Big Weed Book Summary By Christian Hageseth

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Big Weed (2015) is a one-of-a-kind book that gives readers an inside look at the growing marijuana industry.

Written by entrepreneur Christian Hageseth, this first-person account dives into the legal aspects of cannabis and what it takes to be successful in this growing market.

He covers all the essential topics any budding entrepreneur should know before investing; from getting a dispensary license and understanding regional medical laws to developing a successful business strategy and arranging loans for investment capital.

Big Weed also provides readers with an introduction to the basics of marijuana, such as its varieties and CBD content.

It’s a must read if you want to stay informed on the evolving industry of cannabis!

Big Weed Book

Book Name: Big Weed (An Entrepreneur’s High-Stakes Adventures in the Budding Legal Marijuana Business)

Author(s): Christian Hageseth

Rating: 3.9/5

Reading Time: 14 Minutes

Categories: Entrepreneurship

Author Bio

Christian Hageseth is the author of Big Weed: An Entrepreneur's High-Stakes Adventures in the Budding Legal Marijuana Business, which tells the story of how he founded Green Man Cannabis, a highly respected legal marijuana enterprise and twice winner of the industry’s highest accolade for growing the world’s finest weed.

He is an experienced entrepreneur and marijuana advocate whose vision was to bridge the gap between legal recreational cannabis and legitimate business operations.

He has been a leader in this arena since his company's inception and is an inspirational figure in today's cannabis industry.

Making Your Fortune In The Marijuana Business: Learn How To Legally Turn Kind Bud Into Cash

Marijuana Business

In Big Weed, author Christian Hageseth tells the story of his foray into the newly legalized marijuana industry and provides tips on how aspiring entrepreneurs can make it big in the pot business.

He explains why it’s important to separate your personal life from your business life, do thorough research into your potential customers and products, and be prepared to deal with banking restrictions due to marijuana’s illegal status at a federal level.

With this information, you’ll be set up for success as you learn how to conduct yourself properly in this booming industry.

Moreover, you’ll gain a greater understanding of both the medical and legal aspects of cannabis sativa so that you can become an informed businessperson who knows their stuff.

In today’s marijuana industry, knowledge is power.

So take advantage of Big Weed and equip yourself with all the information necessary for success in this growing industry!

The Failed War On Drugs: How Public Pressure And Legalization Changed A Century-Long Battle

In recent years, public pressure has been building to make marijuana more accessible.

This sentiment has been driven not just by compassion for those who use the drug medicinally, but also by the potential economic benefit that states could gain from legalizing the sale and taxation of the drug.

This shift in attitude towards marijuana has been evident in U.S.

states where the drug is now legal.

Colorado, which has taken a leading role in advocating for its legalization, saw an impressive $3 million boost to their tax revenue in 2009 alone.

Furthermore, politicians have begun to understand just how much money can be made from making marijuana available legally.

As such, states are increasingly introducing laws to make it possible for people to buy and sell pot without repercussions – opening up what may be a whole new world of marijuana business opportunities with brands, strategies and tax guidance all included!

The Negative Attitude Toward Marijuana Persists Despite Scientific Evidence To The Contrary

As marijuana has become more and more accepted in society, the negative view of it held by so many remains.

This is not without cause; historically, governments and political forces have been working to portray marijuana in a negative light.

Such campaigns were based on misinformation that demonized the drug and its users as dangerous “stoners” or criminals.

The political nature of this campaign was made evident when, in 1972, a Senate commission report revealed that marijuana did not lead to physical dependence or contribute to the use of harder drugs.

Nevertheless, efforts to uphold the false notion that it was an immoral substance persisted.

The sad truth is that despite growing scientific evidence indicating otherwise, many still adhere to their outdated views and continue to falsely label pot as a harmful “gateway” drug.

In addition, the fact that it was traditionally purchased through illegal dealers on the street has only added fuel to this prejudice against marijuana.

Fortunately, attitudes are slowly changing – but stigma remains nonetheless.

