Beyond Order Book Summary By Jordan B. Peterson

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Beyond Order (2021) provides invaluable insight into how to navigate the complexities of modern life.

Written by renowned thinker and author Jordan Peterson, this book is about finding balance in your life and taking control of your own destiny.

Through a variety of examples and scenarios, Peterson warns readers of the dangers that come with too much rigid order as well as excess chaos.

With in-depth analysis and thought-provoking advice, Beyond Order is essential reading for those looking to create their own path in life.

Beyond Order

Book Name: Beyond Order (12 More Rules for Life)

Author(s): Jordan B. Peterson

Rating: 4.5/5

Reading Time: 37 Minutes

Categories: Motivation & Inspiration

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Author Bio

Jordan B.

Peterson is a highly-respected figure in the realm of psychology and personal development.

He's a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto and an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, known for his self-help book 12 Rules for Life.

His knowledge extends to clinical psychology, with countless YouTube videos featuring his lectures on map of meaning and beyond order.

With almost three million subscribers, he has developed quite a following of people who have found great success through his guidance.

He was even named one of Amazon’s “Top 100 Authors to Read in a Lifetime”!

12 More Rules For Life: Why Office Decor Counts, How Evil Queens Leave Us Feeling Helpless, And Why You Shouldn’T Settle For Tiny Plates

Feeling Helpless

When it comes to living a happier, healthier life, it’s important to remember the importance of finding a balance between order and chaos.

Jordan B.

Peterson has long advocated for cultivating personal responsibility in order to impose a little order in one’s life.

Now, he has expanded this idea with his book Beyond Order, which introduces twelve new rules for dealing with contemporary society’s excess of chaos.

In this book, Peterson discusses the dangers of becoming too comfortable with the status quo and emphasizes why we need meaningful balance between order and chaos.

With advice from Peterson’s unique insight into psychology, cultural norms, science, mythology and pop culture—readers can gain an understanding of Evil Queens that may leave us feeling helpless without resorting to small plates or office decor that may not bring us any closer to finding balance in our lives.

Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by all the chaos or fall into stasis caused by an excess of order – find your own meaningful balance!

Social Institutions Are Essential To Achieving Success In Life

Social institutions are key to a person’s success, both professionally and personally.

Our social world is complex and chaotic, filled with possibilities.

Understanding how it works helps us make the right decisions in our lives.

From the moment we are born, we start to pick up on subtle cues and learn the appropriate behavior in any given situation or context.

We also learn about values and get guidance from family and friends for moral decision making.

The influence of external forces like laws, regulations, or social customs can help us make informed actions especially when choosing between multiple alternatives – such as obtaining food and shelter through getting a job rather than by stealing from neighbors.

With each age-appropriate skill acquired, knowledge gained and experience resolved – we are better able to navigate our world that is constantly changing due to external factors such as laws or culture shifts.

This not only adds value to our life by enabling strategic problem solving but also elevates our place within society.

We gain community recognition by having a large circle of friends, earning great wealth (or fame) or achieving excellence in a particular field; making it essential for an individual’s success to constantly apply themselves in order to be successful in this journey towards success in life

Transform Your Life Into Something New With The Power Of Your Imagination


Beyond Order encourages us to take control of our lives and become the person we want to be.

By visualizing ourselves in our desired state, and then taking steps to actualize this vision, we can make great leaps forward in our personal development.

This was also a lesson taught by alchemists long ago, who saw the human being as a materia prima that could be transformed into anything you desired-whether it be gold or life itself.

Similarly, if you can imagine yourself as an improved version of yourself then you can take steps to actually become that person.

It’s not always an easy process-sometimes it involves pushing through adversity and chaos-but ultimately it is incredibly rewarding.

The Mesopotamian myth of Marduk shows us how this transformation can happen: first there is chaos, but with a strong vision for the world and dedication to that vision, any one person can come out on top and bring order amid the chaos.

Don’T Settle For Small Pains – Face Them Head-On Before They Grow Into Bigger Problems

It is often thought that ignoring small irritations or dealing with them without confrontation is the best way to maintain a positive outlook in life.

But that isn’t necessarily the case.

If you allow any small problem, grievances or dissatisfactions go unchecked and unresolved, it will eventually turn into something bigger and cause more harm than good in the long run.

One example of this can be found in the story of Dell Roberts, who had been happily eating his lunch with his wife every day for twenty years from a china plate, until one day he suddenly expressed his discontent with it by slamming his fist on the table.

This sheds light on the fact that small issues can quickly add up over time and are better off dealt with head-on no matter how inconvenient they may seem at first glance.

This concept is present among many relationships as well – people often hold back and tolerate minor annoyances and difficulties instead of addressing them directly, which only leads to larger conflicts later on that could have easily been avoided had they taken care of it early on.

Take for instance a couple whose home had become overrun by the husband’s collection of pop art – not initially something serious but allowing it accumulate unchecked slowly chipped away at their relationship until it finally ended in divorce.

