American Kompromat Summary By Craig Unger

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American Kompromat (2021) is the eye-opening book that reveals the truth behind Russian attempts to manipulate the United States government - and specifically Donald Trump.

In it, readers can get a deeper understanding of how the Kremlin's KGB planted their hooks in Trump and gained leverage over him during his tenure as president.

The book goes further than just revealing who had a hand in making this all happen, though.

It also delves into who enabled Trump to do Putin's bidding, from Jeffrey Epstein to a Catholic order called Opus Dei - and, more broadly, why Trump has been so compliant with these requests.

For those wanting to know what really happened between the two leaders, American Kompromat is an informative and entertaining expose on one of the most perplexing mysteries of our time.

American Kompromat

Book Name: American Kompromat (How the KGB Cultivated Donald Trump, and Related Tales of Sex, Greed, Power, and Treachery)

Author(s): Craig Unger

Rating: 3.9/5

Reading Time: 22 Minutes

Categories: Politics

Author Bio

Craig Unger is an accomplished journalist and author who has written for Vanity Fair for the past 15 years.

His work in the magazine has been widely praised, and he has even served as Editor-in-Chief of Boston magazine in the past.

Beyond his work with magazines, Unger is also well known for his books, which include some best sellers such as House of Bush, House of Saud and House of Trump, House of Putin, amongst others.

He currently has a new book out titled "American Kompromat".

Uncovering the Kompromat Tying Donald Trump to Russia and the Catholic Right

Donald Trump

When you read American Kompromat, you’ll uncover the compromising secrets at the core of Donald Trump’s presidency.

From former intelligence agency directors to analysts with decades of experience, there is a consensus about Trump- his accidental or intentional ties to Russia.

The book dives deep into the various pieces of evidence, or kompromat, that tie Trump to Putin, Jeffrey Epstein and an authoritarian Catholic sect that infiltrated US Justice Department.

You will discover what Trump may have been doing in a Soviet electronics store and who might possess a massive collection of kompromat?

So if you’re looking for answers as to why Donald J.Trump was such an obsequious puppet to Putin despite clear signs of interference in United States election process, then American Kompromat is a must-read book.

The KGB Established Contact with Donald Trump Through a Soviet Emigree Electronics Store in the 1970s

By 1980, the KGB had established contact with Donald Trump.

This was made possible through Semyon Kislin, one of the owners of Joy-Lud Electronics in Manhattan.

In those days, Soviet diplomats, KGB officers and members of the Politburo frequented this store due to its unique ability to provide televisions that worked in the USSR.

Kislin appears to have been spotting potential targets for KGB recruitment and reporting his findings back to them.

One such target was Donald Trump who, at around this time, had started purchasing hundreds of television sets from Joy-Lud’s store on credit – something they wouldn’t normally do.

It’s speculated that these TVs may have had bugging devices installed inside them by the KGB.

It was through this purchase that KGB contact with Donald Trump was officially made and they could proceed with trying to cultivate him as an asset.

The KGB Played Trump As Their ‘Useful Idiot’ to Push Soviet Interests


Throughout the 1970s and 80s, Trump established a dangerous relationship with the Russian Mafia.

He had no qualms about allowing them to take part in very profitable and often illegal money laundering schemes.

In return for their business, the Mafia provided Trump with valuable resources and power.

By 1987, the KGB began exploiting this terrifying relationship by taking advantage of Trump’s personality and desires.

As former KGB agent Yuri Shvets explained, they lavished praises on him to make him feel powerful while planting ideas in his mind that would eventually lead to him supporting their cause.

Knowing that he was desperate for recognition and influence, they invited him to Moscow as a strategic way of demonstrating his newfound public importance on an international level.

The KGB’s efforts indeed paid off: upon returning to America, Trump began taking out ads in three major newspapers that heavily advocated positions supported by the Kremlin.

Such successful manipulation resulted in these tactics being highlighted as an example of success within Soviet ranks – while also solidifying their sway over Donald Trump’s decisions from then onward.

How the Russian Security Service May Have Acquired Jeffrey Epstein’s Kompromat

Jeffrey Epstein’s massive sex trafficking operation on Little Saint Jeff’s Private Island created an immense amount of kompromat, or compromising material.

Epstein allegedly video-recorded his guests at the island, likely hoping to have some sort of leverage against them for blackmail or for other purposes.

His now infamous “black book” contained the names of over 1,500 famous people connected to him.

While it’s still unknown which of these people participated in or were aware of Epstein’s activities, having one’s name appear in the black book isn’t a good sign.