The Key To Succeeding In The Marijuana Business: Establish A Solid Strategy And Create An Accepting Culture

 Accepting Culture

If you want to make a success out of selling cannabis, it’s not as simple as setting up a head shop.

You need to put together a proper business strategy, thinking in the same way you would with any other product.

The author of the Big Weed Book had this in mind when he started his own business, with his goal being to turn marijuana into America’s newest consumer product.

To achieve that though, marketing isn’t enough – you also have to pay attention to how you’re growing the crop.

Marijuana needs lots of light, but too much heat and humidity can be disastrous for plants, leading to failed harvests.

The author learned this the hard way before finally finding out the right balance for success.

He found that using one big air conditioning unit instead of multiple small ones was more cost effective and efficient.

The Smart Guide To Starting A Marijuana Business: Know Your Product, Market And Customers

Anyone hoping to succeed in the marijuana business needs to understand that a ‘wake-and-bake’ lifestyle won’t get them where they need to be.

You have to really do your homework and know your market if you want to make it in this industry.

Firstly, you need to make sure that you are properly informed about your product – don’t just think that smoking is the only way of using marijuana!

Consider other ways like vaporizers or baking it into food – so you can find an option which works best for each customer.

You’ll also need to work on building a brand, which will help give people a sense of trust in your product.

Think ones like The Green Man Cannabis Ranch, which incorporate a terrace, atrium, open greenhouse and shop, so customers can properly understand the brand and its products.

Finally, learn how best to engage with your customers – provide as much information as they may need while attempting demystify your product.

The author of Big Weed was focused on introducing pot use to wider audiences, and he achieved this by investing time and energy into building his large-scale growth facility for education purposes.

Don’t forget – doing research is key to success with the marijuana business!

Marijuana Business

When it comes to being a part of the legal marijuana industry, business owners should be prepared for obstacles and dilemmas.

That’s because federal laws regarding marijuana still classifies it as illegal, while many states have chosen to legalize it.

This causes a clash between federal and state laws that presents numerous obstacles for legal marijuana business owners.

For instance, such business owners are not allowed by the feds to own or deposit money in U.S.


This means they must use physical cold cash for almost every purchase- including utilities and taxes- making things time consuming and more dangerous since they’ll be carrying around large amounts of money.

Other obstacles include public perception as police officers, politicians and judges have been taught almost all their lives that marijuana is bad and it could take a while before these groups are able to get rid of their prejudices even when the plant gets legalized on their respective levels or authorities.

As Marijuana Becomes Legalized, We Can Expect Wide-Reaching Changes In The Industry

As attitudes on marijuana usage continue to change, the potentially lucrative marijuana economy is likely to experience rapid growth.

The tobacco industry is currently not allowed to sell legal weed, but this could easily change in the future.

As big agriculture gets involved, industrializing cultivation, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be able to buy your favorite strain of ganja off the shelf at corner stores around the country.

The forces of capitalism are already beginning to shape this new industry as larger firms buy out existing dispensaries and introduce their own national brands.

There’s also potential for a comeback from hemp, which is being used in car parts by BMW and Mercedes Benz.

If hemp becomes more mainstream, marijuana will inevitably become more widely accepted as well – another opportunity that businesses can capitalize on.

As marijuana becomes one of capitalism’s newest commodities, expect better consistency when it comes to dosing.

Currently, no two joints contain exactly the same amount of THC – the psychoactive component in weed – but thanks to advances in technology and testing methods available to dispensaries, we may see normalized servings down the line.

Wrap Up

The final takeaway message of the Big Weed Book is that marijuana legalization could have great potential benefits for communities, and law enforcement should be open to new attitudes and laws.

The book encourages readers to consider what a marijuana tax could do for their own town and think about the dollars and cents of both sides involved in legalizing marijuana.

Ultimately, it provides actionable advice for approaching conversations on legalization more thoughtfully by considering its financial implications.

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