American Savage Summary By Dan Savage

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American Savage is a surefire must-read if you care deeply about the future of this great nation.

The book dives into some of the most polarizing social issues we face in the US today, from religion to gay rights and from health care to education - it's all covered!

Author Dan Savage brings his trademark wit and wisdom to the table as he offers a unique yet substantial perspective on these difficult conversations.

Not only will readers be entertained, but they'll also be inspired to take action and fight for equality for all humans.

American Savage is an incisive exploration of our current state that supplies invaluable insight for everyone looking to make meaningful contributions to society.

American Savage

Book Name: American Savage (Insights, Slights and Fights on Faith, Sex, Love and Politics)

Author(s): Dan Savage

Rating: 4/5

Reading Time: 20 Minutes

Categories: Sex & Relationships

Author Bio

Dan Savage is an influential figure in the world of sex and relationships.

He is the author of the nationally syndicated column “Savage Love”, as well as its companion podcast, "The Savage Lovecast".

Additionally, Dan is the editorial director for The Stranger newspaper located in Seattle, Washington and has written multiple books, including "The Commitment: Love, Sex Marriage, and My Family" and "The Kid: What Happened After My Boyfriend and I Decided to Go Get Pregnant".

Throughout his career, Dan has been a vocal supporter of gay rights.

Dan Savage: An Advocate of Sexual Freedom, Ending Bullying and Gun Law Reforms

Sexual Freedom

Dan Savage is one of the most inspiring activists in the fight for equality and acceptance in the United States.

Through his sex columns and podcast Savage Love, he has challenged many commonly held misconceptions about sex and sexuality, as well as working to end bullying of young LGBT people.

He’s taken it upon himself to educate Americans on sexual issues, encourage them to live more sexually fulfilling lives, while also advocating for crucial changes to American gun laws and sex education reform.

Dan Savage’s crusade follows his mission; to call out inequality and create a more tolerant America.

To bring this mission closer to achieving success, it’s important that Americans from all walks of life join him — either by paying attention or taking action themselves.

His views include understanding why cheating can be beneficial at times, the true definition of “santorum” and why gun laws need reformation in this country.

The Bible’s Hypocrisy on LGBT Issues: How We Must Accept That the Old Testament Is Outdated and Not Relevant to Modern Societies

Using the Bible to condemn homosexuality and justify antigay bigotry is incredibly hypocritical.

As Dan Savage, an outspoken sex columnist and gay rights advocate, knows all too well, The Church and the Bible openly disapprove of homosexuality yet turn a blind eye to the many incendiary verses in the Old Testament.

For instance, in Leviticus 20:13 it reads that any man who “lies with” another man “shall surely be put to death.” Antigay Christians often take this as justification for their views, but conveniently ignore other sections that talk about slavery or stoning women who have premarital sex – two things modern societies no longer condone.

Therefore it is clear that we all need to make a choice – either accept that we are being hypocritical when adhering to one part of the Bible while disregarding others or agree that the Old Testament is out of touch with today’s values and should not be taken as gospel.

Dan Savage’s Advice: Cheating Can Save a Sexless Marriage and Being GGG Is the Key to Maintaining a Healthy Relationship

Although it might be hard for some to accept, extramarital sex can benefit certain couples in the long-term.

This is the idea put forward by author Dan Savage, who has been advising those in relationships since he began his popular sex advice column in 1991.

Savage has received an abundance of letters from couples requesting guidance and heard stories about how one partner’s libido had decreased due to a number of issues such as having children or becoming ill.

In some cases, he recommended seeking out sexual pleasure elsewhere as a way to continue the relationship and keep things alive.

Clearly an individual answer that doesn’t apply to all, but when a couple (in this case a husband and wife) was struggling because one partner no longer wanted sex and would rather pretend than address it directly, Savage suggested that the husband discreetly find pleasure outside their marriage in order to keep unity.

However, even without finally resorting to extramarital acts all partners should focus on being ‘good, giving and game’ (aka GGG).

This concept suggests they are open minded to accommodate each other’s desires, be attentive to each other’s needs during intercourse and actively offer pleasure instead of always aiming for personal satisfaction alone – which should lead up not just better sexual experience but also more overall happiness.

As proven by research published in the Journal of Sex Research couples experience higher satisfaction when partners follow this advice for an improved relationship.

The Catholic Church and Schools Teach Damaging Sex Lessons

Catholic Church

The Catholic Church’s approach to sex is incredibly outdated and disconnected from reality.

It sees sex solely as a means of reproduction, while scientific studies show that it is essential in establishing and maintaining intimate relationships.

This has resulted in the Church consistently refusing to accept the use of birth control or abortions, even though 93 percent of Catholics support using condoms and 67 percent see premarital sex as acceptable.

Meanwhile, the United States school system is also failing when it comes to educating students about sex.

Sex ed classes focus almost exclusively on the risks associated with sexual activity, while hardly providing any information on how to practice safe sex.

To make matters worse, these classes often adhere to an abstinence-only approach which puts students at greater risk of having an unplanned pregnancy or contracting an STD.

As a result, the US has far and away the highest teen pregnancy rate among industrialized countries – all due in part to inadequate education about sex.

It is clear that neither the church’s view of sex nor American schools’ methods for teaching it accurately reflects reality – which shows just how woefully inadequate our current approaches are.

The Illogical and Hypocritical Arguments Used Against Gay Marriage

In Dan Savage’s American Savage, we see just how hypocritical and illogical the arguments against marriage equality and same-sex parenting really are.

