And the Good News Is… Summary By Dana Perino

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"And the Good News Is…" by Dana Perino is a book that offers readers insight into the life and times of regular, hardworking people.

It covers Dana's journey from her childhood growing up in rural Wyoming to her current career on Capitol Hill.

The book is filled with powerful advice that makes it relevant, regardless of one’s age or background.

Through stories and anecdotes, Dana encourages readers to be resilient in difficult times and provides guidance on how to find success while navigating the struggles of everyday life.

This book is an effective tool for personal growth, offering practical advice and inspiring others to stay open minded and strive for greatness every day.

If you're looking for guidance and support on your own journey, And the Good News Is… is the perfect accompaniment.

And the Good News Is

Book Name: And the Good News Is... (Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side)

Author(s): Dana Perino

Rating: 4/5

Reading Time: 13 Minutes

Categories: Book Summaries

Author Bio

Dana Perino is no stranger to the media.

She served as Press Secretary to the George W.

Bush administration, and she’s now a panelist on Fox News' hit show The Five.

Her latest book, And the Good News Is...

details her views on life and offers advice for overcoming struggles in both professional and personal arenas.

Perino shares her unique perspective and valuable insight from both her political roles and her career as a published author, with firsthand stories of both successes and failures.

This uplifting book teaches readers how to remain positive when faced with obstacles, so that they can build themselves up for success.

Get to Know Dana Perino: Uncovering the Life and Work of a TV Personality and Political Commentator

Dana Perino

Do you want to get to know Dana Perino? Well, this book is the perfect way for you to do so!

You’ll learn about her personal life journey and important moments that shaped the person she became – from growing up on a ranch, landing a job in the White House working with President Bush and becoming famous on Fox News’ The Five.

This sections will provide youdwith answers to all of your questions – from where she’s from, what childhood was like for her and how she overcame obstacles to success.

You’ll also gain insight into what made her such an influential figure in politics – including how her parents prepared her for a career in politics, why being tough doesn’t mean having to be unkind and what Dana learned from olid Dick Cheney.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity of getting to know the amazing Dana Perino better!

The Value of Toughness and Tenderness: Lessons Learned from Growing up on a Ranch

Spending lots of time on a Wyoming ranch growing up taught Dana to be tough and independent.

From her grandparents’ ranch, she learned the importance of hard work – opening gates, filling water tanks, collecting eggs, helping to keep the calves fed during winter – it was all part of the day-to-day life that could sometimes be difficult.

For instance, collecting chicken eggs came with its own set of fears for Dana; but instead of giving in to those fears, she felt determined to do what was needed and pulled her own weight as best she could.

Not only that, but rural Wyoming taught her a valuable lesson: that it’s important to take care of yourself by balancing strength with gentleness.

Dana witnessed this firsthand when her grandfather had to shoot a horse with a broken leg after comforting her about it.

An uncomfortable situation for sure – but vital for Dana’s development into an independent woman who understands both how and when to show strength, and how and when to offer empathy or support.

Dana’s Father and Mother Cultivated a Lifelong Love of Politics in Her from an Early Age

Love of Politics

Dana’s parents made sure that they inculcated an early interest in politics and news in her.

From subscribing to political magazines like Time, U.S.

News & World Report, National Review and Newsweek, to making her and her sister read the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News before he came back from work every day – his father was dedicated in giving her a strong foundation when it comes to being knowledgeable about government and the world around her.

On the other hand, Dana’s mother taught young Dana about why America is great by helping immigrants who escaped from oppressive regimes get into US for refuge through a program called Refugee Services.

This act of kindness gave Dana something concrete to follow up on.

She also took Dana and her sister on a memorable trip to Washington DC where she saw firsthand how amazing America is – with Fourth of July fireworks shimmering over the Washington Monument.

It’s an experience that still has an imprint in Dana’s mind even today.

