At Your Best Summary By Carey Nieuwhof

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At Your Best (2021) is an important book that digs deeper into the time management subject and shows readers how they can make better use of their time, energy and priorities.

Authored by Carey Nieuwhof who has years of leadership experience, this book teaches practical methods so that people can attain their desired goals while still having the energy necessary to do what they truly love in life.

It offers a balanced and holistic approach to help readers make every hour of their day count.

Whether it's your job or family life, this guide helps you stay on track with achieving your goals and gaining not only success but true happiness as well.

At Your Best

Book Name: At Your Best (How to Get Time, Energy, and Priorities Working in Your Favor)

Author(s): Carey Nieuwhof

Rating: 4.5/5

Reading Time: 21 Minutes

Categories: Mindfulness & Happiness

Author Bio

Carey Nieuwhof is an internationally-recognized author and leadership consultant who has been inspiring and guiding leaders from around the world with his knowledge, insights, and advice.

His books have been best sellers, with one million readers every month.

He also hosts five podcasts with more than 45 million downloads, which reach more than 1.5 million people monthly.

Furthermore, he was the original founding pastor of what is now one of the most fast-growing churches in North America.

His expertise and passion to help leaders make their organizations thrive led him to write 'At Your Best', a book summarizing his advice on how to become successful while still maintaining healthy relationships and personal growth.

How to Stop Living at an Unsustainable Pace and Make the Most of Your Time, Energy, and Priorities

 Time, Energy

Are you exhausted from the daily grind and feeling like there’s never enough time to get everything done? It might be time to rethink your approach to stress and commitments – and that’s exactly what At Your Best: A Simple Guide to Beat Burnout and Start Thriving is about.

This book, written by an individual who has been through the same thing you are going through now, offers powerful insights on how to align your three core assets – time, energy, and priorities – in order to avoid burnout and start living your life fully.

You will learn why simply managing your time isn’t enough; understand how prioritizing can help you keep on top of things; discover why energy management is essential for success; as well as gain valuable insight into the importance of saying no in a polite manner when needed.

At Your Best: A Simple Guide to Beat Burnout and Start Thriving is an invaluable guide that will make all the difference in helping you redefine yourself.

Three Keys to Building a Life You Don’t Need to Escape From

In the book “At Your Best” by Carey Nieuwhof, the author stresses that in order to achieve true success, you need to find a balance between your time, energy, and priorities.

This means ensuring that all three are in sync with each other and working together for rather than against each other.

When your time is focused on the right tasks and you’re able to leverage your energy properly, it allows you to prioritize your important tasks accordingly and maximize productivity.

On the other hand, when you fail to do so, your time gets wasted on distractions and small tasks instead of the important ones.

And this can easily lead to burnout due to a lack of balance between your commitments.

Nieuwhof shares some strategies for escaping this stress spiral – such as saying no more often so you’re able to focus on your own priorities – which will help bring these three key assets into sync so that you can truly thrive physically, spiritually, and with family.

Maximize Your Productivity by Identifying and Taking Advantage of Your Energy Zones

Energy Zones

You want to make the most of your day, but it’s almost impossible if you don’t know your energy zones.

Understanding your own energy cycle is the key to gaining insight into how your body works and how you can use that knowledge to achieve peak performance.

The first step in understanding your energy zones is to keep track of when you have high/low energy levels throughout the day.

You may find that you’re energized for a few hours in the morning before tapering off, or perhaps it follows a more cyclical pattern.

Taking notes throughout the day can help you identify any pulsing trends in terms of when your have peak versus trough periods of energy and focus.

Once you’ve established which are your prime time hours, that’s when you need to focus on tackling those challenging jobs – consider this as your green zone.

This is the time when working on doing tasks that require extra effort or attention will be most effective and efficient.

Utilize this period wisely!

Once outside these optimal hours, much less intense tasks such as emails or book-keeping activities should be handled – aim for tackling yellow zone projects during these periods as they don’t require as much focus.

Last but not least, treat your red zone with extreme caution – try and avoid high intensity projects here unless absolutely necessary as even high-energy people can run perilously low at times like these!

Leverage Your Energy Cycle to Maximize Your Time: Understanding Your Green, Yellow and Red Zones

At Your Best by Narelle Tudor Harris teaches readers how to get the most out of their green zones and maximize productivity.