It’S Time To Fly Away From Peter Pan And Take On Responsibility For A Meaningful Life

Meaningful Life

The relationship between responsibility and meaning in life is best illustrated by the story of Peter Pan and Captain Hook.

As children, we all relate to Peter Pan – a spritely free spirit who enjoys a carefree lifestyle with none of the responsibilities that come with adulthood.

However, no real-life adult can emulate Peter Pan’s lifestyle without attracting ridicule and pity.

On the other hand, Captain Hook is characterized by mistrustful authority, fear of death and living under the constant thread of being pursued by a crocodile –representative for all negatives aspects of being an adult.

The key message here is that taking on responsibility is not easy but it does bring structure, order and ultimately meaning to one’s life.

It’s normal to feel open and directionless when you are young after all you are staring at endless possibilities in front of you.

But as time passes your potential begins to fall away as your habits form and identity takes shape.

This rules out a lot of options but also allows us to acquire greater sense of direction towards our goals.

Learning how to take proper care for yourself is essential part of this process – such as waking up early or spending time learning new skills instead just sleeping in – those might be unpleasant restrictions at the present moment but will help better serve your future self with more attainable goals; just like following rules in chess help create meaningful game out of it.

No matter how daunting or intimidating taking on responsibility may seem, it will always provide strong structure, order and ultimately meaning which allow us to make worthwhile achievements further down the line.

Don’T Let Others Suppress Your True Self: Have The Courage To Challenge Unethical Ideas

“Don’t tolerate something that you hate.” It’s a powerful statement, but it can be difficult to abide by in today’s world.

We often feel compelled to act in ways that we don’t agree with for various reasons.

Just like how one of Jordan Peterson’s clients felt when her employer sent an email banning certain words in the office, despite the fact that they were innocent phrases.

She struggled to follow the new rules and eventually decided to leave the company rather than submit to something she couldn’t stomach.

Remember, Polonius says to “to thine own self be true,” and self-censorship or conforming your beliefs is never a good idea as it leads to emotional distress and disordered thinking.

So what should you do if confronted with orders you disagree with? One way is to challenge it, however – this will likely cause chaos – so prepare yourself as best you can before doing so.

That may mean setting aside time and energy or ensuring that you have knowledge and authority to back your stance up.

If challenging an order isn’t an option, then just walk away and attend to your responsibilities with someone more suitable for you who respects your beliefs more.

Beware Of Ideologies That Offer Simple Solutions And Spur Ressentiment

Beware Of Ideologies

Be cautious of any ideologies you come across.

Many can offer up simple answers to complex problems, but they might not always be right.

Friedrich Nietzsche warned that with traditional values on the wane in Western civilization, new and potentially dangerous ideologies would take their place.

Unfortunately, Nietzsche’s predictions came true – many of these ideologies held oversimplifications at their core and offered extreme solutions to societal difficulties like racism and classism.

The result – a phenomenon known as ressentiment – encourages a victim mentality in those people who follow certain ideologies, holding onto their bitterness instead of challenging themselves and growing as individuals.

This can be particularly destructive when it means turning against anyone who appears successful – stopping people from achieving their best selves because of false assumptions about success or privilege.

Ultimately, we should all be aware that some ideologies can be dangerous, especially ones that offer simple solutions to large issues.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing everything you hear or read – do your own research and make sure you understand both sides before investing in any worldviews or movements.

The Transformative Power Of Hard Work: How Dedication Can Turn Difficulties Into Rewards

Jordan B.

Peterson emphasizes that if we truly commit ourselves to a goal, we will love the results.

This has been evident in his own experience while earning his PhD at McGill University and seeing his friends struggle with difficult tasks.

Through the process of staying disciplined and improving their writing abilities, social skills, and mental organization, they found immense psychological satisfaction from their achieved goals.

The key is to recognize that psychological urges can prevent us from taking action on our goals.

Our “id”, which holds our physical desires as well as chaotic feelings like anger and fear, can often overpower our conscious thought or “ego”.

To pull it all together, by reflecting on this battle between ids and egos and pushing ourselves to focus on one specific goal, we can bridge the gap between desire and action.

Ultimately this commitment helps us reign in those more volatile forces of chaos into something much more productive; thus leading to a rewarding cycle that brings forth many rewards.

Always Make Room For Beauty: The Value Of Aesthetic Expression In Life

Aesthetic Expression

In Beyond Order, author Jordan Peterson explored the importance of making room for beauty in life, even if it’s just in one room.

He pointed to his own experiences—transforming his dour faculty office at the University of Toronto with warm wood paneling and richly colored tapestries, despite objections from a strict administrator.

Our daily lives can often be marked by routines and schedules that don’t always represent our best selves.

But, as Peterson argues, indulging in simple acts of beauty can open us up to experiences that have the power to elevate us.

Visual art and aesthetic endeavors such as painting or decorating are powerful tools for expression and communication—even those without formal training can appreciate how works of beauty can inspire reflection on our personal lives or makes us feel a sense of awe and wonder.

