Be Obsessed or Be Average Book Summary By Grant Cardone

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Be Obsessed or Be Average is an inspiring guide to achieving the highest level of success in business.

Written by Grant Cardone, this book provides unique insights into the mind of a highly successful entrepreneur and leader who has achieved a level of success that many could only dream of.

With his advice and guidance, you too can become driven and passionate with the desire to rank among the best in the world.

This book will help you master key areas such as mindset, motivation and creativity as well as giving practical advice on sales techniques, recruitment and negotiation strategies.

By reading Be Obsessed or Be Average, you'll gain insight into what it takes to be a top performer – and have all the tools you need to make it happen.

Be Obsessed or Be Average

Book Name: Be Obsessed or Be Average (A bold and contrarian wake-up call for anyone truly ready for success)

Author(s): Grant Cardone

Rating: 4.4/5

Reading Time: 16 Minutes

Categories: Entrepreneurship

Author Bio

Grant Cardone is an incredible force in the self-made multi-millionaire entrepreneur world.

His bestselling book, The 10x Rule, has sold millions upon millions of copies and earned him many accolades over his career.

He is one of the few true self-made entrepreneurs who have taken their passion and drive to heights that most people only dream about.

His deep understanding and insight into success, mental resilience and motivating yourself to achieve your dreams have made Grant's work an invaluable resource for aspiring entrepreneurs of all kind.

This impressive author has achieved a level of success that more than qualifies him as a rockstar among his peers.

Unlock Life’S Limitless Rewards Through Grand Ambitions


Many of us may have goals and ambitions that simply remain out of reach due to fear or a lack of drive.

However, these obstacles can be overcome if you tap into the great power and passion that comes with obsession.

Working hard and taking on difficult tasks is key to unlocking maximum rewards in both life and business.

In JK Rowling’s famous “Be Obsessed or Be Average” book, she describes the secrets to success and how ambition will always prevail over mediocrity.

As demonstrated by the New England Patriots and other successful businesses, having lofty goals intertwined with a hard work ethic is essential for achieving the best possible outcome.

Even when dealing with haters, their criticism should be seen as a sign of good fortune as it often means you are doing something right.

No matter what your goal is, don’t settle for second best in life or business if you truly want to make a difference – be obsessed!

It Takes Obsession To Reach The Next Level And Live A Balanced Life

If you want to reach the next level in life, you need to get obsessed and always push towards your goals.

Becoming obsessed doesn’t mean sacrificing balance and energy, but rather it is what enables you to achieve both.

The author discovered this when he hit 40 and was feeling tired and stressed from all of his travel and speaking engagements.

He had been distracted from his real obsession – becoming the greatest salesman on earth – and as soon as he wrote down his purpose and reaffirmed his goals in life, he felt instantly rejuvenated.

Having obsession can unlock your energy while at the same time allowing you to have a balanced life that includes having a fulfilling career, financial success, good health, happy family life, and strong faith.

To accomplish this, don’t take lots of time off away from working on your goals – instead make the most of each moment with the passion that comes with being obsessed.

This could look like spending quality time with your family while also doing something for yourself like going to the gym in the morning!

Never Settle: Give Yourself A Grand Purpose To Keep Growing Towards An Exceptional Career

By keeping your obsessions fresh and alive, you’ll find new motivation to keep going.

If it took you less time than expected to accomplish the goals that you set for yourself, don’t settle with just checking them off your list.

Instead, move on to something more audacious – something that challenges you and excites you to get out of bed in the morning.

For example, the author of Be Obsessed or Be Average originally owned 100 apartments and then his goal became 500; now he owns 4500 units!

Or if your goal was to earn a million dollars, why not reset with a billion? Not only will this give each day fuel but it could open up rewarding avenues like investing in charitable organizations or providing support for generations in the future.

Obsessions should be ongoing – always reaching for new heights instead of settling for an inactive lifestyle once you’ve achieved something specific.

If not, boredom can creep in quickly.

Don’t allow yourself to become stressed or overwhelmed because of a lack of challenge; instead, refresh your obsessions every so often and stay motivated as your career progresses.

The Power Of Promise: Aim High, Believe Big And Reach For The Stars

Power Of Promise

If you’re serious about success, you should aim high, no matter what the challenge is.

Billionaires don’t know exactly how they’re going to make their fortune, yet they promise more than they think is possible and work hard to find a way to deliver on that promise.

This approach can be applied to anything from getting married, having a child or starting your own business.

When it comes to setting goals for yourself and your business, take a page from Apple’s book – be big, bold and innovative and worry about the details later.