At 25, Dana’s Accomplishments Were Impressive But Something Was Still Missing From Her Life

Dana had a knack for politics from a young age and it showed.

She was elected student body president in high school, and made improvements like adding more time to the weekly schedule for tutoring and studying.

After graduating college, Dana secured a position at Capitol Hill as an intern at CBS affiliate.

But she knew that wasn’t her true passion – media was.

So while she was still working on Capitol Hill, she got a job on Standoff, a debate show broadcasted on local television in Colorado.

Her performance was so good that she even got her own show called Capitol Journal where she talked about political topics and legislative issues related to Colorado.

It was through this show that Dana created contacts which proved instrumental later in life.

Despite being only 25 years of age, Dana had managed to achieve quite a lot for herself!

And when Representative Dan Schaefer of Colorado began searching for a new press secretary, Dana jumped at the chance to apply – and three weeks later she landed the job!

The Story of Dana Perino: From Plane Ride to Fox News Host

Story of Dana Perino

Dana had worked for many years, often under difficult circumstances, to build her career.

In August of 1997 she got on a plane to Washington DC and began her journey.

Through hard work she was able to land increasingly important positions, from spokesperson for the Department of Justice to director of communications at the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

However, it wasn’t until 2007 that Dana achieved her dream job: press secretary to the Bush administration.

Though being a part of this role meant working every waking minute, Dana was determined and fulfilled this position until 2008.

But when Obama took office, Dana found herself out of a job and uncertain about where to go next.

It seemed like all hope was lost – but then Roger Ailes and Fox News stepped in with an opportunity that changed everything.

With her media experience and her time in the White House, Dana had the perfect skillset for The Five – an hour long discussion show discussing current affairs from various viewpoints – making her an ideal fit for the show’s members.

The Importance of Good Manners: Sharing Credit and Listening to Others for a Better America

Success means cultivating good habits and adhering to certain rules of conduct.

This was something that Susan Molinari, a long-time friend of Dana’s, had often advised her on.

One of those rules was that it is important to share knowledge with others in order to contribute to the greater good.

But why is politeness and civility so essential for success? In recent decades, many people have become increasingly disgruntled with their government, resulting in a toxic political environment in which there is not much room for kind behavior.

A general lack of manners has only made it harder for us to solve our problems.

We should all strive towards becoming more polite – not just on an individual level but also as a country.

There are multiple actions we can take and one such example is recognizing when another person has been instrumental in achieving success and giving them the credit for it, like President Bush did in praising Colombian president Álvaro Uribe after American hostages were rescued by their forces and the CIA.

Don’t Fear Change and Exercise Your Mind to Stay Positive: The Lessons Dana Perino Learned on Her Journey

Dana Perino

Dana Perino has shown us that embracing risk and making changes can be the key to success.

She learned that we shouldn’t be afraid of taking risks and moving forward, even if it means literally moving.

Moving can help you advance your career, or at least give you a chance to realize your potential that may not have been recognized in other places.

But it doesn’t just stop there – we must also continue to work on ourselves and our skills.

Everyone needs to take time to sharpen their mind and continuously seek improvement, whether this means reading publications like The Wall Street Journal every day (as Congressman Scott McInnis suggested), or simply by staying positive despite negativity from others.

No matter what life throws at us, Dana knows not to let fear get in the way of progress – we need to embrace change and always work hard towards self-improvement!

Wrap Up

And the Good News Is…

is an inspiring read that teaches us all about the power of small habits in achieving big things.

Dana’s story shows us that, when it comes to doors opening in life, all starts with a single step.

By striving to improve yourself, sharing credit with others and knowing when to listen, you are paving your way for success.

As a final summary, Dana emphasizes the importance of replacing gum with mints – no matter how trivial it may seem – in order to cultivate small habits that can lead to big achievements.

This habit alone can help make sure that you’re always leaving a good impression whether at work or socially.

What a wonderful reminder of how simple things can bring great results!

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