A New Way for Mothers Summary By Louise Webster

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A New Way for Mothers is a must-read for any mother trying to balance her career and caregiving responsibilities.

The book provides an action plan for mothers looking to make the most of their time and maximize their unique talent.

It connects mothers with the skills and people that can help them reach their goals so they can thrive both personally and professionally.

By reading this book, mothers can access valuable advice, encouragement and strategies to navigate this complex world of modern motherhood!

A New Way for Mothers

Book Name: A New Way for Mothers (A Revolutionary Approach for Mothers to Use Their Skills and Talents While Their Children Are at School)

Author(s): Louise Webster

Rating: 4.2/5

Reading Time: 17 Minutes

Categories: Career & Success

Author Bio

Louise Webster is an inspiration to mothers everywhere.

She has two children and is an outspoken spokesperson on the subject of mothers and work.

In 2014, she was awarded Britain's Top Real Role Model due to her incredible efforts and further demonstrated her excellence when she was invited to advise the Prime Minister's aides.

Her website 'BeyondtheSchoolrun.com' is dedicated to connecting all mothers with the resources they need in order to lead successful, fulfilling lives.

As such, Louise Webster's work has forever changed the perception of motherhood, giving respect and appreciation for what it means to be a modern mom in today's world.

How To Balance Work & Family: Strategies for Working Mothers to Re-Enter the Workforce and Become Career Successes

Career Successes

As a mother, it’s not always easy to manage all of your responsibilities.

You want to be successful at work—sometimes, even more so than when you didn’t have children—while simultaneously providing the best care possible for your little ones.

So how do you make sure that you can fulfill both your professional and family ambitions?

Through A New Way for Mothers, which explores the social signals that disempower women and suggests ways to better network with one’s children.

It also delves into why parents struggle to share care work equally despite their egalitarian ideals.

With this knowledge base established, readers can gain insight on how to become successful business leaders while still catering adequately to parenting duties.

In other words: A New Way for Mothers helps show working mothers how to make the most out of their life without having to sacrifice either their career or putting parenthood on hold!

The Power of Motherhood to Transform Our Careers: How One Woman Found Fulfilling Work by Reevaluating Her Values

The author of the book A New Way for Mothers knew first-hand the experience of feeling a disconnect between her personal values and her work identity.

In public relations, it seemed as though kindness, collaboration and support were seen as weaknesses rather than strengths.

But motherhood provided a solution to that problem.

It offered an opportunity to focus on what truly matters, free from the pressures of the nine-to-five world she had become so familiar with.

That epiphany inspired her to rebuild her career in a way that aligned with her values.

So, she crafted a new mission – beyondtheschoolrun – which was dedicated to connecting and supporting mothers looking for more satisfying work options.

And it’s been an overwhelming success!

What started as merely a desire to find meaningful work has become something much more: A business that is thriving due its deep connection with the care work of motherhood.

The message here is clear: when you nurture your own unique values, you’ll find fulfillment in ways you couldn’t have otherwise imagined!

Society’s False Assumption That Motherhood and Professionalism Are Mutually Exclusive and How We Can Change it


Motherhood is an incredible experience that equips women with a range of skills and abilities they can use both in their personal and professional lives.

That’s why mothers make great employees and business leaders.

Think about it: motherhood teaches women how to organize their time, think ahead, plan for the long-term, use people as a support system, and build meaningful relationships.

These are all components of highly successful businesses!

So why does society have such low expectations of what mothers can do? The truth is that someone being a mother doesn’t mean that she can’t be successful or ambitious — in fact, quite the opposite!

Motherhood gives you the strength and discipline to pursue whatever career goals you may have – no dream is too big when you’re supported by your own determined drive to succeed.

Moms Should Look to Their Children for Inspiration on How to Rediscover Their Natural Talent

As adults, it can be easy to forget the natural capacity for creativity and adaptability that we experienced as children.

But, if we take the time to observe our own kids, we can rediscover our natural talent within ourselves.

