Are You Fully Charged? Summary By Tom Rath

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Are You Fully Charged is a book written by Thomas E.

Gilkerson in 2015.

This book is an essential guide for eliminating days when you feel down or exhausted and replacing them with meaningful interactions.

It provides readers with practical strategies for gaining mental and physical energy, without spending countless hours on it.

Organized into easy-to-follow sections, the book includes advice on how to increase productivity and improve your overall performance by socializing more, sitting less, and finding a greater sense of meaning in life.

Not only does it show readers how to maximize their potential by learning what energizes them, but also suggests how to maintain high levels of motivation no matter the circumstances.

Are You Fully Charged?

Book Name: Are You Fully Charged? (The 3 Keys to Energizing Your Work and Life)

Author(s): Tom Rath

Rating: 4.3/5

Reading Time: 15 Minutes

Categories: Personal Development

Author Bio

Tom Rath is a celebrated author, researcher and speaker with an impressive background in human behavior, health, well-being and business.

The New York Times and Wall Street Journal have featured him as a bestselling author six times over for books such as "How Full Is Your Bucket?" and "StrengthsFinder 2.0".

He's an international expert on the connections of mind, body and emotions when it comes to success - something that is exemplified in his latest book titled "Are You Fully Charged?".

3 Keys to Get Fully Charged in Your Professional and Personal Life

Professional and Personal Life

When you want to get the most out of life, it’s important to charge yourself up with positive energy and meaning.

You don’t have to completely transform your life in order to achieve this – small yet meaningful changes can have a big impact!

For example, getting enough sleep every night can help boost your body’s energy levels, while resisting cravings for sweets can prevent unhealthy binges.

Most importantly, focus on giving your life more meaningful experiences rather than chasing money which won’t necessarily bring you happiness.

Take advantage of these simple tips and use the three keys – energy, interactions and meaning – to give your life a positive charge.

This will allow you to experience bursts of energy and happiness that will make life even better!

The Key to Finding Happiness is Finding Meaning in Life

Many of us want happiness so much that we spend our entire lives chasing after it, never realizing that trying to find it can actually be preventing us from achieving it.

But the truth is, you can’t just pursue happiness and expect to obtain it; instead, happiness can come as a result of living a meaningful life.

But where do we find this meaning? Most people generally put their effort into finding happiness in their careers and wages, yet these sources are not always directly connected to sustainable contentment in the long run.

In fact, despite a doubling of income from different individuals nation-wide, life satisfaction only increased by nine percent.

External motivations such as money and success may provide temporary fulfillment but are not the best ways of getting lasting joy; internal motivation comes from within ourselves and has the power to give true sustenance in any situation.

Any job was created for one main reason: to help others, make progress or produce something for people’s needs – so even if you’re working in a call center and helping somebody out with your compassion and kindness, you’re making an impact which gives both them and yourself an internal boost.

Stop Relying On Passivity and Start Proactively Pursuing Your Own Well-Being


Although it’s easy to fall into the trap of passive reacting, it’s important to be proactive in pursuit of well-being.

A study of smartphone users revealed they unlocked their phones 110 times a day and 9 times an hour during peak evening hours.

This can have a damaging effect on sleep quality, mental and physical burnout, as well as physical health – so how can you break this cycle?

The answer is simple: exchange passive reactions for active initiating.

To do so, switch off automatic notifications and set specific times for checking emails and social media throughout the day.

This will help you remain focused on your own tasks without distraction.

If you still struggle with being productive, start by writing down what wastes your time most often – such as games on your phone!

– then focus on actively initiating simple interactions with those around you that could ultimately lead to great benefits for your wellbeing.

Don’t disguise passivity as productivity by trying to stay busy all day: manage your time better and it will allow you to truly benefit from proactivity.

How to Boost Your Daily Positivity Levels with Kindness and Encouragement

In “Are You Fully Charged?”, one of the best ways to keep your day on the positive side is to think positively and spread positive energy.

It’s important to assume that most people mean well and have good intentions, even if they don’t always act that way.

When you’re in conversations, keep 80% of the talk positive by using uplifting words.

Showing encouragement and praise helps build others’ self-confidence as much as it boosts yours!

Also, make sure your compliments are sincere and specific for lasting effect – instead of just saying “good job”, try to give more detailed compliments about what you liked about the person’s work.

Take time out from the negative comments, so that those around you won’t tune out or shut down from your conversation.

The bottom line is – thinking positively can benefit everyone involved in the conversation, and help raise self-esteem too!

