaranteeing your success.

However, the author of Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way has outlined three strategies to help you remain successful in the long term and sustain your growth.

The first strategy is to seek out simple solutions.

Don’t be afraid to simplify complex tasks or ideas by breaking them down into smaller, more manageable pieces.

The second strategy is to take time off.

It can be so easy to get wrapped up in work mode, but your mental and physical health are essential when it comes to sustaining a successful business.

Taking a break – even just a few hours – can help you rejuvenate and gain a different perspective on things.

Finally, the third strategy is creating an environment that cares for you.

This involves taking some me-time, sticking positive notes around your desk and making arrangements that will support your wellbeing while also helping you work better.

It all boils down to self-care — especially if you want to sustain your success over time!

Caring for yourself should constantly be at the top of your “to do” list whether it’s through yoga practice, quality downtime or any other activities that fill you with joy and positivity!

Wrap Up

The book “Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way” provides a great summary of how creative thinkers can turn their passion into successful businesses.

The key message is that harnessing the strengths of the right hemisphere of their brain and having fun while doing it, are essential to turning an entrepreneurial idea into something truly great.

The book also provides actionable advice, such as the suggestion to use bold and colorful markers for sketching plans such as product launches or campaigns.

This allows for a broader view on concepts without getting bogged down in details, and leaves room for further refinement with ballpoint pens later.

All in all, this book serves as a great reminder that being creative, playful and deeply human is the key to taking your business to the next level – so make sure to use all of the valuable tips provided by Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way!

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