Learning from children is one of the best ways to unlock skills that you didn’t realize you had.

An example of this is the story of a mother who was told time and time again that she couldn’t write.

Despite her poor English grades in school, however, she was determined not to let her limiting beliefs about her writing hinder her success.

She kept practicing and eventually published in a top British newspaper!

Like this woman, mothers need to become fearless again by emulating what they observe their kids doing every day — unbothered by judgment or fear of failure; boldly trying anything and everything that they want to do with confidence.

By going back to this feeling of youthful curiosity and optimism, mothers can open up new possibilities in their lives.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll even find yourself giving public speaking a try — just like this woman did!

It’s Essential for Mothers to Seek Support from Their Parent Network

Parent Network

Motherhood can be an isolating experience.

That’s why it’s important for mothers to take advantage of the support their parent networks can provide.

The author of A New Way for Mothers found this out the hard way when she left her stressful corporate life to embark on motherhood.

Feeling isolated and sad, she realized that if motherhood can disconnect you from your former community, it can also help you build a new one.

She achieved this through making friends with parents of her child’s friends – creating an ever-expanding network of people who shared similar struggles and needs.

This became an invaluable source of support – emotionally as well as providing useful contacts for career networking that enabled her to pursue a successful business back in the city.

It’s not only about practical support either; simply receiving recognition or encouragement from other parents was enough to make a difference – those kinds of emotional connections are just as important in relieving loneliness and stress associated with motherhood.

Creating Harmony Between Parenting Life and Professional Life

As a mother, one of the most important things you can do is make sure that your business life and family life are in harmony with one another.

This can be difficult to achieve, as the two sides of motherhood can sometimes become disoriented when blended together.

That’s why it’s so important to focus on creating distinct boundaries between work and family, and finding ways to keep them separate and distinct.

The first step towards this goal is to establish a dedicated workspace in the home — somewhere where work tasks are done with minimal interference from children.

This should also include creating a weekly routine that allows for set hours when each respective role take precedence.

For example, giving yourself Mondays off or having specific lunch or nap times for your kids that coincide with working hours ensures personal and professional lives remain in harmony.

Finally, aligning working hours with those of your child’s school calendar is essential for maximum harmony between the two lives.

Scheduling vacations for when their break period starts affords you time to spend as a family without disrupting work flow too much when back at home.

When both aspects of motherhood are kept in balance, your own sense of refreshment will blossom!

Creating Equality Between Spouses Benefits Everyone: How to Involve both Parents in Caregiving

Creating Equality

Creating an equal partnership between you and your spouse is not only beneficial for you, it’s beneficial for everyone in your family.

When both parents share childcare responsibilities equally, the workload is less burdensome and both parents get to spend quality time with their children.

In today’s world there are still many barriers that prevent couples from having true equality in the home, such as workplace expectations that fathers will be the primary provider, which affects parenting roles.

As a result, even when fathers are entitled to as many parental leave days as mothers often they don’t take them because it threatens their commitments to their jobs.

This further reinforces traditional roles where the mother takes on most of the caregiving responsibilities.

What’s worse is when mothers engage in maternal gatekeeping by intentionally limiting the father’s access to or responsibility over his own children.

Not only does this prevent dads from becoming confident caregivers but also prevents them from developing important skills and preparing themselves for parenthood.

Wrap Up

The core message from A New Way for Mothers is that it’s possible for mothers to find success in their professional lives and provide themselves and their families with a fulfilling, rewarding existence.

With a long-term plan, pursuit of what they love, organization of life around the children, and support from a strong network of friends and family members, mothers can carve out achievable paths to career success within available hours.

To get started on this journey, mothers should take the first step by creating a clear vision of where they want to go and coming up with an actionable plan that will map out the steps necessary to get there.

This requires gaining any needed skills or experiences as well as connecting to a like-minded community so that mutual growth is possible.

Mothers can then use this roadmap to move forward into the future with confidence.

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