Be Our Guest Book Summary By Disney Institute and Theodore Kinni

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Be Our Guest: Perfecting The Art of Customer Service (2011) is a hands-on guide to Disney's customer service fundamentals.

It breaks down how the leading entertainment conglomerate achieved its tremendous success by utilizing proven techniques in providing exceptional service to its customers.

In this book, you'll find out how Disney applies key concepts when it interacts with guests while maintaining its signature “magical” touch.

You'll learn about strategies and tactics that help nurture relationships with clients and create a memorable, enjoyable experience for them.

From understanding customer expectations to building loyalty through personalized service, this comprehensive resource demonstrates all that Disney is known for—happiness and excellence!

Be Our Guest Book

Book Name: Be Our Guest (Perfecting the Art of Customer Service)

Author(s): Disney Institute and Theodore Kinni

Rating: 4.7/5

Reading Time: 16 Minutes

Categories: Marketing & Sales

Author Bio

Be Our Guest is written by the Disney Institute.

The Institute is a branch of The Walt Disney Company which is dedicated to providing knowledge and guidance to companies and organizations.

They employ seminars, workshops and presentations in order to equip their students with the tools and expertise to become successful in business.

The Disney Institute draws on a wealth of experiences gathered from across the company, enabling businesses to replicate successes learned through iconic characters and stories that have made the magic of Disney so memorable for generations.

With this book, readers can explore what it takes to engage customers, create lasting memories and differentiate from the competition.

Be Our Guest is your invitation - read on for some inspirational guidance!

Learn How Disney Creates A Magical Experience, From Door Handles To Secret Fountains

Magical Experience

If you’ve ever been to a Disney theme park, you know that you can always expect the best possible experience.

From the friendly staff (known as cast members) to the ornate, whimsical door handles to the secret fountains designed with children’s joy in mind, Disney really goes above and beyond to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone.

The secret behind this exceptional customer service? It’s all thanks to an implementation matrix that Disney has implemented to ensure that each and every person they come in contact with is treated like a VIP.

This matrix ensures that every single encounter meets their highest standards of excellence.

So next time you enter the gates at one of Disney’s attractions, know that you are sure to receive only the best possible service from them – and all thanks to their impeccable implementation matrix!

Disney Embodies The Quality Service Compass: Ensuring The Best Customer Experience Through Four Key Elements

Disney knows that delivering top-notch service to each and every guest is essential for creating a memorable experience.

That’s why the company has come up with its Quality Service Compass, which has four key elements to help Disney employees make sure they’ve created the perfect experience for visitors.

The first point of the Quality Service Compass is guestology, which looks at what guests want from their visit.

By observing guests and understanding their goals, Disney can modify and craft a perfect experience tailored specifically to that visitor.

The second point focuses on quality standards, so Disney can make sure its providing the highest quality service possible.

This includes safety, courtesy, show and efficiency in order for everything to run smoothly during a family theme park vacation.

The Fourth Compass Point Of Disney’S Customer Service System: Integrating Delivery Systems For Maximum Efficiency And Courtesy

Disney provides high-quality service by making sure that the three delivery systems of employees, setting and processes are strong and integrated.

To ensure this, they use a special integration matrix to focus on a key element, like courtesy, and make sure that all three are taken into account.

They ensure each employee is given continual performance advice so they can offer the best possible service; that their setting reflects Disney’s values; and they design processes that are easy and stress-free.

For example, the parking lots at their theme parks were organised in a certain order so guests wouldn’t have any trouble finding their cars after a long day.

All of these things together make for an experience guests won’t forget!

The Impact Of Having A Common Purpose On Companies: How Disney Creates The Happiest Place On Earth


When it comes to the public image of any company, having a service-oriented purpose is incredibly important.

This theme not only informs customers what they can expect from your business, but it also acts as a promise that you must fulfill.

If you’re unable to meet or exceed this expectation, chances are you won’t have customers returning for more.

Disney’s theme is a perfect example of this — their message is clear: “We create happiness by providing the finest entertainment for people of all ages, everywhere.” With this statement, Disney’s audience knows exactly what kind of experience and entertainment they can expect when visiting their parks.

Moreover, a common purpose can also help focus an organization’s internal activities – giving employees a mission to strive towards.

By formulating an inspiring purpose for your company, you create a goal for all staff to share regardless of job title or position in the company.

For instance, instead of just viewing “customers” as anonymous year-end data points on their records, Disney encourages its employees to welcome their “guests” and provide personalized treatment – cultivating excellent customer service experiences.