Invest Time in Your Relationships for an Uplifting Boost to Your Happiness, Creativity and Motivation


Relationships are key to feeling fulfilled, and when you make time for the right people, it can impact your well-being in a positive way.

Investing in relationships is worth the effort, as your connection with certain individuals will influence your habits, choices, and overall level of happiness.

Though it may be difficult to find the time and energy due to hectic schedules, investing in relationships takes far less than you’d expect.

Did you know that simply taking a walk or sharing dinner with those close to you can improve your mood? It’s true – studies show that positive experiences with friends have an enduring value – we remember them much longer than expected!

You don’t need to wait for an enjoyable experience either.

Research has proven that anticipation of these events can lift your mood even weeks before they take place.

Share the experience with others instead of keeping it a surprise; when friendship and excitement build up together, enjoyment increases!

Eat Right and Boost Your Energy Levels With a Few Simple Changes

Do you ever feel rundown and exhausted? We’ve all been there.

Eating right can give your body the positive charge it needs to stay energized throughout the day.

To do that, you need to know how to choose the right foods.

Fried food and sugary energy drinks should be avoided, while opting for more portions of fruits, veggies, and proteins.

Making these food swaps gradually will help set up a new healthy diet.

Even adding just a slight increase in protein intake and an equal decrease in carbs will have a myriad of health benefits.

When shopping for groceries, seek out foods with a five-to-one ratio of carbs to proteins or better.

A study from the University of Missouri found that starting your day with a protein-rich breakfast increases dopamine levels, which reduces cravings for sweets.

Eggs, nuts, salmon, lean meat – these are all some examples of snacks rich in protein that can make all the difference when it comes to feeling energized and avoiding sugar crashes throughout the day

Finally prepare healthy meals in advance: reorganize your kitchen so that healthy choices are more visible and easier to access; bring small packs of fruit or nuts with you when leaving home; plan your shopping beforehand and stick by it!

Doing so will help you make healthier decisions every time you feel like snacking or eating something unhealthy.

Stop Making Excuses and Start Moving — Exercise is Key to Increased Concentration, Productivity and Improved Overall Health


It’s essential to customize your workday to get your body moving more if you want to stay healthy.

Constant sitting can be damaging to our health in the long run, so simply standing up a few times an hour can make a big difference.

While sitting, we lose electrical activity in our leg muscles, calorie consumption drops drastically and enzymes that break down fat decrease.

Moving around and engaging in even moderate intensity exercise is shown to boost concentration and mood even 12 hours after completing it – not to mention how 150 percent more energized you feel after walking!

To encourage movement throughout the day, look for ways to increase activity within your surroundings – like rearranging your home or office for convenience rather than comfort (like moving the printer out of arm’s reach).

You don’t need to join a gym or sign up for expensive classes either; just measuring your movement each day can motivate you towards greater physical activity.

According to research, 10,000 steps per day is a great benchmark goal.

Using a health-tracking device such as an app or pedometer is also helpful when it comes to getting closer and closer each day to hitting that target!

Don’t Skimp on Sleep: Get Enough Rest for Improved Performance and Health

If you want to get more done in less time, investing in your sleep is essential.

Studies show that elite professionals get an average of eight hours and 36 minutes of sleep per night—and this rest helps prevent exhaustion, promotes full recovery, and improves performance.

In fact, a 2014 research study found that late-night smartphone usage takes a toll on your sleep quality.

Furthermore, Harvard Medical School found that the American economy loses $63 billion due to lost productivity caused by lack of sufficient sleep.

So if you want to be at your best, avoiding bright screens at least an hour before bedtime and putting your electronic devices down can ensure quality rest and maximum efficiency the next day.

It’s important to note that sacrificing sleep has diminishing returns, so don’t do it out of guilt or fear—take better care of yourself instead!

Investing in your sleep will give you the fuel and charge you need to take on the challenges ahead.

Wrap Up

Are You Fully Charged? provides an important reminder that prioritizing your well-being and relationships will result in better work performance, and a more meaningful life.

It encourages readers to cultivate meaningful relationships with those around them, rather than relying on technology or gadgets as a replacement.

One key message left by the book is to hide your phone during conversations.

Having your phone visible decreases the quality of interactions and can even make it harder for people to pay attention.

The iPhone effect is real, and studies have confirmed this over the years.

Overall, Are You Fully Charged? is an insightful book into how we can all start living meaningfully and actively and looking after our own happiness in the long run.

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