The key message here is that, if you want to thrive, it is necessary to be aware of your energy cycle and then leverage your energy by doing your best work when you’re in the green zone.

The author emphasizes that green is for completing the tasks that matter the most: Your gifts, your passion and your impact.

Your gifts are those activities or talents that come easy to you.

During the green zone, focus on using these skills and expanding them through further practice or learning a new one.

Your passion is all about doing what you love and brings you energy instead of draining it.

Finally, green zone should focus on achieving long-term goals or tasks that bring great value and make a lasting impact in your organization or life as a whole.

Yellow zone should contain moderate importance tasks like holding meetings or sending company-wide emails while red zone should be reserved for low-importance tasks like tackling emails, exercising or routine administration tasks.

Realize Your Priorities and Fight Distractions to Maximize Productivity

Fight Distractions

When it comes to getting into the flow of productivity, realize your priorities by focusing on the right tasks and fighting distractions.

Don’t let people and notifications steal your focus away from the important goals that you have set for yourself.

Reduce distractions that can keep you from accomplishing your tasks effectively.

Creating an environment conducive to concentration is key.

Make sure your workspace is designed for productivity with minimal interruptions and outside noises that may keep you from concentrating entirely on what needs to be done.

On top of that, it’s also good practice to remember to prioritize high-yield activities; 20% of effort often yields 80% of results after all!

Focusing on those few main goals and tasks will help you make an impact in your work and career while meeting goals more effectively and efficiently.

Realizing your priorities requires a lot of focus on tackling selected tasks consistently over a long period of time if successes need to be achieved.

Be conscious about understanding when necessary tasks need to be pushed to the side and when they are ultimately better allowed some dedicated attention – then do whatever it takes fight off all possible distractions along the way towards achievement!

Learn to Prioritize Your Relationships and Say No In a Gentle Way


One of the key tenets of At Your Best is learning to prioritize the right relationships and learn to say no.

It sounds counterintuitive, but often when it comes to relationships, less is more.

Trying to please everyone or giving your attention to those who drain you can leave you feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

That’s why it’s essential to invest in your best: Spend 80 percent of your time with your top performers, the people who energize you and make you feel good about yourself, and those whom you care about the most.

Robin Dunbar’s principles also demonstrate that there is a limit on how many meaningful cameos our lives can accommodate.

But how do we navigate requests from people wanting our time? We need a clear strategy for saying ‘no’, understanding that our capacity for different relationships is limited.

To say ‘no’ gracefully means expressing empathy while being firm and redirecting them towards another person or resource they could contact instead.

How to Stay on Track and Thrive in a World of Constant Change

Life throws unexpected curveballs from time to time, and it’s important to remember that you can’t plan for everything.

Instead of focusing on the uncontrollable, At Your Best by Your Life encourages readers to focus on what they can control and be open to recalibrating when needed.

This strategy starts with making sure your priorities and schedule are in check.

Don’t leave any blank spaces in your calendar and try not to strive for perfection, as the week never turns out exactly as planned.

That said, some people may feel like they have no control over their schedules if their jobs aren’t very flexible—but this is when it’s time to do some problem-solving, such as having a conversation with a boss or shifting start times, if necessary.

Everyone’s life stage will differ and sometimes an approach will need reflecting these changes.

For instance, if there’s a new baby on the way then the priorities shift – now isn’t neccessarily the best time for taking on an ambitious project or attempting a drastic dieting regime!

Wrap Up

At Your Best by Michael Neill is a fantastic book for anyone looking to make the most of the energy and time available to them each day.

The key message throughout is that living life in the grip of stress and busyness doesn’t have to be inevitable.

Instead by discovering your energy zones and working with them, you can do your best work when feeling at your very best.

When you look at how you spend your time, prioritize that which matters most and don’t let other factors hijack it, you will start to really thrive in all areas of life.

One great way to save time is to make categorical decisions and only backpedal in exceptional circumstances.

With this approach you can quickly dispense with dozens of decisions that many otherwise face on a regular basis.

Overall this book is a great resource for anyone who wants valuable tools on how they can take back control of their time and get the most out of every day!

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