Apple has released many products that weren’t perfect, but being first to market was far more important than anything else.

Plus, it inspired customers to trust in the brand and has kept them loyal for years.

The New England Patriots are another great example of what happens when someone promises something great and others rise up to meet that challenge.

When Robert Kraft took over as owner in 1995, he promised a Super Bowl win even though the team was struggling at the time.

That inspired confidence in both players and fans alike which helped lead the Patriots to glorious victory five times since then!

Embracing Fear: The Driving Force Behind Success

Embracing your fears can be the key to success.

That’s the message behind J.K.

Rowling’s famous commencement address to the Harvard grads back in 2008, when she said that you must be brave enough to fail if you want to make it big in life.

This is something we can all relate to since fear of failure and fear of rejection are nearly universal feelings.

But understanding and accepting these feelings may be what gives you that psychological edge you need to succeed.

Rowling herself speaks from experience here: she experienced 12 rejections before her first Harry Potter book was accepted by a publisher and went on to sell over 12 million copies!

Imagine if she had let her fear stop her–we wouldn’t have Harry Potter today!

So don’t be afraid of feeling fear from time-to-time; it’s normal, it means you’re pushing yourself, and embracing it will help take you further.

It might even motivate you to move out of your comfort zone, take business risks, and explore new markets that may offer more opportunity for growth.

In other words, use the current economic conditions as an incentive push your boundaries a bit more today–it just might lead to major rewards tomorrow!

Too Often, People Let Fear Hold Them Back From Success: Invest In Expansion Opportunities And Get Help To Reach Your Highest Potential

The message in Be Obsessed or Be Average is simple: if you want to succeed, stop hoarding money and use it instead to grow your business.

That’s because success is measured by growth and the key to cornering the market is expansion.

This means that money saved isn’t actually doing anything for you, so it’s better to spend excess profits on potential growth opportunities.

The author even suggests spending 30 – 40 percent of your profits on expanding your operations, such as exploring new markets and avenues available.

If these opportunities prove hard to find, then putting the investment into marketing efforts will still yield results – publicity can make a huge difference in terms of making your company more successful.

But don’t try doing it all by yourself.

If you’re a leader, then part of that role involves delegation and hiring staff to help increase profits.

Cardone lived this lesson after spending 10 years alone in business until he realized that having a team was essential if he wanted his enterprise to become successful.

The numbers reflect the importance of this action – currently around 75 percent of US companies are single-person operations with an average annual profit of $44,000.

Compare that against giants like Amazon who employ over 200,000 people!

How To Thank Your Haters And Use Their Attention To Drive Your Success

Using haters as allies to fuel your obsession can be a wonderful way to drive success.

This is especially true today with the plethora of avenues available through social media.

Instead of trying to shut down criticism, you should instead be thankful for the attention and make it work for you.

Think about this: The more haters you have, the more successful you are!

Companies only attract haters if they’re already seen as noteworthy, so why not use that as free publicity?

Plus, haters can make us resilient by teaching us how to handle adversity.

Even bullies or mean people from high school played a role in making us who we are today; their words can provide plenty of motivation to prove them wrong and lead to better products and services.

Haters can be used as allies if we let them; allowing their presence and criticism to fuel our obsession for success can be incredibly powerful.

It’S Important To Be Effective Rather Than Nice In Order To Generate Profits


If you want to reach the pinnacle of success, it’s essential that you have an obsessive approach to assembling your team.

Every person on board needs to understand and share your passion for the business and its mission, so don’t be afraid to hire — and fire — accordingly.

Take time to evaluate each applicant carefully, get feedback from current workers, and listen in on job interviews to make sure they are fully equipped with the necessary skill-set as well as displaying a true enthusiasm for the job.

It’s also crucial that you stay involved in every aspect of the business – not just financial decisions but also how people interact with clients.

Be vigilant about monitoring performance standards, and constructive when providing feedback if someone is falling short.

And don’t forget to show gratitude whenever it’s due: send personal messages of appreciation or even record a video to congratulate those who put their all into their work.

It’ll motivate them further and show everyone what is expected from them!

Wrap Up

The “Be Obsessed or be Average” book provides an important lesson—to excel and stand out, you must first have a growth mindset.

Don’t be afraid to set big goals and aim high—these will inspire and motivate your team, leading to truly exceptional results.

In order to make the most of your time and resources, focus on tasks that align with your obsession, instead of wasting time on mundane chores.

If necessary, don’t hesitate to pay someone else for them so that you can use your valuable hours pursuing what matters most.

By taking heed of these useful insights from the book, you can start setting yourself up for success today!

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