When conservative antigay marriage advocate Brian Brown came to dinner, a lively debate ensued.

Savage asked Brown why he isn’t opposed to divorce if it violates Church teachings; Brown said that just because you believe something is wrong doesn’t mean it should be illegal.

But when questioned about same-sex marriage, Brown replied that gay marriage “cannot exist” as it does not “based upon reality.”

This goes against the natural law argument which holds that marriage exists solely for the purpose of uniting males and females so they can produce offspring – an argument which doesn’t hold up under scrutiny considering infertile couples or those who don’t want children.

Furthermore, rigorous studies have shown there is no difference between children raised by straight or same-sex parents in happiness or functionability.

It’s therefore clear that these arguments against gay rights are indeed hypocritical and illogical – not to mention hateful bigotry as exemplified by Bryan Fischer who has been known to call gay men predators preying on children.

Straight People Can Celebrate and Embrace Sexual Freedom Just Like LGBTQ+ People

LGBTQ+ People

Gay pride events and BDSM fairs are freeing and promote safe sex, which everyone can benefit from, including straight people.

According to bigoted right-wingers, all gay people engage in depraved behavior during these festivities.

Reviving the truth, however, we see these revelries not as “perversion” but as displays of freedom and safety.

Reverend Gary Aldridge is an example of someone who died due to autoerotic asphyxiation, a sexual practice that involves limiting oneself of oxygen for heightened arousal.

Sadly he was too ashamed to share his desire with others, thus leading to his death due to lack of knowledge on how to practice it safely.

At BDSM gatherings though, practitioners are able to gain advice on techniques that could potentially save lives in the long run through these so-called “kinky” activities.

In addition to this liberation factor with kinky sex being destigmatized is Halloween coming into play.

On this holiday you have a lot of sexy couples pairing up for costume parties showing sexual fantasies being showcased rather than demonized.

Through different outlets such as Halloween and pride parades, straight people can let loose from society‘s norms that restrict them just as much as gay people who come out can become more liberated for finally embracing their true sexual desires.

The Choice Not to Choose: Exposing the Fallacy of “Choosing” Sexual Orientation

Christian conservatives often argue that being gay is a choice.

This argument is usually used to discriminate against the LGBT community and deny them of equal rights because they have “chosen” their lifestyle.

However, Dan Savage argues that while we can’t choose our sexual orientation, what remains a choice is deciding to be closeted or open about it.

In the late 1960s, homosexuals faced rampant discrimination in every aspect of their lives and so it was understandable for people to remain in the closet for fear of facing such prejudice.

Nowadays, however, there are many examples of people who are still choosing to live a life of shame instead of taking advantage of opportunities to be open with their sexuality.

Jim West, for instance, was caught prowling the internet for teenage boys after helping kill an antidiscrimination bill that would have protected gays and lesbians.

Savage argues that if West could make a decision to be driven by bigotry despite being given the opportunity to come out, then being gay certainly isn’t a choice anyone can make in the morning on their way out the door!

How the LGBT Movement Has Boldly Fought Against Bigotry and Offensive Scrutiny of Homosexuality


The LGBT movement has helped to save lives and encourage people to stand up for themselves.

Dan Savage’s readers worked together to make sure that Rick Santorum’s name was forever linked to the dirtiest thing they could think of, showing they were no longer willing to put up with bigotry or be seen as second-class citizens.

The It Gets Better project also saved lives, by giving much needed hope to LGBT youth who couldn’t imagine a future where life was worth living due to the pain of bullying.

Alongside this was Merle Miller’s groundbreaking essay “What It Means To Be A Homosexual”, which pushed back against those who said degrading things about him and his friends, thus making him a pioneer in fighting for equal rights for the LGBT community.

Finally, Christian conservatives have also been a source of bigotry against homosexuality, though thankfully there has been pushback from the movement so that there is an increasing level of protection under the law for all members of the LGBT community.

We Must Come Together to Tackle the Health and Gun Crises in America

The US healthcare system and gun control laws are both crisis points that are in desperate need of repair.

With the Affordable Care Act (ACA, also known as Obamacare), 50 million people in the US were uninsured, and tens of thousands died each year due to lack of access to proper healthcare.

The ACA was created as a conservative solution; first implemented by Republicans, it also had support from the health insurance industry.

Unfortunately, even with subsidized ACA plans available, millions of Americans remain uninsured and can’t afford the bills for medical care.

In terms of gun control laws, few restrictions are in place to protect citizens from threatening gun violence.

The US boasts one of the highest rates of civilian firearm ownership anywhere in the world – unsurprisingly this goes hand-in-hand with having the highest homicide rate among developed nations.

Time after time when shootings do happen there is massive public outcry that leads nowhere; instead, gun enthusiasts decry advocates for stricter regulation as ‘exploiting a tragedy’.

This reluctance is entirely unacceptable – needless and preventable deaths continue to mount up while reform stagnates into an endless cycle.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, American Savage serves as a reminder that we all have the right to be accepted regardless of our sexual orientation.

The Old Testament is not necessarily applicable to modern day societies, and it’s important to accept science as accurate when it comes to understanding human sexuality.

Additionally, when it comes to healthy committed relationships it’s essential to lay your “kink cards” on the table after a few months (at least before any major commitments are the case).

This way both you and your partner will feel informed and more comfortable in finding out each other’s private interests.

Overall, American Savage deserves recognition for making an effort in advocating for equal rights of LGBT people.

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