Engaging with art can also refresh our perspectives on life by showing us new ways to view the world around us.

In the late 19th century, Paris Salon refused to show impressionist art like Degas or Monet –until years later when people began opening their eyes to the previously undiscovered beauty these works held.

Uncover The Lessons From Your Most Painful Memories To Heal And Move Forward

We all have pain in our pasts, and it can be tempting to just ignore it, but that won’t help us heal.

Instead, experts such as Jordan Peterson recommend investigating and examining any memory that causes you distress and encourages you to take the time to look back at these events from a more mature perspective.

By taking the time to explore these painful memories, we can often find valuable insight that can help us move forward.

This can be especially true when looking at childhood memories, which are often clouded by our young age and naivety.

By reviewing them again with adult eyes, many of us may gain a much better understanding of what actually happened in the situation or who was actually at fault.

For example, one of Jordan Peterson’s patients had been subject to abuse as a child but was eventually able to come to terms with this after fully examining it with an adult mindset.

She realized that although she had been hurt by another child, they were not really in control like an adult would have been and this allowed her to forgive the situation and healed her broken spirit.

Taking the time to investiage any memories causing pain is essential if you want to start healing – both mentally and emotionally – so don’t hesitate when memories of painful experiences start bubbling up because they will bring lessons for your growth if examined appropriately.

The Importance Of Communicating And Investing Time In A Romantic Relationship

When it comes to having a successful marriage, or any intimate relationship for that matter, effort and planning are essential.

Without them, you simply won’t achieve the level of connection with your partner that is needed to make the relationship thrive.

This is true whether you’ve been married for years or still in the early stages of a budding romance – neglecting to put in effort will have consequences down the line!

The traditional Scandinavian marriage ceremony illustrates this point perfectly.

By joining hands and raising a candle together as they recite their vows, the couple symbolically agree to live by higher principles such as love, loyalty, and devotion.

Likewise, couples must put in effort and be prepared to negotiate if their relationships are going to stand the test of time.

They must talk about both big issues like values and career goals as well as smaller matters such as which chores should be done when.

Taking these conversations seriously is what builds strong trust between two people so that they can continue to have an open dialogue and make decisions that satisfy both parties in the long run.

Finally, don’t forget the actual romance part of being in an intimate relationship.

Physical intimacy and meaningful moments together can easily get overlooked but they’re just as important for keeping your connection alive and healthy.

Scheduling date nights or simply scheduling out some time during your day to show each other affection can ensure you stay connected no matter how busy life gets!

Don’T Let Your Story Become One Of Resentment And Arrogance – Find The Hero Within You


In Beyond Order, author Jordan B.

Peterson lays out the importance of not falling for stories that can lead to resentment, deceitfulness, and arrogance.

He suggests taking a step back and examining the characters in our life – Nature, Culture, and the Hero/Adversary figures that exist between them.

Acknowledge both the randomness of life and your own responsibility to face it; understand that Nature can cause strife but can also provide luck and opportunity; don’t be fooled by Authoritarian Tyrants who only want to shackle you, but recognize the Wise Kings watching over you.

Ultimately, these stories should direct us to act honestly without allowing ourselves to become resentful or fall prey to dishonest practices such as deceit and arrogance.

Through this recognition, we can use these tales to create better paths for ourselves in life so that we don’t succumb to ever-changing barriers around us.

Appreciating Life’S Pleasures And Pains: Finding Gratitude In Troublesome Times

In life, we will all encounter moments of suffering; it’s unavoidable.

It can be hard to cope with these difficult times, but one way to get through them is by being grateful for the good things in our lives.

This idea is based on the observation that pain and pleasure naturally come hand-in-hand.

For example, a heartbreak can only feel so painful because it reminds us of the warmth and companionship we experienced before it ended.

Looking at the bright side of our situation can help us get back up when hardships hit us by reminding us of what we have left in spite of them.

This concept was brought to light when Jesus Christ leaned his head back in anguish, crying out to God, “My God, why hast thou forsaken me?” His despair begs the question: if even a divine figure can stumble in the face of suffering, how may any mere mortal do so? To answer this, psychologists advise looking for practical ways to alleviate suffering (like changing behavior), or learning to transcend it mentally by drawing on your inner strength and fortitude.

When faced with misery and difficulty, remember why they exist.

Be thankful for having insight into good aspects of life and use that newly gained empathy to continue encouraging a positive growth within yourself as well as those around you.

Wrap Up

At the end of it all, Beyond Order by Jordan Peterson lays out a compelling argument: if we pay careful attention to our inner emotional state and the social structures around us, we can really make our lives better.

In order to achieve success without getting lost or feeling despondent, he outlines four main points: committing ourselves to a goal, avoiding simplistic ideologies, looking for beauty in the world and being mindful of the stories we tell ourselves.

These simple guidelines may not always be easy to follow but if we remain open and grateful for even hardships that come along with life, it can make it more bearable.

This is certainly something worth striving for.

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