Epstein’s former house manager Alfredo Rodriguez even circled certain names in the book and identified those as “witnesses”, including Donald Trump’s.

Many are speculating that Trump was somehow involved with Epstein in some form or another; however this has yet to be proven.

And while there has been speculation that Epstein had photographs showing Trump carousing with young women, they have not yet surfaced.

The true whereabouts and ownership of this treasure trove of kompromat are currently unknown, though one associate believe it is being held by John Mark Dougan, a police officer tied to the Russian security service FSB.

It is no wonder why Russia would be interested in such a collection; it likely holds enough power to shape public opinion and foreign policy around the world if used correctly.

Opus Dei’s Dangerous and Stealthy Quest to Take Over the US Government

US Government

The Catholic sect of Opus Dei has been successful in infiltrating the US government.

This began when its founder, Josemaría Escrivá, allied himself with Spain’s Fascist leader Francisco Franco in the late 1930’s and 40’s.

From there, the organization set out to influence American life by targeting the judiciary system and aiming to create a powerful presidency that could implement their authoritarian vision.

Opus Dei successfully recruited new members from some of Spain’s richest families, helping them gain positions in government.

They then turned their attention towards America and sought to alter the judicial system to a conservative one- prioritizing issues such as birth control, abortion, and gay marriage as they work towards meaningful long-term change.

It’s clear that Opus Dei wants complete obedience with their beliefs- understanding that points such as self-induced pain would not be accepted by many powerful people.

Therefore, they’ve formed an alliance with the Federalist Society (which holds around 70 thousand members), and appointed several judges who will enact a law that benefits both Trump AND Opus Dei’s vision for America under its authoritarian view.

William Barr Helped Trump Expand His Authority Through an Unusual Blend of Catholic and Constitutional Authoritarianism

William Barr believed in an extreme interpretation of the unitary executive which gives presidents nearly unlimited power to act without seeking congressional approval.

It is similar in many ways to the ideology of Opus Dei, although the organization denies he is a member.

Barr’s interpretation and ties to Opus Dei provided key assistance in expanding Trump’s presidential powers.

In 2017, when FBI director James Comey was fired while leading an investigation into alleged collusion between Trump and Russia, Barr argued that such action was within the president’s right and attempting to investigate it would be limiting his authority over government agencies.

The Mueller Report followed, but Barr issued a distorted summary of its findings that allowed Trump to declare it ‘fake news.’ His loyalty earned him new rights of declassifying government information related to the report, as well as increased powers for executive officials which mirrored what Barr had wanted all along.

Donald Trump: Russia’s Puppet in the White House?

White House

It is clear that Donald Trump wielded executive power that greatly served Vladimir Putin.

Perhaps the best example of this occurred in 2016 when the GOP platform was tampered with to weaken the party’s stance on Ukraine; a country on adversarial terms with Russia.

This move was evidence of Trump’s alliance with Putin and his desire to see action being taken against America’s adversary.

Later, when Trump pulled US troops from Syria in December 2018 he inadvertently strengthened Assad’s regime as well as his ally, Putin.By doing this, Trump also abandoned US ties with their allies such as the Kurdish forces.

Trump also attempted to weaken key alliances such as NATO, an alliance among many countries in Europe and North America.

He criticized calls for collective defense, asked for a withdrawal from NATO and suggested other countries were responsible for Russian wrongdoings.

On top of this Trump covered for Russia’s actions multiple times throughout his presidency further cementing Putin’s agenda within his administration.

Ultimately, answers may remain unanswered about why Donald Trump acted so frequently to benefit Vladimir Putin but it is clear that through executive power he certainly has done much harm to America’s global standing in pursuit of his own interests.

Wrap Up

The American Kompromat Book provides a comprehensive summary of the connection between Donald Trump and Russia.

It outlines how their relationship started back in the 1970s when Trump purchased TV sets from Semyon Kislin, who may have been a KGB asset.

It then explores how the relationship continued with a proposed construction of Trump Tower Moscow, which was fed by Kremlin code words that were repeated by Trump himself.

On top of this, there is also mention of Jeffrey Epstein’s kompromat on powerful men, as well as Opus Dei’s infiltration into the US justice system – both of which meant that for his presidency Donald Trump acted in ways that often benefited Russia without fear of repercussions.

From this book we can conclude that there is much evidence to suggest that during his presidency Donald Trump had a damaging repercussion upon America and ultimately served Russian interests as well.

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