The Power Of Smell, Sight And Sound: How Disney Creates The Magical Experience

Power Of Smell

When creating an experience for customers, it’s important to consider how they will see, smell and hear the world you’ve created for them.

This means paying attention to what your guests can see visually by using colors like purple and red which have been shown to be the most memorable in an experiment with flags.

Additionally, consider what your customers can smell and put efforts into creating a warm welcoming space with pleasing scents.

Finally, think about the sounds that your customers experience while interacting with your business.

Opt for music that fits in seamlessly with the goals of your store or venue and make sure it evokes emotions like joy or excitement.

At Hong Kong Disneyland, they use sound to motivate employees when they start their day by playing a “magical jingle” from Tinkerbell when an employee checks out a costume successfully.

This helps transition employees into character roles and sets the stage for excellent customer service!

By considering how customers can see, smell, and hear the world you’ve created for them, you create a more complete experience that favorably influences how likely they are to visit again in the future.

Immerse Your Customers With An All-Encompassing Experience Through Sight, Sound, Taste And Touch

In Be Our Guest, Disney shows us the importance of not only meeting customers’ expectations in terms of smell, sight, sound and taste, but also how important their sense of touch is.

Customers are looking for an immersive experience that extends beyond just the things they consume—whether that’s food or beverages.

They want to be surrounded by interesting and enjoyable things to touch.

Disney knows this and takes extra care to provide a unique tactile experience in its theme parks.

For example, they hide fountains in unexpected places to give children the surprise and excitement of being splashed with water when least expected.

Ultimately, what your customers eat, as well as what they touch helps determine their overall experience at your business.

By creating an environment full of interesting textures for people to explore, Disney has perfected the art of creating joyful experiences for each guest who visits its parks.

Using Surveys To Understand Customer Demographics And Reach Out To Them Appropriately

Customer Demographics

Good customer service begins with getting to know your customers.

Surveys are an important tool in any customer-focused company’s strategy because they allow you to find out the demographic information of your customers, such as their age, gender and income level.

Disneyland wisely used surveys to better understand Brazilian guests who visited their park.

Not only did they discover that 25% of their guests came from outside the United States, but they also found that Brazilian guests traveled and stayed together, often singing as well!

In response, Disney staff were trained in Portuguese as well as in Brazilian culture and habits so that they could both serve as translators and facilitate large groups of touring Brazilians.

Surveys don’t just provide demographic information either; they can provide vital psychographic insights.

Psychographics help us understand a customer’s mental state – their emotions, needs, wants and what they may already know about your company.

Through surveys, Disney learned attitudes of its visitors: how joyful or exhausted customers feel after entering a park or at the end of a long visit.

This has allowed them to make necessary changes such as providing more breaks with places to rest up during long visits or highlighting the most popular attractions during marketing campaigns.

By utilizing surveys wisely it is possible for companies like Disney to gather valuable insights on how customers feel and act before or while visiting them.

That way companies can ensure excellent customer service by fully understanding their needs and wants which will lead to improved sales success in the long run.

Disney Uses Multiple Strategies To Reduce Queue Wait Times At Theme Parks

Disney has come up with three clever solutions to deal with long waiting times in theme parks.

First, they have implemented a program called Extra Magic Hours, where only guests staying on Disney resorts can access an area of the park that opens one hour before the other areas and closes up to three hours after.

This is sure to reduce wait times for these privileged resort patrons.

Second, Disney has installed tip boards at central locations which list major attractions and how long their wait time is estimated to be.

In addition, they purposefully list slightly exaggerated wait times so that guests can expect slightly shorter than expected waits instead of longer ones.

Finally, Disney offers pre-entertainment to guests waiting in line for certain shows.

For example in Jim Henson’s Muppet Vision 3D show you can watch the antics of various Muppet characters on TV monitors while you’re queuing up or even once you make it inside the theater.

Wrap Up

Be Our Guest Book provides valuable information on how to build and maintain successful businesses by paying attention to customer behavior.

The main message that this book offers is that it is essential to act on your customers’ needs and wants in order to exceed their expectations and keep service standards high.

One actionable advice provided by the book is to “be the customer”.

This means having a better understanding of the customer experience, from what they see, hear, smell, touch and taste when in your company space.

In conclusion, Be Our Guest Book emphasizes on how understanding consumers’ behavior can assist business owners in achieving success through providing exceptional service that meet customers’ expectations.

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